Zap! Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Patched, DLC Coming Free

For a £32 re-release of a decade-old game, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance was in a right sorry state when the minimally-revamped version hit Steam in July, and its sequel wasn’t in much better shape. MUA didn’t recognise Xbox controller buttons correctly, sound crackled, and none of the first game’s DLC characters were included. For £30, I’d expect proper definitive editions of the superhero action-RPGs. Heck, I’d hope for full remakes. At the very least, I’d want a working game. Anyway, now Activision say they’ve patched many of the major problems and they have the DLC coming too.

“We are still working on making the DLC for the first Marvel: Ultimate Alliance available in the coming weeks as a free update,” Activision told Eurogamer. They also detailed the latest patch:

Controller mapping improvements that address both Xbox One and Xbox 360 buttons, triggers, and a problem specifically with the A button.
General improvements to audio and fixes for the crackling sounds.
Improvements to player invitations for Marvel Ultimate Alliance.
UI updates and fixes for desync/disconnection issues when playing online.

Yep, a lot of folks were complaining about those all right. Seeing as this is the first time Ultimate Alliance 2 has been released on PC – only the first was before – it’s a shame the launch has been so messy.

The new releases were handled by Zoe Mode but ultimately these issues not being caught falls on Activision, the publisher. Recognising buttons as different buttons on perhaps the most popular PC controller is not a subtle problem, after all.

I’d still wait to see they shape up but if you really want a go now, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance and Ultimate Alliance 2 are £31.99/39,99€/$39.99 seprately on Steam or £39.99/59,99€/$59.99 together in a bundle.


  1. Baines says:

    It sounds like they are talking about the patch that was already released, which some have complained did not actually fix controller issues as claimed.

    • Jalan says:

      Oh boy. I guess the people tasked with patching this stuff took a page out of A.I.M.’s book and opted to wear rubbish bins on their heads while they fixed stuff.

  2. crazyd says:

    I’m still holding off for a patch on the insane price.

    • Ghostwise says:

      The price point is thunderously remarkable, perhaps even starkly incredible. I’ll admit I tentatively arched my left eyebrow upon seeing that number.

      Presumably if the game doesn’t sell at this price and in this shape the publisher will *finally* draw germane conclusions. Such as “it’s clearly because too many of the characters are women!”.

    • Renevent says:

      Yeah, the price was pretty surprising. I”m not a huge fan of the games but I was interested when I heard it was coming to the PC. Then I saw the price, and the fact it doesn’t come with all the previous DLC…well forget about it.

    • DelrueOfDetroit says:

      It’s no different than buying a mug or a t-shirt. Slap a Marvel character on it and you’re worthless item can suddenly sell for triple the price.

  3. vahnn says:

    What a mess.

  4. Mahi_ says:

    Screw Activision, they knew what they were releasing. If they had not been slammed so hard by their customers they wouldn’t have done a God damn thing and would have likely tried to sell the DLC. I despise that company.