Have You Played… Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine?

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I suspect but I don’t know that Relic’s stompy-squishy-shooty Only War third-person action game Space Marine is one that has aged rather well over the years. I base this on two things: one, occasional enthusiastic chatter on Twitter. Two: a regular, strong urge to revisit it.

I liked but didn’t love it at the time. Good Ork-slaughter, repetitive structure, routine story. Increasingly, I suspect that a certain disappointment that it wasn’t quite the Dream 40K game I’d had in my head for long years got in the way of enjoying it for what it is, which is a well-observed and extremely crunchy combat game. Man, I really want to replay it.

The reason I don’t is that the images of it in my memory grow increasingly magnificent. It would be a terrible shame to undermine them. And yet, the shuddering roar of the Chainsword, the satisfying thud of the Bolter – for how much longer can I possibly resist?


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    Aerothorn says:

    Honest question from someone who has played some WH40k video games but is otherwise not familiar with the series lore: are all Space Marines men? And if so, is this a conscriptment policy or do they grow them in tanks or something?

    • FFabian says:

      Yes. They get lots of gene-manipulation-shit and artificial organs implanted. Lore-wise this technology works only/best with men. So no woman-marines in 40K.

    • Stargazer86 says:

      There generally aren’t female space marines. There are the Sisters of Battle but they aren’t actual marines per se. Marines are made by conscripting the strongest humans they can and subjecting them to all sorts of implants, gene manipulation, upgrades, ect.

    • Ace Rimmer says:

      From my cursory understanding, despite all their other reworkings of lore, GW has been fairly consistent in maintaining that female space marines are either a biological or practical impossibility for some reason or other that’s definitely not sexist, even if the exact fluff has shifted a few times over the years.

      • Napalm Sushi says:

        At this point, the “genetic incompatibility” excuse is getting so implausible in the face of modern biology, it’d look better for GW if the canonical reason was that the Imperium is simply as institutionally sexist as the historical entities it’s inspired by. It’d also be a healthy reminder to all the unironic “For the Emperor” types that we’re not actually supposed to be rooting for them.

        • Ace Rimmer says:

          Exactly. I’ve done most of my playing with little men in the (pre-reboot exciting branding opportunity) Old World, but Everyone Is Arseholes, You Especially always seemed a foundational tenet of the Warhammer worldview.

        • Cator says:

          But that is part of the official explanation. You have to remember that the warfare element of 40k is largely based on the mindset of ancient warfare and warrior cultures. Less “space soldiers with lazers”, and more “ancient cohorts battling it out in grueling shield formations….with lazers”. The whole societal element of 40k is intentionally largely patriachal.

        • The Great Wayne says:

          Well I won’t go so far comparing to modern biology or make any real world parrallels ftm. Don’t forget we’re talking about several hundred years old men created from thousands of shamans sacrificing, dudes gifted with supernatural powers spawned from the geneseed (wtf is that anyway) of said guy, chaos gods spawned from aliens shagging, etc. etc.

        • Imperialist says:

          Except the explanation still holds up…because its a). not a forward thinking universe, and b). very much a product of the 80s. Things arent fair in 40k, applying your supposedly advanced thinking towards it is…pointless. Plus, the Emperor is a man. He created 20 sons from his genetic pool, and they in turn created hundreds of thousands of sons.It stands to reason the genetic code is really only compatible with men. Brotherhood is both literal and metaphorical here. Girls have their Sisters of Battle, so they have their own clubhouse and lemonade stand (with complimentary Toasted Heretics) and boys have their ultimate masculinity fantasy clubhouse. I think it works as well as the universe should, and will allow.

          • Chiron says:

            Hell the most logical reasons for the “Only Men are Space Marines” is that the Emperor targeted only the Y chromosome to hold/trigger the change.

            Not because thats the only gene that worked but because by making them all men he stopped them breeding. A race of super soldiers with both male and female members would inevitably lead to them breeding (even if they couldn’t do so naturally someone would give it a go) and a race of super soldiers would no doubt end up rebelling and ruling mankind as overlords, because they’d see everyone as inferior.

            This way you get the super soldiers, they sacrifice their humanity and are somewhat more controllable.

          • The Great Wayne says:

            Except they’re in no way a race. They’re regular dudes (albeit strong, and recruited among populations usually known for its fighters) injected with gene modifying therapy to get them closer to their primarch and his supernatural abilities.

