Zok! Thwap! Marvel Ultimate Alliance Returns Revamped

Bam! Bif! Pow! Pants-over-trousers action-RPG Marvel Ultimate Alliance is returning to PC. Kazonk! The save the world ’em up first came to PC in 2006 but this rerelease will be fancied up a bit. Yowch! It’s coming to Steam on Tuesday. Bap! What’s more, Marvel are also releasing its sequel, Ultimate Alliance 2, on PC for the very first time. Bim!

Marvel announced the new PC versions over the weekend at San Diego Comic-Con. What’s new? Executive producer Mike Jones explained:

“We wanted these re-releases to be as faithful to the original Ultimate Alliance games as possible—the definitive versions. However, the team did work really hard on improving performance, some UI and graphic enhancements as well as making the games compatible with modern platform features on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. They play really smooth.”

The Ultimate Alliance games follow in the same vein as X-Men Legends, and Legends developer Raven Software made the first Ultimate Alliance too. They’re big mega-crossover event-style stories cramming in all sorts of heroes and villains, and you get to fight through them with your chosen squad of four heroes. The lineup includes a loads of X-Men, Avengers, Defenders, Fantastic Four folk, and so on. You control one hero at a time but can switch between others as you please, and certain heroes give boosts to others or – in MUA2 – can combine their powers for fancy moves.

I remember the first game being… okay? Good enough? A pretty fun romp with a lot of superheroes doing superthings? It’s been a while, though – MUA was in 2006 and MUA2 2009.

These new releases will cost $39.99 each or $59.99 for the pair. Here’s an old trailer for the original release of MUA2:


  1. oWn4g3 says:

    I remember X-Men Legends and Ultimate Alliance fondly for their local Co-op mode. A relaxing game with fun brawling and light rpg elements as the heroes leveled up. The pricing seems very steep though. Hopefully the DLC content (some of which only released on certain consoles) is included.

    • Jay Load says:

      Steep? That’s practically vertical! I’d have thought twice before paying that when they were originally released, never mind ten years later.

  2. Menthalion says:

    Online co-op this time? Color me interested..

  3. Choca says:

    The first MUA was ugly as sin but pretty fun, MUA 2 was (a tad) more polished but definitely not as good.

  4. Bluestormzion says:

    Kaborp! How about a sequel, or even a reboot with the new Cinematic Universe stuff tied into it? Kerflap! I already own both of these, as I’m sure do many of the people who would want either. Snid!

    • Plake says:

      i was too late for the party and only have both for the 360 (without any DLC) so this is a must-biy for me… I hope Legends and Legends 2 is coming up next…!

  5. Askis says:

    I’m guessing no discount for someone who still owns a boxed version of the original?

  6. Jay Load says:

    These are classic games – great fun, particularly for Marvel Gamers – but I’ll be waiting for a serious price reduction before shelling out for ten year old games with a slight technical spit-shine; that statement promised barely anything for anyone to get excited about beyond “We’ll make it work okay on PCs”.

    • Jalan says:

      They’re betting more on people blindly dropping money on it out of a nostalgic obligation it seems. That and the very obvious “We put Marvel stuff in it, that’s a thing the kids really like right now, we’ll make money off this again!”

  7. FreshHands says:

    Whoa! That’s some pretty confident pricing. Especially since Marvel Heroes is for free and scratches a very similar itch.

    Sure sounds ungrateful, but I too will be waiting for some serious sale on this one.

    • reggiep says:

      Marvel Heroes only seems free. You still have to pay to unlock characters.

      • HopperUK says:

        I get what you’re saying here, but I should point out that you don’t actually have to pay. All characters can be paid for with in-game currency that drops as you play the game. Takes a while, but that’s Free-to-play for you.

    • Baines says:

      Steam reviews are already negative and mostly negative, describing the ports as bug-riddled messes. More bug-riddled than the games originally were, that is.

      Might be worth not only waiting for a sale, but also waiting to see if it ever gets patched. (I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if it doesn’t.)

  8. Deviija says:

    Those prices are pretty ridiculous for games as old as these (heading over 10 years on MUA1), revamp or not. If they had added many more new characters to their rosters and extra flavor bits, it might be worth that kind of price. A big side-eye to this.

    That said, I still have my old boxed copies of MUA and MUA2. I loved them and played them quite a lot with friends in co-op mode. And over the years I have been jonesing for an MUA3 game, and these facebook and mobile “freemium” games just don’t cut it at all.

  9. SlimShanks says:

    Oh ya, I got the first one bundled with my first Xbox 360. Tried it, hated it enough that me and my friends used it as a frisbee instead of a game.

  10. Monggerel says:

    Oh, Raven. You made Jedi Outcast (and Academy) thereby defining what “multiplayer” means to me..
    You also made Marvel Ultimate Aliance as well as XMen Legends, thereby defining mediocrity for everyone..
    And Soldier of Fortune.
    And Singularity.
    And Heretic.
    And Hexen.
    And the shitty 2008 Wolfenstein game.

    … now that’s a track record to be ambivalent about.

    • Monggerel says:

      Obligatory “Nevermore” reference:
      they seem to have been relegated to shitty CoD DLC

    • Jalan says:

      First time I’ve seen someone refer to Wolfenstein 2009 as a bad game.

  11. Strangeblades says:

    Alice, may I call you Alice? I can? I can get permission by thinking I have it? Great!

    Anyhoo, this is a bashed letter to you. Keep on keeping on. Keep up with the sillies. In fact, add more sillies. More zaps. More bams! More zipowich!