Evolve’s New Hunter Is… Shocking

Evolve [official site] went free-to-play earlier this month, breathing new life into Turtle Rock Studios’ 4 vs. 1 monster hunter. Riding that renewed wave of enthusiasm, Turtle Rock has added a new version of the hunter Griffin ripped straight from an ’80s scifi flick—Electro Griffin.

Electro Griffin brings some major Tron vibes to Evolve, equipped with a submachine gun dubbed The Laser Storm. The weapon will handily slow your opponents. Electro’s Electro Suit complements The Laser Storm, allowing the hunter to move at full speed while shooting.

To top off Electro Griffin’s arsenal, we’ve got his harpoon gun, The Final Lockdown. Turtle Rock says the gun is “infused with face melting, chord ripping, riff shredding sonic disrupter energy.” That sounds both incredibly violent and highly satisfying.

The new hunter has a few other tricks up his sleeve. Electro’s Sound Spikes will reveal any Monster within a short radius. His Planet Scanner points the team in the direction of the Monster when activated, and Electro Griffin will get a brief speed boost, making him a pretty useful addition.

Electro Griffin is available now on PC, unlocked with Silver Keys earned in game or, if you’re a Founder, you can play as Electro Griffin straight away. You can get Evolve: Stage 2 on Steam for free.


  1. Evil Pancakes says:

    But, isn’t this an already existing hunter, named Griffin? Just with different visual and audio effects for his weapons/abilities.

    • HeavyStorm says:

      Yes, it is. I’m not sure they have plans for actual new stuff right now, do they?

    • Gruuber says:

      Only partly. New skin, but the weapons have added benefits. An smg that deals damage and slows the target?! The harpoon now does damage over time?! Why would anyone play the original Griffin?

      • Ephant says:

        Random comment from the video:
        “You can’t aim with his SMG, the firing spread is shotgun sized, and it has basically no range. The slow is also only 5 sec. The sound spikes have less range (15m)and make a shit ton of noise so the monsters know it’s being tracked. The only advantage? Detects monster if it gets in range even if sneaking. Harpoon, yes DOT, but it actually has a meh decent damage. BUT THE RANGE IS SO SMALL! ONLY 15 M YOU CAN’T HARPOON SHIT.”

        • best_jeppe says:

          For my part Electro Griffin is my new favourite trapper. If I am within a Dome I have no real problem Harponing the monster.

    • best_jeppe says:

      Well these Adaptations (as they are called) takes an existing character and their abilites and switch them up to a point where they play a bit differently. Regular Griffin is more of a mid to long range trapper while Electro Griffin is close range. Another example would be Kraken and Elder Kraken where the former relies on long distance attacks and the latter focuses more on close quarters attacks.

      The next adaptation will be Quantum Caira and I am really curious what that entails.

  2. fuggles says:

    When they add cloverfield I will play.

  3. OmNomNom says:

    Came here excited, left here fucking yawn.

    • OmNomNom says:

      So upset how they dropped the ball on this game.

      • SomeDuder says:

        No ball was ever dropped, but the marketing department/gaming media made this game something that it is not. If you want a clear example where “hype” is overused, look no further.

  4. Kollega says:

    Holy shit. I get that the Eighties nostalgia is in these days… but it’s always the same damn things, over and over. The font used in those “80s homages”, from Blood Dragon to this, even looks the same, or at least the chrome effect does.

    Look, full disclosure here: I was born in the early Nineties, and not in the UK or the USA, but even I know that the Eighties had more to them than “chrome text in one font, CGI-based neon grid effect, bleep-bloop videogame noises, and cheapo electronic/synthpop music”. Case in point: Spaceballs, Top Secret!, The Naked Gun, and basically any other absurdist rapid-fire comedy from the mid-to-late Eighties era.