TowerFall Creator Announces Mountain ‘Em Up Celeste

TowerFall creator Matt Thorson has announced his next game, a mountain-climbing platformer named Celeste [official site]. Together with Noel Berry, he’s “re-imagining” the wee prototype they made last year in only four days – which you can still play online. Unlike the local multiplayer murder madness of TowerFall, Celeste looks like quite a chill – though certainly not easy – solo adventure.

Given the airdashing of Celeste’s prototype and the general zippiness of TowerFall, I’d expect something fast and bouncy and deathy? Also, mysteries:

Ooh folks can’t get enough of mountains these days! Cyberheads are scaling Everest and larking about in the alps, and now Celeste is being expanded for a full game. But we all know what game is really behind this. My own little Mountain still lives, as far as I know, but I dare not look because it had gone all existential then a bit sensible and I don’t want to be a Mountainmurderer like Pip. Fingers crossed that Celeste won’t somehow force me to commit mountaincide – or, worse, break the Country Code.

Celeste is due some time in 2017. Until then, you can follow its progress on the devblog.


  1. oWn4g3 says:

    I adore Towerfall but somehow I was unable to finish even the first screen of the prototype demo. Feels like I’m missing a game mechanic or something.

    • AtomTheSmasher says:

      I feel qualified to help, as I made it all the way to the 4th (5th?) screen.

      The dash on X can be directed with the movement arrows. You’ll have to use the diagonal dashes to clear the first screen. The next few screens are pretty easy, especially with unlimited lives and solid balls. Once I got to the chest, I had no idea what they wanted me to do to proceed.

      • Author X says:

        The goal is the same, get to the top, the chest just holds a strawberry and requires grabbing the key first.

      • oWn4g3 says:

        Thank you, after failing to do a proper vertical dash I assumed a horizontal one was aout of the question. Played to 900m and enjoyed it. With proper controls, a bit of story and polish I can see this being a fun thing.

  2. Author X says:

    I played the PICO-8 version when it was published for the PICO-8 Jam 2, and didn’t even realize it was from the TowerFall team. Would make for a good traversal-focused platformer like the Knytt games. Looking forward to seeing where it goes!

  3. Drakythe says:

    If anyone is interesting in seeing the entirety of what is available in the game right now (and so a hint of what is to come) you can watch the AGDQ Speedrun here: link to