My Summer Car Veers Drunkenly On To Greenlight

I’ve spent a lot of time playing east German bus driving game OMSI and wishing it had a little more personality beneath its evocative world and sound effects. My Summer Car [official site] looks like it might scratch that itch: a Finnish driving game set in 1995 about fixing up an old banger, chopping wood, and picking up your drunk neighbours for rides through the countryside. It’s now on Steam Greenlight with a new trailer below.

I’m no great fan of comedy physics games in the main, but this looks like it’s on the right side of janky. I’m even OK with its urine meter and ability to wizz, because when taken alongside the granular car fixing and beer drinking it feels like an expressive addition to the game. Everything seems to be about embodying a particular kind of character.

I also just can’t get enough of games that give you fine control over complex physical objects, whether that’s unscrewing bolts in Quadrilateral Cowboy or poking at your engine in the similar eastern European driving sim Jalopy. It makes the progression curve of repairing and improving your car beyond mere Ubisoftism and into something I think I’d find satisfying for its own sake.

The Greenlight page has more details on the game: cars have over 100 parts; there are boats as well as cars; you’ll have to buy food and drink; and it’s permadeath, should you have a particularly nasty crash. Or, I guess, starve.


  1. haradaya says:

    My G27 is ready

  2. kode says:

    It coming to greenlight is excellent news, I’ve been following the game and the developer via twitter since 2014 or so, and more progress is nice.

  3. VelvetFistIronGlove says:

    This looks pleasant. I’ll duly vote it up when I get home.

  4. Fnord73 says:

    Very very very finnish. Looks about right.

  5. KastaRules says:

    I might spend $5 on it!

  6. pitfallfritz says:

    OMSI is decidedly west German, though :-)

  7. Synesthesia says:

    oh yes, i’ve been waiting for this one. Maybe one day we’ll get our taxi omsi, graham.

  8. Shar_ds says:

    Amusingly toned down English subtitles for the spoken Finnish in that trailer :D

  9. King in Winter says:

    In case you’re wondering what the character says at 1:27, that’s “Tää on niin vaikeeta tää vitun elämä ja ainankin auton katsastaminen on niin vaikeeta että,” roughly translated to english, “Life is so f***ing hard and at least passing your car inspection is so damn difficult.” (The paper he holds says his car didn’t pass inspection and is a pile of crap.)

  10. Chillicothe says:

    This is what all those snooty hoity-toity types were talking about when it comes to legitamizing games as art.

  11. DelrueOfDetroit says:

    Graham, you accidentally embedded a Tim & Eric sketch into this article.