Free DLC Coming To Total War: Warhammer This Week

Tomorrow Total War: Warhammer [official site] will be getting a new expansion that lets you answer the Call of the Beastmen to try and conquer your neighboring kingdoms. But the good news is that, along with a smattering of other freebies, you won’t need to purchase the expansion in order to fight against them as AI opponents.

Call of the Beastmen goes live on Thursday, and even if you elect not to drop the extra cash you’ll still benefit from the launch with some rather nice treats.

Aside from having the Beastmen rampaging across your campaigns as AI opponents, the free DLC also includes a new hero and mount, new multiplayer features and maps, and an unlockable lord for custom and multiplayer battles. The new hero is the Amber Wizard who fights for the Empire, a savage spell-caster who can summon a manticore to tear enemies to bits. He also has his own special mount, a jade griffon, just in case he wasn’t intimidating enough.

Aside from four new maps, other multiplayer features in the free DLC include the ability to customize lords and heroes with abilities to better tailor their utility in combat to your tastes. This includes being able to add or subtract certain skills that you may or may not want. Finally, a new lord is available after you unlock an achievement while playing in the campaign. Sarthorael is a “like a child playing upon some gigantic anthill, poking with a stick at its inhabitants and laughing at the hopeless antics of their defence.” Which, frankly, sounds a bit rude.

Anyway, you can read all of the details in the free DLC here or wait until it arrives on Thursday to find out for yourself. Call of the Beastmen is regularly priced at $19/£14 and is available through Steam.


  1. The Great Wayne says:

    Still can’t wrap my head around that kind of pricing strategy. The Beastmen DLC is close to a third of the full game price, while having what, maybe 10% the content (not even considering most assets are already in, so maybe 5% the work) ?

    How can this ever be considered a fair price, I’d never know.

    • Thurgret says:

      They have chosen to put a new mini-campaign in as well as a new race, which no doubt inflates its worth as far as CA is concerned, even if many people are entirely uninterested in the mini-campaign.

      Unfortunately, the Beastmen roster as they have presented it looks quite incomplete, which definitely isn’t gaining them any goodwill, considering the price they’re asking.

      The Amber Wizard could be a neat addition, depending on if the implementation of the Lore of Beasts is any good.

      • DarkFenix says:

        Yeah that’s just it, I don’t know anyone interested in TW’s various mini-campaigns, only people who like to expand the grand campaign. Now CA come along and more than double the price of a DLC with unwanted content, plus the faction they’re implementing is very much incomplete, then to make their mishandling even worse they go on record saying the reason the faction is incomplete is due to budget. Using the budget as an excuse when charging so much is stupidity in the extreme.

        Cynical me though, I think they specifically cut out key units to sell them for yet more money as another DLC. Once a couple more incomplete races are released (for extortionate sums), expect to see a ‘monstrous creatures’ DLC.

        • The Great Wayne says:

          The worst thing being : it’s in steam best selling list since it appeared there, meaning that there are lots of players ready to pay this much for this few content.

          It’s frankly depressing, but if people are buying under these conditions you can’t blame them for selling, right ?

          • Turamarth says:

            I’ll outline the price difference in tabletop so you can understand CraftyBanana’s points. 60$ for a video game is standard, you are saying 29.15% of the original cost for a new army, magic, heroes, maps etc. is too much. In the tabletop, a new unit of troops (just one) could easily cost $60 for the models, paint, & tools. I played the dark elves so personally I will fork over cash until I see them come to life.

            However, not all of us are this fanatical. TW:W is a dense game that requires a LOT of development costs. 29.15% for a DLC pack may seem like a lot, but the price will drop over time. Shogun/Attila/Rome had mini campaigns for with comparable prices points with less additions than they made here. That’s just who Sega is…and Games Workshop is also known for gouging their customers.

          • The Great Wayne says:

            Didn’t want to bring up GW’s price gouging, but yeah I agree. That said, I find it hard to compare what is a complete hobby (TT miniature gaming) with TW:W.
            Most of the enjoyment of TT Warhammer comes from miniatures painting, dioramas, building houses and trees and whatever. Much alike trains or plane models afficionados, it can cost a lotbut, well, it’s a hobby.