            Also, they get transplanted with special, modified organs to make them more combat efficients, and on top of that get cyvbernetic augmentations.

            If memory serves, there hasn’t been a record of a SM producing children, weither because the bioengineering they undergo makes them sterile or they just forget about the flesh once recruited.

          • PancakeWizard says:


            If you want sexual equality, there are two Eldar armies to choose from and the Imperial Guard. If want asexuality, you’ve got Orks. If you want a matriarchy, you’ve got Tyranids.

          • Cerulean Shaman says:

            Space Marines are in no way “regular dudes”. They are giant compared to humans, technically ageless, and their entire bodies are structured for war (multiple primary organs, solid carapace chest instead of ribs, ect). Every piece of fiction has mundane humans describe them as something above humanity and even mighty inquisitors (Eisenhorn himself!) don’t see them as peers to humans.

            They are never explicitly called anything but human though because that would be heresy, but it’s also just bullshit. Similar logic exists in the fact that the Imperium bans robotics and AI but adding tech and rewiring a criminal’s brain to essentially be that same AI anyways is A-OK. I mean, whatever, so long as that cleaning robot or light switch was a living human being at some point it’s cool, right? Yeah, they vat grow “humans” to specifically become servitors too but…

            I have a healthy respect for the Imperium of Mankind, but man they’re barely a hair width’s away from the worst of the Warhammer Universe. Subjectively speaking, the singular thing putting them on the side of “good” (if you can call anything in Warhammer 40k good…) is the Imperium’s stubborn stand against Chaos.

          • The Great Wayne says:

            Read again bro. I just said they were regular dudes (albeit being the strongest from the recruitment worlds) before the space marine training and modification process. Which they totally are.

          • Phasma Felis says:

            Oh, yes, the Imperial Guard, who canonically are equally male and female, and on the tabletop have (last I checked, a while back) a grand total of five female models in the history of the game.

        • Unclepauly says:

          Oh Lawdy

        • PancakeWizard says:

          “At this point, the “genetic incompatibility” excuse is getting so implausible in the face of modern biology”

          Why? Bone density isn’t going to change.

          • ssimpson says:

            Sorry but that is a null program if ever I heard. Bone density could easily be changed with the right tech. Yes it would be easier to do before the third trimester of gestation. But even after birth increasing bone density is far from impossible.

          • Phasma Felis says:

            It had fucking well *better* change if you’re going to grow eight feet tall all of a sudden.

    • MetalShadowChaos says:

      Yup, all dudes, because of some lore thing regarding the “gene seed” used to roid them up only working with “male hormones and genetics”, which in theory shouldn’t mean much considering real life biology, but product of it’s time and suspension of disbelief and all that jazz.

      Recruitment policies vary wildly between chapters, but it’s all teenage boys and they have to survive vicious trials to be deemed worthy of the gene seed treatment, where they’ll be trained in the chapter fortress-monastery until they can shout at aliens about a dead guy in a chair.

    • ElementalAlchemist says:

      Yes, they are all men. How they are recruited varies from Chapter to Chapter, but typically they will be drawn from a specific home planet. In some cases, in terms of advancement/technology, the native population may be in the equivalent of a Neolithic era, or perhaps a medieval era, in which event the marines will likely be considered gods. In other cases, the population will be modernised and fully aware of the nature of the marines. Typically there are a number of cultural traditions associated with recruitment. There may be an annual quota to fill, or there might be some sort of contest/tournament, but whatever the case, the marines will regularly acquire a number of youths. They must be young, as they are subjected to a number of surgeries to implant the various additional organs that marines have, which don’t function correctly unless implanted prior to/during puberty.

      There is an organisation made up entirely of women called the Adepta Sororitas, colloquially known as the Sisters of Battle or Daughters of the Emperor. They are part of the military arm of the Adeptus Ministorum AKA the Ecclesiarchy (the state church). They are not marines, but they were basically created by Games Workshop to be functionally female marines. They run around in power armour as well, albeit a lighter variant.

    • Retorrent says:

      There are women in the universe but none are space Marine. They serve in other groups like the Imperial guard and the Sisters of Battle which are an army of all women. The Sisters are a group that are raised from birth to adore the Emporer so they are fanatical to the point where if one of them dies in battle it drives them to fight even harder.

      They are I guess you could say “Battle Nuns” for lack of a better word.

    • Niko says:

      Yes, because of, umm, totally reasonable reasons? link to pointandclickbait.com

      • Premium User Badge

        gritz says:

        This is pretty much the only answer that matters.

