RTS Revival: Sudden Strike 4 Deploying To 2017

World War II buffs rejoice–Sudden Strike is back with its fourth entry. The series returns to the greatest generation with larger maps, improved graphics, new commanders, and fresh battle scenarios. Publisher Kalypso Media even boasts that it is “the most tactical and authentic title in the series to date!” They’ve got big plans for Sudden Strike, reviving the series some nine years after the release of Sudden Strike 3. This time around they hope to make Sudden Strike a leader in the RTS niche.

Players can choose to take command of the British and American, German or Soviet armies, giving you control of 100 units. Some of the new units include the Russian T-34 tank, the British Hawker Typhoon fighter jet, or perhaps the most intimidating, the Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger, which, in case you couldn’t tell, is from Germany.

Sudden Strike 4 will include the standard single player mode, along with a more challenging skirmish mode, and even competitive multiplayer. For those with a true penchant for history, players can now choose from nine famous commanders, including Patton himself. These new commanders will affect how your army performs in combat, giving the game an added layer of nuance.

If players wish to play out a famous battle not included in the game, or just make something up, Sudden Strike 4 will have support modding and the Steam Workshop.

Sudden Strike 4 will be out on Windows, Mac, and Linux sometime in spring 2017. Its Steam page is already up, revealing the game will cost £39.99. Here’s the announcement trailer:


  1. banski83 says:

    Wish someone would make a modern Desert Strike.

  2. Zankman says:

    That is pretty cool, good to see!

    For the veterans of the genre: Sudden Strike or Blitzkrieg?

    Speaking of the latter, what is happening with Blitzkrieg III?

    • ecalex says:

      Registered just for this haha, I used to play Sudden Strikes 1 and 2, and the APRM mods, awesome game!

      • unacom says:

        Aaah! The APR-mods. Those were mean times. Blitzkrieg and Sudden Strike still strike a very special chord and are fondly remembered.
        I don´t know about special characters. Never wanted to play as Patton/Guderian/Mannerheim/Voroshilov. I´m cautiously optimistic, though.

      • Zankman says:

        What are those mods?

    • swaan says:

      I liked the 2D SS better – the gfx was prettier, easier to make fun maps. I even preferred Warzone 2100 over Blitzkrieg :)

      I really loved the supply management and the tiny fodder units (unlike in MoW where you can’t really afford to lose any)

  3. Uberwolfe says:


  4. shde2e says:

    I fancy myself a bit of an RTS-fan, but i’ve never heard of Sudden Strike, let alone this one. Anyone know how it plays? Is it men of war-y, C&C-y, Moba-y, pants-on-head-lunac-y?

    • ecalex says:

      It was one of those RTS games back in early 2000s(sudden strike 2), even back then it was kinda niche, though there was a pretty strong community supporting it (small). The third one never really took off.
      A typical multiplayer game, if both sides are experienced, may take up to 4 hours each, with people testing weaknesses in the lines we created, since there’s no basebuilding, and the units are given to you according to the rules set by the authors of given map, so people learn the preciousness of their given Tiger tank (no ‘s’ most of the time heehee)
      I would say the play style is closer to men of war than it is to C&C, with more realistic armor penetration (i remember this one time my ally was retreating with a T34/86 while 4 early iterations of Pz4 chased him, the Pz4 with its short barrels, shots either went wild or bounced off the T34, while that T34 fired three shots and three Pz4 blew up, and the fourth backed off) But Men of War is more umm…focused on individual action (direct control), while sudden strike pulls the perspective back a little. (i’ve always suspected Soldiers: Heroes of WW2 was influenced by the sudden strike series, and men of war was later a decedent of Soliders heroes of ww2)

      • ecalex says:

        oh wait, there Blitzkrieg before Soldiers: Heroes of WW2, so SS series->Blitzkrieg->MOW(different iterations)

    • jeeger says:

      I’d say it’s like a vintage version of wargame?

      Very bare-bones, although you have some extra functionality like prepared arty firing and stuff.

      The only thing that kapt me from playing it were the incredibly hard missions.

      • ecalex says:

        Yes, I’d say the current gen. Comparison would be warfare.

  5. kshriner says:

    I hope it has a pause button to issue orders or maybe a range of speeds including “bullet time” like slow-mo like Wargame series. I’m getting old dannit! Plus what’s the use of all those gorgeous models and landscapes if I can’t occasionally stop to enjoy them once in awhile. I appreciate this would be disabled for multiplayer which I have never played for an rts type-game..

    • unacom says:

      I remember the player had the possibility to reduce time speed.
      Extremely helpful in large defensive situations.

  6. Hunchback says:

    How does this compare to COH in terms of “realism”? I mean the hit/miss %, cover bonuses, flanking, armour sides, penetration %, reloading, suppression, garrisons, etc… ?

    • unacom says:

      COH never felt realistic. They rather opted for the cinematic approach. In contrast Sudden Strike 2 + RWM (Real Warfare Modification) felt hurtfully and frighteningly realistic.
      So I´ll assume that SS3 might drive up the realism lane.
      Breaking, fleeing and surrendering did happen in SS2. But I think that was scripted.

      • ecalex says:

        Ah, RWM was good though I lean towards APRM, RWM did tune it to be a bit over punishing heehee.

        I believe with sudden strikes, everything in the maps were scripted, down to what you get at specific times.

    • mitthrawnuruodo says:

      No game compares to COH in terms of “realism”. A game (or genre) that lets you “build” tanks or “produce” soldiers or call in unlimited reinforcements in the middle of a battle throws realism out of the window.

      • Hunchback says:

        You mean like in Hearts of Iron? Or any other strategy, basically?

        I mean, what’s wrong with “building” a tank? How exactly should you acquire one if you can’t build it or have it as reinforcement “sent from somewhere else” ? And real life soldiers don’t just “appear”, they are trained and then sent to battle…
        Just don’t get what’s wrong with THESE parts of the “realism” in CoH. I would call it out on terms of how fights go, tanks shooting at infantry and dealing minimal damage, firefights of squads shooting each other from 10m away on open ground and lasting as long as 30s 1m maybe… But “building stuff” is definitely NOT anti-realism to me.

        • mitthrawnuruodo says:

          Oh I guess you must have missed the “in the middle of a battle” part of my comment.

        • UndrState says:

          Isn’t it though ? Isn’t that the particular allure of the once-great Total War franchise ( or part of it ) that units need to be created ( built, recruited , etc. ) elsewhere and brought to the point of engagement ; and along with that the risk of uneven numbers and quality , leading to increased difficulty while once more being more real .

          I still enjoy traditonal RTSs , but always seemed to me the Total War-style of RTS+Turn Based Campaign is a genre to itself, and underexplored at that .

  7. Premium User Badge

    phuzz says:

    the British Hawker Typhoon fighter jet

    Erm, presumably this propeller powered Typhoon, not the modern jet that’s confusingly also called the Typhoon.

    And then the wiki entry reminds me of the game EF2000, which in turn reminded me of TFX for the Amiga, a flight sim that was so ambitious it turned out not to run on a standard A1200, and ended up getting released for free by CU Amiga magazine.
    As long as you had a CPU expansion and some more RAM it ran reasonably well.

  8. DailyFrankPeter says:

    Brigador comes close graphically. Plotwise not so much though.

    • DailyFrankPeter says:

      That was meant to be a reply to the comment about Desert Strike. I wish I could delete misplaced comments at least. *sigh*