What Are We All Playing This Weekend?

Hallo there! I’m off work next week so this is the last you’ll hear from me in a while. This means I won’t be satisfied with you telling me what you’re playing this weekend. I want the full week, day-by-day, night-by-night, the full run-down. If you could type up reports and submit those to my enforcer, Pip, that’d be great.

Adam: [“Adam has been out and about and and around generally very busy, and as such cannot tell you,” reads a letter which claims to be from Adam’s mum but looks suspiciously like a photocopy of the letter I received last week. Adam will also be on holiday next week.]
Alec: A bit of Mad Max, a bit of Space Marine – replaying solely because I’ve installed a helmet mod so my guy looks more like a Space Marine and less like a wrestler – a bit of Abzu because ALL THE FISH and maybe a bit of the Fallen London Android beta for my nightly 90s minutes spent sat miserable next to my nighmare-phobic 3 year old’s bed until she falls alseep.
Alice: I’m on course to knock off the very last bits of Darkest Dungeon. I’ve put them off because I feel, right now, that I’m minutes from closing that eldritch trapdoor but one bad run at the Darkest Dungeon itself could cost me a party and then I have to replace them and… ugh. I am also committing to finishing Duke Nukem Forever before my next load of Have You Played? posts are due. Or I might fall back on replaying another load of old Quake mods for that. I’ve been playing a lot of Slide, the hoverboard racing mod, this week. Fun downhill zipping, that.
Graham: The best way to prompt yourself to play a long-installed, untouched game? Tell yourself you’re going to play something much more complicated. Last week’s idea to play RimWorld for example caused me to rapidly open up Mini Metro and finally put some time into the finished build. It’s great! I wish I could run its Endless mode forever on a second screen. This weekend? I’ll be playing RimWorld, of course.
John: [John is on the loose. Again. Be warned.]
Philippa: This weekend I will be doing an adult colouring in book. It’s not a sexy “adult” book or anything, just pictures of flowers and I want to see if I can understand why so many people seem to be raving about it. I mean, I get their reasoning, but it would be cool if I could also experience. It might be an exercise in self-restraint though, as the last time I tried I spent most of the time fighting the urge to just turn the page over and draw a big dragon on the blank side instead.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?


  1. Spacewalk says:

    Slide is, literally, the best mod for Quake. I won’t hear any disagreement.

  2. AmazingPotato says:

    I’m finding Rimworld is becoming one of those games I’m very fond of but can’t be bothered to play. I can’t quite say why that is, though.

    I will almost certainly dip back into Book of Demons this weekend, and I’m quite excited to play Silent Hill 2 again for the first time in YEARS.

    • Capt. Bumchum McMerryweather says:

      My issue with RimWorld is that the progression is very slow. I understand why they balanced things the way they have, but it feels like it takes so long to get to a point where the bases are a bit of fun to build. Then once that happens the game just runs you over and you go back to the start, where you have three guys and it takes them 20 minutes to build a feckin bed.

  3. Captain Narol says:

    No Man’s Sky !

    Well, in my head only for the moment, but I’ve decided I know enough of the game already to be sure that I will enjoy it and made an exception to my rule of never preordering. So now I’m counting the days and dreaming of the planets I’m gonna explore !

    To keep me busy until then, I started Heroes of M&M 5 and I’m quite enjoying it, even more than Age of Wonders 3 in the same style…

    • DelrueOfDetroit says:

      It sure was nice of them to confirm the PC release delay only 5 days before it came out.

      *Sigh* so much for avoiding spoilers.

      • Captain Narol says:

        What is 2 days in a lifetime of Exploration ?

        I’m leaving on vacation the 13th for a week without computer, the game will probably have had a few patch before I can play it again…

        About avoiding spoilers, it’s quite easy : don’t read stuff on NMS between the 9th and the 12th, and don’t talk to the trolls who will want to spoil you !

        • DelrueOfDetroit says:

          It’s not that easy though. I want a my preconceptions to be nothing but my own but even a headline can create expectations. “No Man’s Sky Is Not As Disappointing As People Say” ect.

