Battlezone 98 Redux Launches Red Odyssey Expansion

Battlezone 98 Redux [official site], Rebellion’s recent revamp of Activision’s ace RTS-FPS, now has an expansion. Not a new expansion, mind. Not really. Available now is a revamped version of Battlezone’s old expansion The Red Odyssey, which adds two new singleplayer campaigns with two new factions and loads of vehicles and weapons and whatnot to continue the secret wars across our solar system and beyond.

The Red Odyssey introduces the Chinese Red Army and the NSDF Black Dogs to the ’60s space wars. They bring new buildings and units and whatnot, including some swish cloaking tech from China. Naturally the models and textures from 1998 are fancied up in the same way as the rest of the Redux. I never played this expansion, only base Battlezone – readers dearest, might you tell your chums if it was much cop?

Also launching alongside this are five free new multiplayer maps for Battlezone 98 Redux for everyone, whether they buy this expansion or not.

The Red Odyssey is £5.94/8,49€/$8.49 on Steam, including a launch discount, and about the same on GOG. The base game is on sale on Steam too, and both Steam and GOG offer discounts if you buy the two together. Anyway, here’s what it looks like:

Since acquiring the Battlezone rights a few years back, Rebellion have also been working on a new Battlezone arcade shooter.


  1. geldonyetich says:

    I played a little Battlezone 98 Redux, it is indeed a faithful remake of the original, but perhaps a little too faithful because keybinds are awkward to find and it doesn’t really benefit form any UI innovations since then.

    Still, it’s a very unique game and I can’t say I regret spending $12 for uniqueness.

  2. Nucas says:

    i’m crossing my fingers they get a Battlezone 2 redux out. it was unpopular in it’s day but i don’t know why; i came to it later, in 2003 or so, and loved it, played it through twice.

    • Bum Candy says:

      It just wasn’t as good. The atmosphere wasn’t anywhere near as good and all the things I liked about the first were tweaked to the point where I found the game nowhere near as fun. It wasn’t a bad game but compared to the first there was something hard to define that was just missing. Although knowing it was developed by Pandemic, that isn’t surprising. I always found their games very lacklustre.

      • SomeDuder says:

        The only thing I can think of was that it featured a very different visual style – everything you built looked shiny, new, high-tech (the orange paintjob didn’t help), while the original’s grimy, dark theme was so very iconic for those moonmissions.

        The game itself was fine, and offered a longer playtime than the original, even featuring branching of paths to take.

    • poisonborz says:

      Just came here to say the same. Battlezone 2 was cool. Honestly, I haven’t played the original before it, so everything was new for me. Judging from gameplay videos alone, being young, I liked the flashy/exotic visuals, greatly updated UI, and how different the alien/human factions were. Wonder what my opinion will be after trying out the original now though.

  3. OmNomNom says:

    Wow this really does bring back memories. I used to hack around with the save game files – PC Zone and another third party bought levels off me back in the day because I was one of the first to work out how to spawn a person outside their tank.

    Really tempted to play this again but worried it will tarnish the memories!

    • Bum Candy says:

      The game still stands up really well. I was playing it all last night and getting all the same joys as I did first time around.