Sonic Mania Remixing Classic 2D Games; New 3D Sonic Coming Too

In the same way that ageing rockers prove they’ve still got ‘it’ by collaborating with hip young pop musicmen, Sonic the Hedgehog is getting re-re-remixed. As part of his 25th birthday celebrations, Sega have announced Sonic Mania, a new 2D platformer with a 16-bit style and zones inspired by ye olde Sonic games from the Mega Drive. It looks pretty interesting!

To prove that Sonic’s new material is still really good and powerful and as good as he ever was, okay, Sega also announced a yet-unnamed new 3D Sonic game.

Sonic Mania is due this spring. Sega say that it’ll be “reimagining iconic Zones and Acts from Sonic The Hedgehog, Sonic The Hedgehog 2, Sonic CD and Sonic The Hedgehog 3 and Knuckles, and adding in completely new Zones with all-new Acts, and bosses into the mix.” Have a look and see what you recognise:

Sure, I’d give that a go, especially as Sega have brought in some serious Sonicheads. Sonic Mania’s being made by Sega of America together with Major Magnet developers PagodaWest Games and the duo of Christian Whitehead and Simon Thomley. You might know those two for their Sega-sanctioned remastered versions of the first two Sonics, and their petition to have Sega support their update of the third. I guess they caught Sega’s eye all right.

As for the other new Sonic game, that’s due around the 2017 holiday season. All Sega have to say for now it is that it’s made by Sonic Team, the studio behind Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations. All they have to show for now is this teaser trailer:


  1. Porkolt says:

    Well, the music in Sonic certainly never sounded anything like the 8-bit rehash crap this trailer is toting. They’ve tried before to recapture the feeling of the classics, and failed miserably every time. I’m not the least bit hopeful.

    • BooleanBob says:

      It’s a pretty tepid trailer all round. ‘As we move forward to discover what made sonic a classic?’ What? That would roll eyes in an internal marketing powerpoint, never mind your first unveiling to actual human beings.

    • Kaoskitteh says:

      It’s worth clarifying that the trailer music is just that: Trailer music. Here’s what the in-game music is currently sounding like. (assuming I’m allowed to post links here)
      link to
      If not, copy this into your search bar: “3 Music Tracks from Sonic Mania (Soundtrack)”,

    • neodany says:

      Here we have someone who is completely in the dark about what is going on.

      “Well, the music in Sonic certainly never sounded anything like the 8-bit rehash crap this trailer is toting.”

      First off, that music is part of promotional material. This is not the first time Sega has used music that doesn’t appear in the game. You’re judging on something that might not be in the game at all.

      Second, the composer is Tee Lopes, a respected author who’s done some great remixes of classic Sonic and Sonic-styled music. And speaking of classic Sonic…

      “They’ve tried before to recapture the feeling of the classics, and failed miserably every time.”

      Proof that you’re REALLY in the dark.

      So, since you somehow don’t know, Colors and Generations were really well received, to the point people were clamoring for more classic DLC in Generations. That’s all Sonic Team. As for Sonic Mania, all the people involved there were heavily involved in the classic Sonic community. Chris “Taxman” Whitehead was behind those fantastic updated rereleases of Sonic 1, 2, and CD, all of which added content to the original in some way so he’s definitely got the approval of both Sets and the community.

      Both of these games are in good hands. I’d just be a bit cautiously optimistic about Project Sonic as Sonic Team may mess with things yet again but we’re hoping for another Generations here.

      • Ashabel says:

        I imagine he’s talking about Sonic 4, a “trilogy” built around the “Make Sonic great again!” that was met with such lukewarm response that the developers abandoned it halfway.

      • Dukey says:

        In fairness, you are *supposed* to make a judgement based on the promotional material. That’s what promotional material is for.

      • SomeDuder says:

        So after you posted this spiel, did you go back to your Madasafish/Geocities webpage about Sonic and his furry friends or did everyone move on to drawing sanik fanfics on deviantart now?

        This Sonic character draws in the weirdest of fans, it’s bizarre and idgi.