      • PancakeWizard says:

        I know it’s satire, but if you told me there was a woman who ‘just loves the hobby/lore’ that was also complaining about Space Marines being all-male, I would say that person doesn’t exist. It’s either/or.

    • thekelvingreen says:

      There were female space marines in the old days but they’ve been phased out over the years for reasons that have nothing to do with sexism. Probably.

      You do get the Sisters of Battle, who look like space marines and have the same kit, but aren’t quite as good and are semi out of production for reasons that have nothing to do with sexism. Probably.

      You would expect to see women in the Imperial Guard, which is the ground-level squaddies army, but there are no women Guard for reasons that have nothing to do with sexism. Probably.

      • malkav11 says:

        There are definitely female Guard in the fiction, if not a lot of them – Gaunt’s Ghosts have several women among the named characters after the first big post-Tanith recruitment, and Ciaphas Cain runs into some women in various regiments. There might be others – I haven’t read anything else about the Guard because a) most 40K fiction is terrible, and b) most 40K fiction seems to be about Marines, Inquisitors, or secondarily some of the other races/Chaos, and the overlap between “not terrible” and “about the Guard” seems to be mostly those two series.

        • meskus says:

          There are women in Guard, in fiction half of regiment Cain served with longest are women, commander of that regiment is female too. Gaunts ghosts also have lot of females. In other books there are women in lots of roles, assasins , navigators, inqisitors etc. True there is few female guard models for tabletop game but Sisters of battle have good many different ones. Also sisters of battle have solid lore and background. Eldars have some good female types too, Tau by lore have females in all services. Greenskins are only male only race with no females (reproduction true spore seeding).

      • wengart says:

        They were discontinued because they were expensive to make and not enough people bought them.

        Sisters were actually one of the most powerful armies at the time. They had the ranged power of Space Marines at reduced cost + acts of faith which could be abused to wreck any sort of Space Marine army. You could “suddenly” have 22 rending shots at an SM squad at S4 BS4. Which would usually gut the SM squad.

      • vlonk says:

        There is actually a female guard Captain right in this game Warhammer 40k Space Marine, if I remember correctly.

        • Nymera says:

          She’s a left-tenant but yes. ;)

          (Lieutenant; I’m just a dirty American and the main character pronounces it funny to my ear.)

      • ryke says:

        Not only are there women in the Guards, there’s one (yes, all of one entire, whole woman out of the huge number of guardsmen seen in the game. For reasons that have nothing to do with sexism, probably) in WH40K: Space Marine. And she’s only referred to by rank until the fact that she’s a woman becomes kind of a reveal.

    • Phidelt230 says:

      WH40K is generally a Male Power Fantasy (majority white as well) and thus it threatens the extremely toxic fanbase to include women. It threatens them because they are insecure about their masculinity.

      Before any of you argue with me go on the DakkaDakka forums or really any 40k specific community and post a picture of Female Space Marine fanart and you will see exactly what I am talking about.

      Secondly Games Workshop itself is a shitty, incompetent company and caters to this toxic fanbase almost exclusively because they have deep pockets and GW thinks women action figures actually hurt sales despite literally refusing to conduct market research.

      It also does not help that in their latest 2015 Report, there were 2 different rants against Polish immigrants and Women in 40k. So despite people trying to grasp at straws to justify the stunning lack of diversity in 40k by citing that it being lore friendly is somehow an acceptable argument, these are the real reasons

      • The Great Wayne says:

        Salty, huh ?

      • Retorrent says:

        There are women in 40K though, they just play a smaller role on the Imperil side such as the Sisters of Battle and in the Imerpial Guard. Eldar are mix of male and female warriors and there is even mention of Tau which appear to be female. While the Space Marines are mostly a male power fantasy there are plenty of women in the 40K universe.

        • Phidelt230 says:

          Im mostly talking about the tabletop which has little to no women represented. The only women are Eldar since Sisters of Battle have been discontinued. And there are no female IG models.

          • Retorrent says:

            OIC I haven’t kept up with the table top version for a number of years now.

          • thekelvingreen says:

            I suppose you could argue that there are female Tau miniatures, because the armour is fully enclosed so it’s impossible to tell if they are a man-tau or woman-tau, but it would be a weak argument.

          • Zorganist says:

            Unless it’s been replaced there is at least one explicitly female Tau miniature, who I believe is their highest-ranked military officer in the fluff.

