Star Wars: Trials On Tatooine Brings Free Lightsaber Experience To Vive

Star Wars VR lightsaber battle experiment, Trials On Tatooine, is available free of charge for Vive as of today.

We actually had a hands-on with the experience way back in the mists of early 2016 while at GDC where Adam stood in a room in the Valve demo area and marvelled at the virtual Lucasfilm-iverse. It’s not a game so much as it is a virtual experience – they call it a “cinematic virtual reality experiment”. You can read the full hands-on account here but he says things like this:

It is perhaps a happy accident that one of the most powerfully evocative items in pop culture is a perfect fit for the Vive’s motion controls. The lightsaber feels just right, not requiring the weight of a sword and encouraging carefully angled positioning to deflect shots back toward stormtroopers. There’s no saber duel in the demo and that would present its own problems, but as a demonstration of how good it might feel to be a VR Jedi, Trials on Tatooine is a brief but convincing experience.

Adam tactfully omitted the part where I was sitting in the corner of the room on my backpack saying things like “Can you stab R2D2 with that lightsaber?” He nearly gave in and did it at the end but then he settled for writing his name in the sand.

Well, I can tell you right now that my own lunchtime will be spent poking that smug droid with my laser sword and seeing what happens. Here’s the trailer:

There’s also what sounds like a meatier story-based VR project in the works which centres around Darth Vader. You can catch a teeny teeny teaser (although not much in the way of further info) at the end of this clip which was posted on Reddit during the weekend’s Star Wars Celebration:

Trials On Tatooine should be on Steam from 18 July, so later today.


  1. Kamestos says:

    If there was only one demo to get me to buy a Vive, that would be it.
    Still too expensive though, and I don’t have enough room(s) at my place.

  2. Morcane says:

    Cool and all, but as a Vive owner, I’m tired of every VR / Vive ‘experience’ being released is actually a glorified tech demo.

    There are exceptions, since I can never get enough of Elite: Dangerous or House of the Dying Sun in VR but still…

  3. ThePuzzler says:

    I’m contemplating spending £1100 on a Vive and a GTX 1070 and rearranging a room to fit it. A question for Vive owners:
    Is it good for entertaining guests? Are Tilt Brush and Fantastic Contraption things you can play as social activities in some way, or do you just get one person having fun, while everyone else sits around waiting for their go?

    • Eleven says:

      It’s not great as a party experience because of the inherent feelings of isolation from the real world. People can get self-concious and anxious when effectively blind in a room full of others, and it can really put them off the whole experience. That said, it’s very subjective, and there’s lots of anecdotes in the community of people making it a relaxed group experience and having fun anyway.

      Playing Pictionary or picture charades using Tilt Brush is a laugh, as drawing in VR is so fun and intuitive that it reinvigorates the old game. Also, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes sounds like it’s tailor made to be good for parties, though I’ve not played it myself.

      • Eleven says:

        Oh, and Fruit Ninja is my families current favourite. It’s still a one-at-a-time experience, but watching your elderly relations flail around like nutters never gets old.

        • ThePuzzler says:

          Thanks. I’ll definitely get one then. Or maybe not. I don’t know!

          • ma9nifico says:

            You should. My experience with groups have been excellent: Yes, you have to take turns, but it’s fun watching the person having a great time in VR while you can see their POV on the computer screen. Just seeing how people respond do their first VR experience is almost as cool as experiencing it yourself. :)

  4. int says:

    The Jedi so skilled he could stand still destroying all forces and not get killed.

    • theblazeuk says:

      A padawan of such force the slaughter was a motionless matter of course.