Hue: Colour Puzzler Throwing Shades From 23 August


Oh yay! Hue [official site] is coming out soon. It’s a puzzle platformer where you swap background colours to conceal and reveal bits of the environment. I saw it at Rezzed maybe the year before this so I’m excited to see how it’s ended up.

Looks like we’ll find out on 23 August when it releases. Oh, and there’s apparently also a colour-blind mode which makes use of symbols instead of the colour wheel.

When Hue’s mother becomes trapped in the mono world, he gains access to the colour ring – a device which allows him to alter the perception of colour. Embarking on a mission to foil the evil intentions of the despicable Doctor Gray, Hue begins a journey which will not only shape him as person, but alter the world forever.

From what I remember (and the trailer) what you’re doing is using the annular spectrum (that’s the colour ring) to switch between colours, Selecting the same colour as an object makes the object disappear as it just merges into the background, anything that’s of a different colour is then interactable. You can reveal blocks, open up pathways, discover hidden things and so on.

The demo I played was a long time ago so I don’t think it had much in the way of plot detail in that build but essentially you’re discovering your missing mum’s colour research and trying to solve her disappearance. She’s the scientist who invented the annular spectrum btw.

Hue will be on PC via Steam from 23 August (as well as consoles but let’s not dwell on that) priced at $12.99 / €12.99 / £9.99.


  1. Alien426 says:

    I for one am looking forward to the sequels Saturation and Lightness.

  2. Feedim says:

    This comes out on my birthday. Don’t get me this though. Maybe deus ex?

  3. The First Door says:

    Huh, looks quite interesting! I must admit I was very taken by Runbow on the Wii U which does a similar colour concept, but as a speed running multiplayer game, so I’ll have to keep my eye on this.