          • The Great Wayne says:

            @thekelvingreen Well, you could also argue that a proper armor will not let appear gender features in any case.
            Would the Tau models be presenting cleavage, high heels with no helm so you could see a lucious mass of alien hairs, you’d be right to say that’s falling into the usual tropes.

            Seems to be the argument you cannot win. Create models with neutral features “there’s no female models !”, create models with apparent feminine feature “that’s not what a proper armor looks like you sexist !”

            Oh well.

          • jonahcutter says:

            Seems like they were discontinued because they didn’t sell well enough. That’s not patriarchy oppressing women. It’s a company discontinuing an unsuccessful toy.

      • Zorganist says:

        Could you point me to where in the company’s reports these rants take place? I’ve read both the 2014/15 and 2015/16 end-of-year reports and can’t find any such comments.

        I’d agree that Games Workshop is a terrible company, but its main problems are a refusal to at consider price reductions as a method of increasing sales, and the draconian control the corporate side of the business has over the activities of the design team. I’ve not seen any evidence of this kind of brazen racism or sexism- the closest is the observation in the reports that the vast majority of their customers and staff are male, and a lack of enthusiasm to try to expand beyond that demographic.

        • Fulgrim91 says:

          Please, internet citizens, tell me more about your vast knowledge of the inner workings of a traditionally secretive company.

          Or how you somehow know how many of the staff are female. Or what race they are. Or what the customers are like. I’m sure you sourced this information from somewhere reliable, and not from other Internet citizens who also know nothing.

          • wengart says:

            can you show me evidence of these rants? Or are we just trusting all the internet people now?

      • Press X to Gary Busey says:

        With the overloading levels of xenophobia and war worshipping fascism going on in the Empire they have to run out of hate any day now and open up for some inclusive gender politics and HBTQ.
        Everybody could be welcomed and included to burn the individualistic non-conformist, the heretic and the alien.

      • wengart says:

        You do sound more than a little salty.

        GW is a stupid company that appears to be scrambling to make money, but I doubt they discontinued the Sisters for sexist reasons. If they even did, last I heard they rolled the Sisters into a single Daemon Hunters esque army.

        No one played them, the models didn’t sell and therefore you don’t make more of them. Its not a sexist decision it is an economic one.

        Which is super unfortunate because Sisters of Battle circa 4th edition (and for a laerge part of 5th) were insanely good. I ran a 1,500 pt sisters army that with a bit of abuse could destroy nearly anyone through acts of faith, and in larger games could be brought as Allies to the Imperial Guard.

      • Simplex says:

        “It also does not help that in their latest 2015 Report, there were 2 different rants against Polish immigrants and Women in 40k.”

        There are Polish immigrants in 40k?

        • unacom says:

          Yes, they´re everywhere. At least, if you want to believe the 40kexiters. But don´t mind. There´s us romanians too and a hand full of squats who didn´t have the decency to get eaten by swarm-fleet Kraken, back then.

    • The Great Wayne says:

      Beside all the justification lore-wise, it’s most likely an aestethical trait from that faction. Militaristic, semi-monastic patriarchal big bulky dudes shouting stuff and dying happily for their leader. There’s always some kind of knight templars flair to them.

      The eldars got a lot more women fighting in their ranks and leading them. There are also females in the ranks of the imperial guard, which are far more numerous than space marines. Last time I checked, imperial assassins and psykers could be women too. And there’s the sororitas.

      So I don’t think it’s in any case a covert form of mysoginism. Just something to characterize the army lore-wise, much alike the mushroom reproductive cycle of the orks.

      • Phidelt230 says:

        If the imperium is supposed to be the pinnacle of fascism. Therefore wouldnt it make sense that women would be represented more?

        Fascism is about mobilizing the entire civilian populace for war. Women would be just as represented as the Imperium needs every body for the grinder

        • The Great Wayne says:

          Well considering that, despite its thousands of billions, humankind is on the brink of extinction and there’s an ongoing campaign of straining conscription, you’ll have to keep high demographics going.

          In this prospect, you can’t send a majority of women to the front, or you’re facing extinction just from that. Most people in WH40k universe live and die in hive cities/slums, these are not a bunch of cloned troops.

          • Unclepauly says:

            /Sends all the women to battle. Loses battle horrifically. How does we make more people?. We don’t/

        • klops says:

          If the imperium is a pinnacle of fascism (I dunno), it makes perfect sense that women aren’t represented in the small battlefields. Fascism does not mean sending everybody to the front lines.