          And yes, three days is not a long time but it’s irritating because the delay is arbitrary so the PS4 version can sell more copies and the fact that they couldnt have told us this when they originally delayed it back in May.

        • fish99 says:

          Everyone on twitch is gonna be streaming it, everyone on youtube is gonna be making videos of it, every gaming website is going to be covering it, and social media will be full of the game. It’s even gonna be on non-gaming websites. That’s a lot of media that’s part of my normal daily routine that I have to avoid.

          Even if I manage all that, there’s still gonna be a feeling of missing the moment.

      • geldonyetich says:

        I scheduled a couple extra days off on the 10th and 11th so I could play No Man’s Sky, fully aware that there were rumors the PC version would be delayed until the 12th, thinking to myself, “Well, I do need to relax a bit, I’m sure I’ll find something to do on the 10th and 11th if it turns out to be delayed,” but the confirmation hurts nonetheless.

  4. A Gentleman and a Taffer says:

    SOMA. Nearly reached the bottom of that particular gruesome ocean. It’s been fun! Ready to denue the shit out of the story ending now though. Also watching vids of No Mans Sky, longing, and trying really hard not to pre-order.

  5. Pich says:

    Overwatch again.

  6. Aitrus says:

    I’m getting a lot better at Rocket League, so probably a lot of that. I’m at the point where I feel like I can save pretty much any shot that the opposing team makes, having gotten pretty comfortable with flying. Whether I actually do it and don’t screw up is another matter, but I save most shots.

  7. LennyLeonardUK says:

    A little Rocket League and a new run through of Stellaris for me.

    I’m also determined to finally try out Legend Of Grimrock this weekend. Both the original and it’s sequel are sat on my Steam library (almost) completely unplayed!!!.

    Does anyone recommend which one I should start. Most people seem to suggest that the second one is better so should I just jump straight in there, or should I play the original first??.

    • welverin says:

      I can’t say which game you should play first, not having played either, but I’ll ask this: would you be able to go back and play the first game after playing the second with all of it’s improvements? If not, are you o.k. with that?

      • LennyLeonardUK says:

        Yeah I’ve already thought about that. I probably will just go with the first one just for that reason, but I kind of wanted to know from someone whose played both whether it made much difference in precisely that regard.

        • Someoldguy says:

          I recommend playing the first. Particularly if you have a lot of nostalgia about playing Dungeon Master. The second is certainly good and the open air environments provide a different feel but I wouldn’t insist it’s better.

    • fish99 says:

      If you want to play both, start with the first. If you’re happy to play just one of them, go with the second. The first one is good training for the second though.

      I spent 29 hrs on one playthrough of LoG and I’m currently 34 hrs into LoG2, so they’re not short games if you like exploring everything.

      • LennyLeonardUK says:

        Cheers. I spent a couple of hours on Grimrock 1 this afternoon. So far it looks fantastic.

        I must admit that I have very little experience in regards to dungeon crawlers (I did play, and love, Etrian Odyssey IV on the 3DS a few years ago though) and I was expecting a huge learning curve, which has been putting me off from trying it for nearly 4 years, but it is really quite easy to get to grips with and it seems like a really special game.

        This, alongside Stellaris & NMS should keep me going during the agonising wait for Mankind Divided!!!.

  8. lglethal says:

    I’ll be hopefully finally 100%’ing Rise of the Tomb Raider. I really enjoyed it, I have to admit, and a bit more time finishing off all the challenges (and maybe grabbing a few more achievemenets on the way) should be fun. Not sure if i want to get the DLC’s. Anyone played Bab Yaga? Is it worth it?

    After that, I might try the Bad Blood DLC in Watch_Dogs, bought it on sale a while ago and havent got to it yet.

