Crusader Kings II: Reaper’s Due DLC Bringing CAAATS!

Paradox and Adam may tell you that the next Crusader Kings II [official site] expansion is about diseases tearing through medieval Europe, but no. The Reaper’s Due is about cats. Lovely cats. Hunting dogs be damned, Reaper’s Due will let characters befriend a cat – which naturally brings bonuses. Then… maybe a few more cats. All of the cats. Lovely, lovely cats. Get carried away and you might get the ‘Crazy Cat Lady’ trait. And then something something black death bad omens angry mob blah blah but look, the point is: cats. Oh, and the expansion now has a release date: August 25th.

A new dev diary explains that lucky Reaper’s Due players may be befriended by a cat. This gives the ‘Pet Cat’ trait, which brings +1 health and +1 intrigue because cats make us better people in every day. Aaand then maybe you’ll decide you want to save all of the cats everywhere and love them and hug them and oh gosh CATS! Become a Crazy Cat Lady and you’ll get an even bigger Intrigue boost but also lose Diplomacy and General Opinion stats. It’s not your fault if everyone else can’t see the wisdom and joy in their little faces.

If rumours of plague ripple through the populus and cats become seen as a bad omen, well, you might face some difficult decisions as angry mobs form. But look at their little faces! In your heart, you know what’s right.

Oh, yeah, and I guess The Reaper’s Due will add epidemics and hospitals and physicians and royal seclusion and apocalyptic event chains… but mostly cats. Also other sorts of pets? But mostly cats. Who even cares, other pets?

As ever, a free update will launch alongside the paid DLC on August 25th. Paradox give an overview of the main features, which include tweaks to how alliances work, optimisations, and “New custom rules options at start up for epidemics, invasions, legal changes and so on, so you get the Middle Ages that you want.”

But caaats! Look at this sweet little idiot:


  1. Captain Narol says:

    Don’t fear the reaper…

  2. Premium User Badge

    The Borderer says:

    I hope you can put your cats on the council.

  3. X_kot says:

    That’s an adorable sable kitty – effective at keeping plague rats at bay and striking fear into superstitious peasants.

  4. PostieDoc says:

    Dogs > Cats.

  5. Captain Narol says:

    Cats > Dog Lovers > Dogs > Trolls

  6. Zankman says:

    Aww, your puffy black kitty looks akin to mine!

    Not my short-haired black kitty, to be clear, but like my own puffy black kitty.

  7. DelrueOfDetroit says:

    Look at this cat!

  8. Nouser says:

    I’m disappointed by the lack of “Cats” tag.

  9. Silverchain says:

    Duane Dibbley?!

  10. xyzzy frobozz says:

    Seems Alice has contracted a wicked case of toxoplasma gondii from her horrible little vermin.

  11. celticdr says:

    What a peaceful little kitty you have Alice, reminds me of my last cat (which was also a black cat). I miss that little guy.

  12. morganjah says:

    Their DLC’s have been, sub-par lately. Does anyone know the current state of the game? Also EU IV? So many DLC’s, so many issues, it’s hard to keep up. I keep wanting to jump back in when things are stabilized again.

    • jeeger says:

      Yeah, I wasn’t *too* impressed with some of the DLCs (Horse Lords), but there’s some fine ones (Way of Life, Conclave) as well.

      At least there’s some fun tidbits in each DLC. However, the current state of the game is fine, at least when I played about six months ago. I don’t think much has changed since then.

      Conclave brought some much-needed additional politicking, and I rather enjoyed having to deal with my vassals.

      In fact, I’d really like to jump in again, but time is short…

    • Innocent Dave says:

      According to link to, they’re considering another 3-4 expansions before they start considering CK3. So final stability should happen in, say, a year or two?

    • pistachio says:

      Ahh yes, the Paradox paradox :

      Their games start out broken, then get fixed and improved until they reach their peak somewhere halfway through their life cycle and they become brilliant. Then fresh mechanics get piled on top of that which the original design never really supported (eg. eu iv forts) and the games slowly become less intuitive and certainly less accessible to new players.

      Still, I love that company.

  13. GenBanks says:

    Maybe they’re being introduced as reference to the Great Cat Massacre?

    link to

    “Darnton describes how, as the apprentices suffered hard conditions, they came to resent the favours which their masters gave to their cats, and contrived to deal with the nuisance cats by slaughtering them so as to distress their masters.”

  14. Nacery says:

    link to
    Nuff’ said