          Since WH40k is not about housewifing, giving birth or daily work, I don’t see any reason why a fascist (again, I dunno) faction should have women on the front lines.

    • Asbad says:

      Well actually there are female space marines.. sort of. See the “Daemonculaba.” So there was once a Chaos Space Marine chapter called the Iron Warriors, and amongst them was a great leader who went by the name Honsou. Warsmith Honsou wanted to create more troops for his forces- and not just mere chaos worshipping rabble- he wanted recruits that would be true Iron Warriors.

      So he went and captured some human females, as one does. He started modifying them heavily, at first merely changing their body shape. These changes primarily included widening the hips and increasing the size of their womb to ridiculous proportions. You can kind of see where I’m going with this. For the final touch, Honsou implanted each of these women, if we can still call them women/sentient creatures, with stolen space marine genetic material (although sometimes he would use recycled Iron Warriors material). Once the genetic material was “properly” absorbed by the creature, they would then be fitted to have another addition- a human male (normally adolescents). In a weird kind of reverse c-section, this male would be forced into her womb and they would for it to gestate. Many of the males would die, along with the women IIRC, but enough emerged- but they had no skin. Even then the Iron Warriors would reject some of them, flushing them down with the waste. The rest would have the skin of their “mothers” sewn onto them, and they would join their brothers in the Iron Warriors. On a side note, it seems that those born had a predisposition towards Order and Good, with those that were rejected forming a nice community of Emperor worshippers.

      Anyways horrific story aside, these poor women- were sort of space marines. They had the genetic material of space marines, and were heavily modified to incorporate their new… “abilities.” But yeah, if you’re looking for genetically similar female creatures to the space marines, you’re stuck with these Daemonculaba. Otherwise, the next closest things are the Adeptas Soriratas, as others have mentioned.

      And yeah it’s kind of complete BS that the glorious Emperor couldn’t really make female space marines. But I take it in stride, it’s simply another aspect of how the Emperor really isn’t as great as he might appear at first. He was unnecessarily secretive, naive, ridiculously xenophobic, a pretty bad father, etc. In short, just another person with their flaws, not a god or even anywhere close to it.

    • notenome says:

      Half the internet has responded to your comment but I’m going to try to give the ‘cleanest’ answer I can give.

      If we are talking about the Empire, there are women in many of the military branches (Imperial Guard, Sisters of Battle) etc.

      If we are talking about THE Space Marines (Adeptus Astartes) then no. Basically there was/is the Emperor of Mankind, super-powerful dude, who created 20 Primarchs (genetically engineered sons) using his own genetic material. The Space Marines in turn are descendants of the Primarchs’ genetic material. So the genealogy of the space marines, who are basically genetically-engineered mutants, requires them to be men as they are the genetic sons (or at least recipients) of the sons of the Emperor.

  2. FFabian says:

    I recently tried replaying Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine. It didn’t age well. I liked it when it came out but now after a few levels and shitty checkpoints I lost interest.

    • unacom says:

      The single-player campaign was pretty lame from the beginning, in my opinion. Multi-player is still pretty good. However the playerbase usually flocks to Exterminatus (co-op) and Seize Ground (capturing checkpoints) matches.
      There is a p(r)etty hard-core playerbase that knows every map by heart. So it can get pretty discouraging for new players.

      And addressing the gender-question: There´s a fair group of-die-hard space-marine playeresses who either don´t know they weren´t supposed to play as space-marines or simply don´t care. They are pretty decent gals and much less prone to abusing anyone who has just come out of the scout company.

  3. Agnosticus says:

    Really enjoyed that game and found it well worth the money.

    If they added a proper coop campaign (with the get-health-back-by-execution-thingy), included more varied execution animations and more FOV, the game would have been bloody great!

  4. Premium User Badge

    Earl-Grey says:

    This will be like the blind man leading the deaf, I am far from very knowledgeable in matters of WH40k lore but I simply cannot resist gushing over it.
    There are two WH40k wikis, and one of them is supposedly filled with gobbledygook but I can never remember which is which.

    As I understand it Space Marines are selected from the best and mightiest soldiers of the Imperium.
    Then they start undergoing substantial biological and cybernetic modification.
    Backup organs, super hearing/sight/taste(!), toxin-glands in the mouth, bones stronger than steel and a whole lot I can’t remember.
    I believe they serve as scout marines until their bodies are ready to wear their power armor.
    Then they serve as specialist infantry, devastator, assault, whatever before they’re granted the role of tactical marines, I think.
    But I’m just reciting half remembered wiki entries here, could be wrong.

