Toot Toot! Jalopy Rolls Into Hungary With New Update

Fancy a little weekend getaway? Get off Teletext and turn to Jalopy [official site], the roadtrip simulator formerly known as Hac. The latest update on Jalopy’s journey through Early Access has added a whole new country, Hungary. The full journey across Europe is still a good few countries short but you can also now keep yourself busy by repainting your dinky little car and raiding scrapyards for spare parts.

The bridge to Hungary is now fixed, meaning you can continue your journey a little longer. Alas, for now you’ll have to travel alone. Your talkative and glitchy companion, your uncle, has been removed from Jalopy until he’s polished up a little. “I need to spend a lot more time on the uncle before he makes a return, and at the moment there’s a lot of stuff that still needs finishing / fixing,” developer MinskWorks explained in a devblog post.

Still! This means now you can go where you please without interruption and worry. And paint your car in ways he’d no doubt disapprove of. In the characteristic delightful Jalopy hands-on way, painting your car is done with cans of spray paint which can do different parts different colours and blends colours – careful can control may be necessary.

The update’s changelog is over here, also getting into fixes, tweaks, and other new things like a working odometer. Then this video shows some of it all in motion:

Jalopy is £9.99/12,99€/$12.99 on Steam Early Access.


  1. klink-mit-panzerslip says:

    Non working inventory was kind of bummer. Fixed in this update?

    • purex. says:

      It’s hard to say. There have been many reported bug fixes between yesterday’s big update and today’s hotfix. They hadn’t fixed my problems until I decided to start a new game. It fixed a ton of the problems I had been having, including a nasty inventory bug.

      That being said, the game is definitely still wading through its alpha phase and Minskworks are both implementing features and looking closely at the forums for any bug reports.

  2. picaroon says:

    I hadn’t heard of this game until just today when I watched an interesting video on it from RPS alumnus Quinns over at Cool Ghosts. Looks really interesting!

    link to

  3. caff says:

    There are games, there are walking simulators.

    And then there are the Kentucky Route Zeroes and Jalopys of this world. Something special, unique.

  4. maweki says:

    I would have loved for the developer to add a more realistic car simulation. The original car this is based on didn’t have a fuel pump so you needed to open a valve once you start the car and close it once you shut down the car or else it wouldn’t start the next time, because the cylinders would be full of fuel. This was fun in real life as westerners always forgot to do it and therefore a fun game mechanic.

    But I am dabbling. No Linux version so I couldn’t even play it if it had more realism.

    • lordcooper says:

      Ah, the Laika 601 of operating systems.

      • maweki says:

        I like me having to open the valve before booting Linux. If the bitpump producers aren’t able to open source their drivers, it’s on them.

        Hardware support has always been a bit iffy on proper operating systems.