    Oh and plenty of Blood Bowl 2. I cant help it. I do love it, although it’s a bit annoying that there’s no halflings and gobbo’s! Here’s hoping it doesnt take too long to get all the DLC out and they dont cost too much. Oh and a tip for anyone wanting to get it – it was quite cheap on instant-gaming last week, and the version you get includes all of the founders incentive dlc’s, not just the new ones like if you buy it on steam! I think i paid something like €23 including the Lizardmen/Wood Elves DLC und all the founders stuff… more than 50% off compared to Steam! ;)

    Oh and waiting for Deus Ex:MD of course! ;)

  9. kwyjibo says:

    I’m going to check out the video games exhibition at the science museum because it’s cheaper than visiting an arcade.

    link to sciencemuseum.org.uk

    I had wanted to go after work on Friday, but it was sold out, so I’ll have to brave it with a load of screaming kids this weekend.

    I’ll also be playing some Pokemon Go, which is by far the best and most realistic walking simulator of all time.

    • Premium User Badge

      particlese says:

      Woah, that exhibition looks pretty good! Lots of variety…

  10. dystome says:

    Back into Sins of a Solar Empire as a result of the new DLC. And Rocket League. Always Rocket League.

  11. Premium User Badge

    Lexx87 says:

    Finally finished FFX HD so i’m going to finally start Fallout 4!

  12. yogibbear says:

    DOTA 2 International, Pokemon Go, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Rocket League.

  13. zsd says:

    Wolfenstein: The New Order is proving to be very compelling so far and just may save me from another weekend chained to New Vegas’ radiator.

    Seriously, New Vegas. 323 hours played. I cannot possibly justify that.

  14. Herzog says:

    Finishing up Mirrors Edge. Currently at the mission boat mission. What a flawed game. It can be so great when you get into the flow and move over obstacles. But then you enter an area with no idea where to go. And maybe enemies pop up and you have to fight. Then it turns from great to total bs.

    Also trying to beat Spelunky the hard way. Reached Hell this week four times. Died two times because of falling rocks. Damn you Yama! But soon…

  15. Premium User Badge

    particlese says:

    Um. Devil Daggers, I guess? I got up to 330s last night from my previous best of 309s, then I got up this morning and installed it under WINE+Steam to see if I could play it on my laptop without rebooting into Windows. It works wonderfully, but the mouse movement is different. But then of course I’m on a different OS and desktop environment with different settings, and using a different mouse. Still, I’m pleased.

    After that, I began playing “look at the files in the Devil Daggers directories” for no particular reason, and when I cracked open the “audio” file, I found a bunch of plain-text titles leading a bunch of binary data. That inspired me to spend the morning whipping up a Matlab/Octave script (because I got scared of C/C++ file I/O again) to extract all the WAV files from it. That’s right, no nasty MP3s or even OGGs. This game’s audio deserves the best, and it got it. (Within reason; it’s ~440MB of CD-quality audio.) And man, the mysteries teased or solved by those filenames… I flippin’ love this game and its devs.

    Aside from that, a friend gave me Windward, and we played it with another friend, and it was fun. Quite nice sailboat physics (but/and no capsizing), and fun and amusing multiplayer conquering/trading/questing action, but in singleplayer, I got a bit of that Minecraft feeling where afterward I don’t love having spent the time on it. Good times with friends, though, yes. And I seem to remember the music being enjoyable, too.

    • Premium User Badge

      particlese says:

      Seems like the mouse thing was down to the choice of mouse — surprise! I plugged in my gaming mouse, and all instantly felt well. Probably some more settings I could tweak regarding the other mouse, but it’s good enough to have fun with, and I’m mostly just pleased that the game runs so well under Wine.

      • Catterbatter says:

        It’s a shame Valve are so opposed to Wine. There are so many Windows-only games on Steam that work perfectly well under Wine and would benefit from a preconfigured install. I understand they are leery of slapdash ports, but on the other hand they’re just fine with selling something in a DOSbox wrapper.

        • Premium User Badge

          particlese says:

          It would be nice if it were that easy, but I think it’s not up to Valve. If it were, I bet the old Doom games (for example) would have been available for quite some time via individually packaged, pre-configured DOSBox instances on Linux or at least SteamOS, just like on Windows. Come to think of it, I don’t know of any games which do have that option, but I haven’t looked very hard. I do remember finding some Windows-only games which were installable under Linux, but they were probably only runnable if they weren’t intertwined with Steamworks DRM (i.e. runnable independent of Steam). Back on the Wine side, programs can apparently be linked with/against the Wine libraries, but that again requires an effort from the dev. And in both cases, they’d need to support whatever solution they come up with.