    • Premium User Badge

      Earl-Grey says:

      Oh FFS, this was for Aerothorn…half an hour ago.

    • Manco says:

      Not really the best soldiers of the Imperium, as the Guard and the Planet Defence Forces are too old usually for the whole procedure that turns them into supersoldiers.

      Most chapters take the brunt or all of their prospects from primitive and/or death planets (medieval level tech or less), where they’ve usually fostered martial cultures that utilise young warriors.

      So yeah they take the best (and youngest) from a given planet, but not of the actual Imperium. It’s nitpicking, but hey boring sunday here.

      BTW: the good wiki is the Lexicanum, the WH40k wiki is the one that doesn’t get the difference between fan fiction and lore.

      • Premium User Badge

        Earl-Grey says:

        Ooooh, I appreciate the correction! =)
        No nit is to small to pick when WH40k lore is on the table, as far as I’m concerned.

    • gunny1993 says:

      1D4 chan is the one filled with gobbledegook, but it is freaking hilarious at points.

  5. MisterFurious says:

    I got it in a bundle last year and I thought it was boring and simple. I didn’t get very far into it. The fact that I despise Space Marines didn’t help, either.

  6. geldonyetich says:

    I am suspicious about Games Workshop computer games: they’re probably programmed to subliminally indoctrinate me to buy thousands of miniatures.

  7. Elric666 says:

    Yes I have, two times, and it was fucking awesome.

    Too bad there will probably never be a sequel.

  8. Xocrates says:

    The levels were bland, the combat repetitive after a while, and the story rubbish. However the weapons (melee and ranged) were incredibly meaty and satisfying.

    It’s one I’ve enjoyed, and even replayed, but it’s little more than lazy weekend fodder.

  9. fuggles says:

    It was good fun, but needed eldar and to absolutely not end on a qte.

  10. Blizniak says:

    Kill da shpache marinesh!

  11. notenome says:

    My main problem with this game is that a few weeks after I went to play Shadows of Mordor, and the orcs have the exact same voice acting. The entire time I spent with Monolith’s game all I could hear was “SCHPACE MAH-RINE!!!”

  12. Sukarn says:

    I have the game, but I never got around to playing it, because I am a sucker for knowing the background story and previous games an a series before playing a game and I know almost nothing about Warhammer. The wiki is so large that reading through it to play one game is not worth it.

    • unacom says:

      To be honest. Don´t try to find a beginning. There´s none.
      The strength of 40K-lore is that it´s actually brazenly and uncaringly stolen, borrowed, copied and glued-on from everywhere. Beginning with every notable war in history of mankind, through christian-iconoraphy and nigh-on everything that seems useful. Then adorned with skulls, dipped in fascism and simmered for about twenty years. And fascinatingly, it works.
      Love it or hate it. Just try it.

    • The Great Wayne says:

      Short version : link to youtube.com

      Long version : link to np.reddit.com

      The latter is very long, but very interesting if you’re into background lore. The author knows his shit.

  13. haldolium says:

    While it is a rather mediocre console TPS, the one thing that made it great was the tremendously awesome sound design that carried right over from Relics RTS (mainly CoH/DoW2).

    That created quite some fun feedback which made the game fun in certain missions. Otherwise it lacks in most aspects. MP said to be a bit better as the campaign, but I never bothered…

  14. tonicer says:

    I played it yes but it is so arcadey … i always dream of a space marine game that is first person and it should feel like you are actually wearing such a huge armor. But those are just dreams thanks to consoles we will never have such a game. First consoles have to die off like they were supposed to do years ago … but bookface is still around so not much hope in that area. Mankind is to dumb for cool shit.

  15. vlonk says:

    I remember that RPS mentioned that this is a game which gives away too much in its free demo. So I played that unashamed :D

    Then later I got it in a bundle and mashed myself through the fights to see the story. Should not have bothered and instead replayed Dawn of War 1 or 2 again (which each have a much better campaign).

    It was a solid FPS but all around a bit bland after the first hour. No surprises sadly. The setting is great though and I enjoyed it!

    Sadly there will not be a second one. With the right improvements this could be a blast.

  16. klops says:

    I have played the demo and enjoyed it a great deal. That’s it.