            I don’t think TW:W fall into that category right now, not anymore than any other game taken individually, and therefore find difficult to justify this kind of economic model based on that.

            But I respect people’s right to spend their money how they want, after all as said above, to right price to sell is probably the price customers are willing to pay.

        • CraftyBanana says:

          Just to provide a counterpoint on the completeness of the roster and the price, I bought it, happily. I’m a table-top player of old, but I stopped actually playing Warhammer back in, maybe Sixth Edition (8th was the final one)? Beastmen were one of my favourite armies, and in those days they didn’t have most of the units that are being described as conspicuously missing (mainly some of the large monster kits that were characteristic of the last couple of editions). For me, the roster covers all of the units I consider iconic and important when I think of the Beastmen, and seeing them bought to life in videogame form more than justifies the price for me. I can understand that others feel differently, but for me it’s definitely worth it.

          • Hanban says:

            Just chiming in to agree on the roster. Having played Beastmen, I can’t quite see anything missing. Perhaps things like Khorngors, but they were hardly gonna make or break it for me.

          • The Great Wayne says:

            Don’t misunderstand me: I can understand why somebody would like this DLC and how it would represent a worthy addition to the base game even with the roster as it stands, but don’t you find it awfully expensive in relation both to its content and the price for the base game ?

            If you do the math, it’s 29.15% of the base game’s price, for a fraction of its content. Do you find this a fair price ? That’s a real question btw, I’m curious to have the opinion of someone who happily bought it.

          • CraftyBanana says:

            Well, the question for me isn’t about the price in proportion to the amount of content offered by the main game, it’s “is this worth twelve quid?” My lunch cost me £6, and I keenly anticipate at least twice the relative enjoyment from this DLC as from that meal.

            It’s worth the money to me, but of course that’s a relative judgement – I wouldn’t advocate that it’s worth that money to anyone else. Frankly, I love the Warhammer World, I’ve put 150-odd hours into the game already, and if the quality keeps up I’ll quite probably buy every bit of DLC they release. In contrast, I haven’t bought DLC for any previous Total War game, bar the odd Gold Edition in a steam sale. I’ve enjoyed the base games, but the DLC in those didn’t hold the same value for me.

            So yeah. £12 for a thing I’ll enjoy seems a reasonable price to me, regardless of the price of the main game.

          • Hanban says:

            Again, I’ll echo the sentiment of Mr. Banana. I’ve played Total War: Warhammer about 80 hours. It’s rare that I play a game for that long. If I play the Beastmen campaign and add another 20-40 hours of playtime then that’ll definitely be worth the asked price.

            I don’t think it’s unreasonable to think it’s too expensive, but when I look at all the other games I play, how much they cost and how much fun I get out of them, then this DLC’s cost equation makes sense.

        • 2helix4u says:

          The mini-campaigns used to be worth getting during Empire and Rome 2 times because the main campaigns had so many factions turn times got slowed down to unplayable levels towards the end of the game.

          Warhammer doesn’t have this problem though (at least until they add all these DLC teams) but I’ll still give the thing a shot because when you play as much Total War as I do having a little variety on offer is good, who knows maybe a mod will come out that happens to make that little campaign awesome?

          Don’t take my advice if you’re on the fence though, I’m physically incapable of not buying TW and Paradox DLC.

    • Eater Of Cheese says:

      Slann DLC or GTFO

  2. palejouvencel says:

    Sega’s logic: “let’s sell a DLC for the price of a full game and give out a mini-DLC to appease the plebs”

    CD PROJEKT RED’s logic: “let’s give free DLC and sell full games for the price of a DLC”

    Nope, I have been milked enough already. Now Sega can shove it up their *****

  3. Hensler says:

    Does anyone actually play multiplayer in the Total War games? I’ve been playing them since the original Shogun, can’t remember clicking on that option once. The TV show was cool though, and they’re bringing it back – would love to see an actual Warhammer episode.

    • Thurgret says:

      Yes. I’d like if they expanded on the current multiplayer, and added stuff like optional rules to enforce reasonable rosters, avoiding silly business like people only using one sort of unit – which tends to cause them to lose, but it doesn’t make for much of a game for others.