          I’d love it if we had such solutions on Linux, but I can sort of armchair-appreciate why we don’t. In the meantime, full Steam installs under Wine see to do the trick, so long as Valve don’t get in the way of it on purpose. And then there’s Good Old Games.

          • Catterbatter says:

            To clarify: it’s OK to distribute for Windows with DOSbox packaged in as an emulator (as Doom does), but my understanding is you can’t do the same with Wine for Linux. But for all I know that’s a licensing issue and has nothing to do with Valve per se. I shouldn’t lay blame when I don’t know what I’m talking about.

          • Premium User Badge

            particlese says:

            Ahh, I hadn’t thought about Wine licensing issues. *cursory research* I guess you mean lingering doubts about legality since Wine’s GLP2 like DOSBox. Or if there are some funny packaging restrictions, either practical or license-oriented…I could certainly stand to learn more about this stuff myself. :)

    • Premium User Badge

      particlese says:

      Turns out some People On The Internet have been hacking away at Devil Daggers and found some of the secrets* and made a more fully-featured extractor, but doing it myself and finding those things hidden away was pretty exciting.

      *spoilers and more spoilers on Reddit

  16. Premium User Badge

    Iamblichos says:

    Starbound and Rimworld. I agree with the commenter who said he loves the game but doesn’t find himself playing it. I am a veteran DF player, and so the Rimworld formula of “and now everyone is going to die horribly in a very entertaining fashion” is as familiar to me as comfy sweatpants, but that also makes it a little less likely than Starbound to get opened and played. Starbound is dangerously addictive, even for someone (like me) who wasn’t a big fan of Terraria and doesn’t like the side-scroller as a genre. Stay away, it’s made entirely of meth.

  17. Aetylus says:

    Pip, forget those old paper adult colouring books. They are so 2014. In 2018 we’re all doing it like this: link to procworld.blogspot.co.nz

  18. SaintAn says:

    I’ve been listening to Dark Adventure Radio Theatre’s Radio plays of HP Lovecraft stories (the plays are really really good and made to sound like they are from the 20’s), and I can feel a deep depression starting, so I’m in the mood for something Lovecraftian and depressing to play. Not sure what though. I started playing Sunless Sea, but I ran out of supplies and money after reaching the mummy place like every time so I quit. May try Dark Corners of the Earth again, but it had a lot of crashing problems last time. Still researching Lovecraftian games trying to find something.

    And if my Oculus Rift will sell soon I’ll buy a few new games. Rimworld sounds interesting, and I liked Little King’s Story on Wii.

    Or I might just drink this bottle of probably 30 year old Tequila my grandparents got from Mexico. Should be strong, and my mom told me if I eat the worm I’ll hallucinate, so that should be interesting.

    • lglethal says:

      If your feeling depressed, save the hallucinogens for another time. You’ll only go to a bad place.

      Hallucinogens are for when your relaxed, happy and ready to let the world show you something amazing. Otherwise, just say no… :)

  19. Czrly says:

    I *was* going to play Mordheim, since it’s a free weekend for that, with the full intention of buying it on Sunday evening. After a few hours, however, I dropped it – it really is poor. The user interface is awful, the controls are a case-study in bad console-to-PC porting, the “strategy” is impossible because of the useless over-the-shoulder camera and the fact that the overview map shows neither impassable obstacles nor height-levels and I honestly don’t have enough time to waste to spend well over half my play-time watching the text “Waiting for Opponent’s Turn”, while NOTHING VISIBLE HAPPENS. Lazy console port of a poorly executed game.

    Now that that’s out of the way, I might start a new character in my Sunless Sea lineage – that game has some of the best writing I have ever read, even if it feels a bit like a collection of well-coordinated Twines at times (Hey, they’re properly great Twines. Perhaps IF Only should do a column on Sunless Sea…). Or play S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Or pick up Dreamfall: Chapters, again. Or resume my start-to-finish play-through of the Starcraft series which got a bit bogged down in the Broodwar.