    • Faults says:

      Somebody clearly never played the Master System Sonic games, I see ;)

      • jon_hill987 says:

        The first sonic on the Master System is probably the best of the 8/16bit ones. The limitations of the console made them focus on good platforming rather than gimmicks.

  2. fco says:

    also, if you want to play any of the clasic ones, there’s a “build your own genesis bundle” thing going on right now on Bundle Stars.
    something like 5 games for $2.

    • fco says:

      which one should it be, if i were to get one sonic game?

      • BooleanBob says:

        Freedom Planet.

        In all seriousness, from that list I would get ToeJam & Earl, Streets of Rage 2, Gunstar Heroes, Wonder Boy in Monster World and either Sonic 2 or Dynamite Headdy.

        • fuggles says:

          Download streets of rage remake instead, via Google. It’s just the best in every way – Sega screwed up by not allowing it to be sold.

      • Don Reba says:

        Sonic 2 is probably the best of the classics. Although, Sonic 3 was good and Sonic CD, too.

  3. Kaoskitteh says:

    It seems promising thus far, but it’ll really be the quality of the level design that I believe will determine the quality of this entry. The aesthetics fit it well, and I doubt that this style of game will be bug-ridden (like some of the newer Sonic entries). Story won’t be a primary factor, either (Though that shouldn’t stop them from putting some effort forth). Looking at the gameplay, there aren’t a whole lot of differences between it and what older gamers were used to, but I’d need some hands-on experience to really state that with confidence. If we get what we see here already, the game will turn out just fine. I want more than that, though. I want to be surprised, and in a good way.

  4. Syrion says:

    The people it’s aimed at probably know it already, but if you don’t and are the least bit interested in classic Sonic, you really need to check out Freedom Planet.

    I’m not a Sonic fan, but despite this Mania game looking nice, I must say that Freedom Planet looks absolutely fantastic, and with its glowing reviews I’m wondering why I haven’t heard much about it before.

  5. Don Reba says:

    Generations was brilliant, I’m hopeful for the new game by Sonic Team. Not that excited by the 2D offering, but I understand that a lot of people might be, if the execution is there.

    • Jalan says:

      When so many of the 3D games have been either bad or (mostly) mediocre in recent years, it’s hard not to get excited over a 2D game coming back to the series.

  6. Sinky says:

    Sega should just port Sonic Jam to everything. Then stop.

    • Don Reba says:

      They probably have a secret Sonic Peanut Butter project in R&D.

    • fuggles says:

      Is that what happened to Dover?

      Get the right place eventually. Edit you say?

    • Jalan says:

      This would be great, but I’m sure the rationale is something to the tune of “you’ve got all the games in it, so why should we make the effort?”

      I’d toss a safe full of money at them for the Sonic World content alone.

  7. bishmanrock says:

    I absolutely adored Sonic Generations, but the trailer for that new one seems to be having a bit of an identity crisis. The main characters of Sonic Generations in a Sonic 2006 setting with some mention of a resistance which makes me think of the cartoons?

    I’ll keep an open mind, but the doom and gloom tone of the trailer really isn’t doing much for me.

  8. Turkey says:

    Where’s his gun? I thought they were going back to what makes Sonic great again.

  9. AlexV says:

    > the studio behind Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations

    So specifically not Sonic Lost World? Good – I loved Generations but for some reasons I can’t quite put my finger on, I didn’t enjoy Lost World at all.

  10. SomeDuder says:

    How this brand is still alive is beyond me. Most of the post-Megadrive game have been absolute shit, with an exception for the racing game and Generations. Developers never seemed to get that 2D is where this character needs to live (I mean, I get WHY they made it a 3D world, after they saw Super Mario 64, which managed it in a good way).

    • GameCat says:

      “How this brand is still alive is beyond me.”

      Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed is the answer.

    • Don Reba says:

      In addition to Generations, the Sonic CD, Sonic Advance, and the two Adventure games were excellent.

    • Jalan says:

      One of the biggest problems with (some) of the modern titles is that the people developing them seem to want to have Sonic, a character known for speed, constantly slowing down or being stationary for periods that are longer than necessary.