Blade Of Agony Is An Incredible ‘WolfenDoom’ Mod

Do you remember a time when Wolfenstein hero B.J. Blazkowicz was a grinning, bum-chinned sprite with shiny blue twinklers rather than a morose sad-eyed man in a broken world? I’ve enjoyed several versions of Wolfenstein over the years, and perhaps none more so than The New Order, but I’m still fond of the first 3d title in the series. And I fucking love Doom. What a pleasure it is, then, to find Blade of Agony [official site], a GZDoom-based mod/sequel following the continuing adventures of Blazkowicz. It looks spectacular.

Gone are the corridors of Castle Wolfenstein, and in their place Blazkowicz sets out on a globe-trotting adventure. It’s the scope of a modern singleplayer FPS game (like, say, Wolfenstein: The New Order) made in the style and with the (modified) tech of a nineties FPS. There are NPCs to talk to, roof-top baddies to pick off, and all kinds of other trickery that seems like magic to my eyes. Yeah, I know I can look up and down as a matter of course in today’s games, but this looks like yesterday’s games just enough that every modern twist is delightful.

If you grew up playing PC games in the nineties, you might well have a very similar reaction.

You can play the beta version of the first seven-level chapter of Blade of Agony now, using GZDoom as the base through which to run it, no Doom or Wolfenstein required. I haven’t actually found time to play yet but even the screenshots and let’s plays I’ve seen have impressed me so much that I’m slightly in awe of what this team have achieved.


  1. JiminyJickers says:

    Wow, that looks spectacular. Definitely will be giving this a go.

  2. Carra says:

    Let’s hope they don’t get a cease and desist letter for using Wolfenstein.

    • Jekhar says:

      At least they didn’t subtitled it “Scrolls of Agony”. That would have been double trouble.

    • Kaeoschassis says:

      You’re *usually* fine with old id shooters. I guess everyone involved is just so aware of how important the modding/user content sides of those games are to their continued popularity. The only issue I can see in the case of Blade of Agony is that it apparently doesn’t require the original iwads to run. But even then, since it seems to be using mostly (entirely?) its own assets, I imagine it’ll be fine. Could they get a cease&desist chucked at them? Yes. Will they? Probably not.

      • dethtoll says:

        BoA has its roots in the old WolfenDoom mods for Doom 2, which were literally the old Wolfenstein games (plus a couple of Mac mods) rebuilt in vanilla Doom, complete with a new touches like textured ceilings and floors, and dungeon sections being accessible by elevator rather than going through a door. In addition to remakes of the original games there were a couple of Wolfenstein-themed original mods, such as Arctic Wolf, which used a LOT of assets ripped from other games (Duke Nukem 3D, most prominently.) These mods have all gone 15 years without a C&D.

  3. Herzog says:

    So I finally installed Quake with Quakespasm this morning to give Arcane Dimensions a go. Now you are telling me to install Doom to play a Wolfenstein TC!? What about my backlog!?

    • Grizzly says:

      You have years to complete your backlog still :)

    • DelrueOfDetroit says:

      The article says this is still on beta, so bookmark it and by the time you again remember it exists hopefully it will be finished.

  4. Eclipse says:

    cannot wait to try this one with the Oculus Rift and GZ3Doom

  5. thelastpointer says:

    This looks like more Hexen than Doom, which makes it even more impressive.

  6. Doc Revelator says:

    Wow, this is terrific! Wonderful to hear Michael Giacchino’s amazing score for the original Medal of Honor being used to such great effect.

  7. DelrueOfDetroit says:

    Isn’t blade of agony a little redundant? You don’t too often hear about blades of pleasure or blades of that feeling you get on a Sunday morning.

    • DevilishEggs says:

      I prefer the blade of immaculate suffering.

    • Eclipse says:

      a Blade of Agony is probably a rusty knife and you either bleed out in agony or die of tetanus because you are an antivax.
      While a Blade of Quick and Almost Painless Death is uhm… a stiletto in your brain from an eye? I’m not good at thinking painless ways to kill someone

  8. DevilishEggs says:

    The Doom community is still so strong it’s scary.

  9. Vorig says:

    Thanks for making my doom mod backlog go from 100 to 101 “to plays”!

  10. thaquoth says:

    Ahh, Wolfendoom. The legacy of Laz Rojas.

    For the uninitiated, Laz Rojas was an avid Wolf 3D / Doom modder who dedicated his free time to recreate Wolfenstein in Doom. From ports of Wolf 3D and sequels into the Doom engine, to entirely original scenarios. He’s since left modding to pursue other ventures.

    Time has shown that Laz was not the best level designer though, and his maps are kind of a chore to play. Lots of huge flat open areas, where you get sniped by hordes of hitscanners from across the map. The man had a vision, though. There are ZDoom-ified versions of them floating around that are somewhat fixed up – the originals won’t work well with any ZDoom based port – if anyone is interested: link to

    This new Blade of Agony thing is made by other people entirely. Based on the GZDoom engine with all the bells and whistles that its GL renderer and DECORATE allows. And yeah, it looks incredible. One of the most hotly anticipated projects from the shores of ZDoom.

  11. VLTIONIS says:

    Great find, thanks!
    It seems that the devs are pointing users to github for the latest release, the link in the article is outdated.

    link to

    It is also stated that you need a devbuild of GZDoom as opposed to a stable release.