    Perhaps I’ll just go outside…

  20. gabrielonuris says:

    Wasteland 2 DC and Ghost in The Shell Online; finally I can play the latter here in my country, and for a F2P shooter, I must say that it’s really fun. At least for now, because my experience with F2P games tells me that there is always a point of no return in these games where you have 2 choices: sink money in, or uninstall it forever. Let’s see.

  21. dangermouse76 says:

    MGS V. It’s been a fun game so far. Sooooooo many equipment options, it’s crazy. But I still just end up sneaking the whole game.
    The recruit management is more annoying than fun. I just select all, and auto sort into best department. Cant be arsed moving people around just to gain a level.
    It looks amazing and runs really well even on my i5 760 / GTX 660.

  22. criskywalker says:

    I’ve been in a mood for puzzle games. Hexcells after someone in RPS recommended it. It’s a brilliant and improved Minekeeper.

    Also Spacechem. I can’t believe that I got it for free and had it standing on my hard disk for so long. Such a great piece of software! At first I had no idea what to do, but after a while you get those Eureka moments! One after the other.

    Maybe a bit of Batman – Telltale as well and of course, Rocket League! I also want to try The Fall which I bought on sale thanks to RPS and maybe I’ll be in that special mood to keep on playing Inside.

    And some more Rocket League. And some Hearthstone. Need those golden coins for the forthcoming new adventure.

    • Czrly says:

      Hexcells is great. To make it even better, try to finish each puzzle with zero mistakes and, because mistakes reveal information that you shouldn’t need to solve the puzzle, restrict yourself to one attempt at each available puzzle per day. This will force you to “read ahead” and work out the logic and make the experience much, much more rewarding.

      Spacechem is great… if a little slow. It’s certainly praise-worthy for the idea.

      Have you played Antichamber and Factorio? They’re both grand.

      • Captain Narol says:

        Seconded, Hexcells is great !

        About puzzlers, have you tried Sokobond ?

      • Premium User Badge

        particlese says:

        Yeah, the three Hexcells games are great — glad you found them. And I second Czrly’s suggestion about no-mistake play. I decided early on to assume no guesswork was required, and I’m really glad I did. (I didn’t assume that from the outset, thanks to Minesweeper.)

        For a vaguely similar game by the same dev, check out Squarecells. The look and sound are very similar to Hexcells, which I thought made it harder to get used to the new logic and meanings of the mouse clicks*, but once you do get used to it, it’s pretty enjoyable.

        *Note that there’s a mouse button switch in the first level’s tutorial text and in the lower-left corner of the main screen, should you find the controls super-weird.

    • criskywalker says:

      I was looking forward to playing Factorio, but I wasn’t aware of either Antichamber or Sokobond. Thanks so much for the recommendations! They seem like amazing puzzle games.

      • malkav11 says:

        You may be familiar with them, but given that they’re not on Steam and the devs aren’t great at promotion, enough people aren’t that my go to puzzle game recommendation is always the Deadly Rooms of Death (DROD) series. They’re super smart, extremely varied, have a level editor so there’s tons of freely downloadable user created puzzles (which you can play in the game demos, if you don’t have the cash to register right away), and there’s a silly but imaginative story that carries over the 5 or so games in the main series (plus there’s a spinoff, DROD RPG). Easily my favorite puzzle games ever. They are, at least, on GOG these days, if you’re not interested in buying direct from the developer. The first three bundled for $10 is probably a pretty solid starter.

      • Captain Narol says:

        Another puzzler but of a very different kind that I would strongly recommand, “Waking Mars” !

        I doesn’t look at all like a puzzler at first look, but it’s really an Eco-puzzler with cool mechanisms disguised in arcade game…

    • floogles says:

      I enjoyed the atmosphere of Hexcells immensely, so if you liked that too I’ll recommend English Country Tune. Pretty challenging but it’s wrapped up elegantly with ambience and a beautiful 3d world. Along with Antichamber it’s been the game that gives me the best AHA! satisfaction to solving.

  23. AutonomyLost says:

    I’ll be playing The Witcher 3 and goofing around with my brand-spankin’ iMac I received this week.

