Dynasty Warriors Dev’s Berserk Game Coming In Autumn

We’ve mentioned before that the epic fantasy manga Berserk was getting the Dynasty Warriors treatment but Koei Tecmo hadn’t yet confirmed a release outside Japan. They have now. Berserk (working title) [official site] will be hacking ‘n’ slashing round our way this autumn, leaving a trail of gibs.

It looks like developers Omega Force will be doing their usual Dynasty Warriors stuff with Berserk, sending one mega-hero up against huge crowds of enemies who get swatted away and burst like well-fed mosquitos. It’ll have several playable characters, of course, including Guts with his honking great Dragon Slayer sword and the agile Griffith. It’ll be… a Dynasty Warriors game? Janky but a bit of a lark if you like that sort of thing?

Here’s what Koei have to say:

“In this game, players can experience and immerse themselves into the world of Berserk as the main character Guts, wielding his powerful weapon Dragon Slayer mercilessly slashing enemies in half, and through the massive story beginning with the Golden Age arc. The game content will be enjoyable even to those who don’t normally play games, so we hope all fans of Berserk will give this game a go. Become a member of Guts and his group, and experience the exhilaration of the most lethal Warriors game within the intense world of Berserk.”

Berserk (whatever its name ends up being) will be out for Windows via Steam this autumn.


  1. mukuste says:

    Berserk? Wasn’t that the manga that had a big influence on the visual design of Dark Souls?

    Not that I would know anything more about it.

  2. Alevice says:

    It also had some degree of influence on Demon’s SOuls and Dragon’s Dogma. Neither has reached visually on some of the more outlandish designs on Berserk (plenty of low level apostles look adorably bizarre)

  3. int says:

    I hadn’t thought about it before but I now realize from where Siegfried of Soulcalibur got his sword. Actually Siegfried is even crazier since he’s got full plate (sans helm). Must be sweaty in a tin can.

  4. The Algerian says:

    Sure looks better than their usual stuff so far.

    Kinda expect them to ruin it, though.

  5. Razumen says:

    Physics and animation of the enemies looks janky as all hell at :49

    Yeah, I know it’s a teaser, but considering their past games, I don’t expect too much from this game either in the gameplay or graphics part.

    • Buggery says:

      tbf, individual physics and animations aren’t really important in a Dynasty Warriors game – I very rarely notice when I’m destroying crowds of hundreds at a time. It’s all about having hundreds of enemies on screen and just bashing out combos while the other player runs about in circles and has fun despite not knowing what they’re doing. It’s the perfect series for relaxing – not too strenuous once you know what you’re doing, and permanently rewarding in basic spectacle.

      Speaking of which, crossing my fingers for local co-op.

      • Razumen says:

        Except this isn’t a Dynasty Warriors game, this is Berserk, and pretty much nothing, except spectacle, of what you mentioned sounds like a good fit for the series at all.

        • Crafter says:

          Platinum sounds like they would have been a way better fit for Berserk.

          I don’t think the series is popular enough for them to be interested in an adaptation though, which is a shame.

  6. dorobo says:

    How much they pay to post such article?

  7. whisperstatic says:

    Will the rape horse be a boss fight?