The Assembly Assembled, VR Morality Game Out Now

The Assembly

When I was a child “The Assembly” meant the place where you sat in rows and half-listened to your headmaster reading from a short story about silent fields of beetroot and working out how to communicate with the person in front of you without getting caught. Young people nowadays will think it means a VR morality game set in a secret bunker.

Oh. ALSO The Assembly [official site] is out now. I should probably have led with that. Here’s a trailer:

This was my favourite part of the trailer but I think that was because I paused it and thought really hard about a version of Holby City but starring birds and a bird doctor would revive the dead bird and then put on the bird stethoscope and go on his rounds. He would be called Charlie Featherhead.

The Assembly

I’m wary of games/scenarios which bill themselves as revolving around moral choices as that can end up so heavy-handed. The trailer literally has the line “There’s no right answer to this is there?” in it. BUT I am very interested to know how a “long-form game designed from the ground up for VR” has actually turned out in terms of movement and menus and things. You can, however, play it in non-VR. Flatscreen? Is that what we’re calling that? It’s flatscreen-enabled.

It’s on the Steam Store or Oculus Home for $29.99 / €24.99 / £19.99. The non-VR option is £14.99, by the way and you can get the VR unlock for £5.


  1. seroto9 says:

    What’s all this VR-tax business? £5 extra for VR? Pish, pash, and pesh to that!

    Not buying it in case this sets a precedent. I can’t afford it anyway, because I bought a VR headset. Hear me whine, developers.

    • Sakkura says:

      The VR install base is tiny, so they honestly need a higher price to make back their investment into supporting VR. It sucks, but it’s necessary.

      Unless someone invests money without expecting to earn it back on the game sales – that’s how exclusives work (so while exclusives are icky for PC gamers, they are potentially very good for the VR market).

      • MOONRGR says:

        “The VR install base is tiny, so they honestly need a higher price to make back their investment into supporting VR. It sucks, but it’s necessary.”

    • mactenchi says:

      You do know how much of ass you sound like, spending $500 on a VR headset and whining about spending an extra $10 on a game, right?

  2. Premium User Badge

    Serrit says:

    Charlie Featherhead


    • theblazeuk says:

      I’m wary of games/scenarios which bill themselves

      I see what you did there.

  3. melnificent says:

    So that extra £5 is essentially a Monitor unlock DLC.

  4. renzollama says:

    I read ‘VR Mortality Game,’ looked at the image of baby in hospital, and mentally prepared myself for some dark shit before clicking this link.

    • Nosada says:

      Assuming it would be about pulling the plug on a baby in an incubator, I thought “This looks interesting”, then immediately realized it’s a good thing I’m not into politics, because I just might be the next Hitler.