Racy: F1 2016 Teases Multiplayer Championship Mode

Upcoming racer F1 2016 [official site] will be getting a new Multiplayer Championship mode, which will allow up to 22 players to race over the course of a whole season, overtaking each other and hitting the pit stop and generally having a great time, while you get repeatedly lapped by all your best friends. Because you are rubbish.

In the new mode you’ll be able to race together as drivers of the same team, or take on other teams in ongoing leagues. You can save the state of your championships so that everyone can take a breather, of course, and play out the tournament over many weeks.

Codemasters have also been showing off the ten-year Career mode. In this, players will go through the long and winding career of a single driver as he joins an official team, picks his team mate and attempts to conquer the revered sport of Cars Wot Go Fast. They’ve just released a shiny new trailer to show you what it’s all about.

Vroooom! As your career goes on you’ll choose how to upgrade your car and chat to the research and development hombre about what needs to be improved. Taking part in this engineer’s practice sessions will also unlock some improvements. Or you could just check in with your agent – another character – and demand to be placed on another team, you treacherous race snake.

We’ve already heard how the game will have formation laps, as well as manual race starts which challenge you to release the clutch at the perfect moment or face an embarrassing mis-start thanks to the car’s anti-stall. I have no idea what anti-stall is but it sounds bad and I don’t know why. Isn’t stalling crap? Why do we want something which is ‘anti’ it? Please explain this to me, F1 fans. I am very ignorant.

Anyway, it looks like more and more sports games are beginning to inject personal drama into their usual kickabouts and runarounds, which is an interesting twist in a genre that is usually resistant to radical changes. FIFA 17 also announced at E3 that it was getting a story mode, accompanied by a trailer that was so serious, it could have easily been promoting the next GTA.

F1 2016 is coming out on August 19.


  1. Czrly says:

    Good thing that the game is also free, thanks to all that product placement and advertising money…. er… it is, right? Surely?

    • Unsheep says:

      In case you didn’t know, Red Bull is actually a team owner in F1, they have their own teams.

      In general when it comes to racing sims, or any other simulation or sports game for that matter, fans are usually disappointed when the real-life brands were not in the game.

  2. bilstar says:

    The anti-stall thing?

    It’s anti-stall as in when they say “stall” they mean a “shop”, a place to buy stuff for your car and so on.

    If you have “anti-stall” kick in, this means they *remove* stuff from the car such as the wheels, or the cool spoiler from the back, or even the drivers helmet and clothes! It’s madness.

  3. spaced says:

    Just chiming in to say I’d rather play a multiplayer pit-stop game where you work together as the crew to keep your car running/winning. Compete against other teams of real people, and even have a mode where one player drives while the others work the pit. Jesus I should get paid for these ideas.

  4. AtomicB says:

    Anti-stall is something that brings the clutch back in to prevent the car stalling. It’s good because you don’t want to stall (no starter motor in F1 cars), but it’s also bad because you were letting the clutch out to put power to the wheels and you messed up.

    Anyway, this looks promising. It’s a shame that F1 games are very niche these days and CM is clearly a bit cash strapped. The games always look a little cheap, but if it’s fun, I’ll get over that.

    • Unsheep says:

      I think the surprising success of Dirt Rally helped them to some extent, although I never thought they were in serious financial trouble. Being well-liked by gaming media has served them well.

  5. Unsheep says:

    The positive expectations I have: a more interesting and involving Career mode than in their previous F1 games.

    The negative expectations: more or less the same driving physics as in their previous games, and too little content to warrant a purchase at launch date.

    I always buy CM’s F1 games eventually, but never at launch, I want more content for £30-40 … or a radically new physics engine. Their F1 games are always too similar to the previous one they made.