Long Live The… Oh Dear. Reigns Slides Onto PC 11 Aug

Reigns [official site] – described by Adam as Crusader Kings meets Tinder – will be swiping its way onto PC from 11 August.

I remember it being one of his favourite games at Rezzed when we went earlier in the year so let’s have a look at what he said at the time and why he liked it so much. But first, some gameplay footage:

It’s more management game than life sim in many ways, what with you having an entire kingdom to run, but the fact that you each of your monarchs is likely to meet a sticky end makes it feel much more personal. It’s about the actual stats of your kingdom, sure, and they change based on your decisions, but it’s also about forging a family dynasty.

A brief stint with the game didn’t give me a chance to try out any long-term events but Nerial reckon some choices will echo down through the years. My experience was much more simple – initially I attempted to roleplay the kindly monarch I know I would be if anyone were ever wise enough to grant me All of the Power, and then I realised I’d need to try and keep a certain amount of balance to prevent riots, revolution and regicide. And if that meant throwing certain elements of the population under the bus cart, so be it.

I’ll be interested to see how the game translates to PC as the touch interface seems so much a part of making this a non-fiddly, compulsive exercise in monarch-ing. This is likely to sound blasphemous given we’re on RPS right now so shhhh but…

I’ll probably pick it up on Android



  1. somnolentsurfer says:

    At Feral Vector it was played on PC with a Leep Motion.

  2. pertusaria says:

    I, too, played this at Feral Vector (hi, fellow RPS FV-goer!) and enjoyed it. Events which led to meeting new characters were really satisfying, and sometimes the downfall of a monarch was touching. I only managed one really “successful” long reign, but I wasn’t at it for very long. Some things do indeed carry over between monarchs.