Doom Half-Price To Mark First Multiplayer DLC Launch

The first bit of Doom [official site] multiplayer DLC is out now for £12 and boy, I feel strange saying that. Look, expansions to id Software’s shooter have traditionally been a bit shaky, largely adding so-so singleplayer campaigns made by other studios, but… sheesh, £12 for three maps, a new gun, and some dress-up odds and ends? That’s fairly standard for shooters nowadays, I suppose, but it feels wrong for a game from shareware veterans. Not to mention that multiplayer is hardly Doom’s strongest side.

But hey, the base game is half-price all weekend to mark this, so that’s something.

The new DLC is named Unto the Evil. It adds three new multiplayer maps, one new gun, one new playable demon, a new piece of equipment, then a load of armour pieces, taunts, and Hack Modules. £11.99/14,99€/$14.99 on Steam or included with another two multiplayer add-ons in the £29.99/39,99€/$39.99 DLC Season Pass.

On the bright side, only one member of any multiplayer party need own the DLC to let the rest play too. That’s a nice touch, at least. They call this ‘PartyPlay’.

As for regular Doom, that’s half-price on Steam until Monday, down to £19.99/29,99€/$29.99. We have written quite a bit about how we like it and its bits.

Here, Unto the Evil looks a little something like this:


  1. Carra says:

    Now I feel foolish for having bought it last week at full price…

    • OscarWilde1854 says:

      I think (perhaps dependent on how many hours you’ve played in that last week) you can get a steam refund if a game goes on sale within x number of days of your purchase.. I did this once for Euro Truck Sim 2. But the full edition with all the DLC and then like 3 days later it was all half price. They just refunded the game for me and I repurchased at the sale price.

      If you’ve played too much they may not do it… but worth a try! Might save you some $$

  2. Jokzore says:

    Half-price to celebrate the DLC ?
    You’re telling me this price cut has nothing to do with the fact that DOOM has just been cracked and that they’re not trying to milk out a few extra bucks before the word gets around ?

    • Frank says:

      It was on sale for $35 on steam before; I don’t see this as a big departure.

      • Jokzore says:

        During a sale no doubt , I’m just sayin’ the timing seems a bit TOO convenient.

        • causticnl says:

          you imply piracy has influence on sale figures?

        • magogjack says:

          Except that the sale is because of Quakecon and includes many more games then just Doom.

    • Aitrus says:

      Well, all Bethesda games are on sale right now, for QuakeCon. I would think it’s more to do with that than DLC or piracy.

    • Manco says:

      Milk out?

      Not sure whether that’s the most apt terminology. Trying to sell your highly acclaimed, highly successful game literally decades after its predecessor is hardly milking out. Even if it wasn’t Quakecon and your insinuation wasn’t batshit crazy.

    • RegisteredUser says:

      DOOM has not been cracked.
      They are using an old known “exploit” in Steam and the second Valve starts to stop being a nice guy and keeping one eye half closed towards whats going on, a lot of people could get the crap sued out of them.

      Oh, and the bypass will of course stop working permanently, too.

      Denuvo remains completely untouched by all of this.

      A genuine crack even in the reduced sense of emulation as has gotten acceptable some years ago would involve either perfect enough emulation to not require anything online at all or, if in the proper sense of a crack, a complete stripping away/reverse engineering/disabling of first the anti-tampering mechanisms and traps of Denuvo, and then subsequently of the internal DRM(Steamworks iirc) itself.
      The latter is already established(steam emulation; which is a good thing, because that way you can play a good portion of steam games you own even after steam dies, just like after windows live for example); its just that Denuvo is like a shield around it in turn.

      So no, nothing is cracked. They’re just doing a bait and for the authentication and Valve could lock this down in a single afternoon if they so chose.

    • DanMan says:

      Conspiracy much?

  3. milligna says:

    Are there any grizzled shareware veterans who still work there?

  4. Antongranis says:

    The pistol was already in the game though. Is that just a reskin?

  5. Kefren says:

    I considered this then realised it was saddled with some online DRM that can change requirements at any time (and wasn’t mentioned on the Steam description). Some reviews now say the singleplayer is online-only following an update, is that true? I just can’t bring myself to pay more than pennies for something that looks so unarchivable. And despite good reviews the game features seem like something very different from the game I used to love.

    • DrollRemark says:

      I just started it up to check, and it seems like it requires you to be online the first time you run it after the last update, but after that I was able to go offline and play without complaint.

  6. RegisteredUser says:

    I just wanted to reply to “Interested?”.

    I am interested in DOOM, but not in Denuvo.
    I will gladly purchase a copy of DOOM once it goes open again, like former DOOM games used to.
    I will not encourage the death of one of the first and foremost moddable and portable game series ever.

    If that means having to wait 5 years until it gets opened up with a final patch or forever should they stay ignorant, then I will stay not-interested as long as well.

    And tsk at everyone who is supporting this nonsense.
    I tsk at thee!
    Let the DOOM go free!*

    *(as in portable, moddable and maybe eventually source; I’ll still gladly pay for it).

    • Czrly says:

      Oh come on! How dare you demand that Denuvo be removed, just so that we can mod in our own weapons and make our own levels, outside the boundaries of SnapMap? How will the publisher make their cash if they can’t flog unoriginal weapons and a handful of maps for ridiculous prices?

      (You can have the Unreal Tournament assets and source right now. For nothing. You can also mod the game or make an entirely new game. Or just make maps – lots of maps are made for it. The devs even have mapping competitions with pretty substantial monetary prizes.)

  7. Danda says:

    Denuvo is the problem? Not now: it will be in the future, when you try to play the game in another environment (Windows 13?) that is seen by Denuvo as “tampering”.

    No, Denuvo is not the problem. The problem is that annoying bug that corrupts your save data if the game crashes or if you hit the Console key.