    • DanMan says:

      W3 it’ll be for me, too. Still haven’t finished either DLC.

  24. NetharSpinos says:

    I anticipate continuing Total Warhammer this weekend; with Manny & Archaon done, ’tis time for the shaggy beasts to take the stage. I’ll also be playing GTA Online, mayyyybe Mordheim and quite possibly XCOM 2 with all the Long War jazz.
    Wolfenstein: Old Blood & New Order on sale providing much temptation, too. Not sure whether to indulge.

    • AutonomyLost says:

      I haven’t played The Old Blood, but Wolfenstein: The New Order was a major surprise for me, in that it had a story with some meat on its bones, a likeable (to me) and introspective version of BJ, frenetic and bloody gunplay, and a campaign that I returned to again after conpletion.

      If it won’t break the bank for you, I wholeheartedly recommend getting it!

    • Zenicetus says:

      I enjoyed New Order, which was surprising because I didn’t have very high expectations going in. It’s very polished and lots of fun.

      I’m not as happy with the Old Blood, which I picked up recently. It starts out well enough, but I guess I’m about halfway through and it’s feeling very repetitive. Not sure if I’ll finish it.

      • basilisk says:

        Old Blood has two very distinct halves (it was clearly planned as two separate bits of DLC before being packed together and sold as standalone). Don’t know where you are specifically, but there should be one rather noticeable change of pace halfway through.

        But it’s simply not as good as the base game, that’s true.

        • DelrueOfDetroit says:

          The weapons aren’t as fun. There is no reason to use any other fun except the AK-47-that-exists-in-1945-for-some-reason.

          • DelrueOfDetroit says:

            *other gun

          • Zenicetus says:

            Yeah, that might be part of it. I miss the magic electro-thingy from New Order. The sniper rifle is okay, but there aren’t many places to use it. It’s mainly been just alternating between sneaking and assault rifle mayhem. Ammo for that rifle is too easy to find, so there isn’t much reason to use anything else.

            @ basilisk:
            I don’t think I’ve hit that second part yet (and I think I know what the thematic change is, based on screen shots). I’m probably just shy of it, so I should soldier on, at least far enough to see what it’s like.

      • welverin says:

        I enjoyed The Old Blood, in a more The New Order sense without just replaying The New Order.

  25. mgardner says:

    Finished Avadon 2, so I am ready for Avadon 3 when it is released. Otherwise, I have been playing Monster Hunter Generations nearly exclusively ever since it came out. I expect to unlock the “advanced” half of the 6 star village quest content today (an elder dragon stands in my way).

    NEXT weekend will be devoted to Mansions of Madness 2nd edition, drool. I am even considering starting to paint the miniatures from 1st edition this weekend, since they are all compatible. But it has been 20 years since I’ve done any figure painting and I’m not sure I want to make the time commitment.

  26. DelrueOfDetroit says:

    Bioshock 2. I need something short enough I can finish it in the week leading g up to No Man’s Sky. I was going to try powering through Mass Effect 2 but then I discovered I lost my ME1 character and that kind of took the wind out of my sails.

    • lglethal says:

      It just means you have to go back and replay ME1 doesnt it? ;)

      Come on you know you want to… ;):P

  27. Durkonkell says:

    It’s The Witcher 2 this week. I’ve had it installed for LITERAL YEARS, but other stuff kept getting in the way. Now, however I have no Internet at home for ages thanks to BT, so my options for getting distracted are few.

    I am enjoying it, but also finding it frustratingly hard in some places on normal. I’ve had to brute force a couple of fights by putting down 20 snare traps and pulling enemies over them. It amuses me but it’s also a pretty tedious, cheap solution. Still, there’s only so many times I can deal with getting my arse kicked by that bastard Dmitri.

    I’m hopeful that my life will be easier now I’ve unlocked riposte though.

    • AutonomyLost says:

      I adored that game when I first played it. Do not underestimate signs and mutagens. Enjoy!

  28. fish99 says:

    I’m most of way through Legend of Grimrock 2. 34 hours in, so it’s quite a big game if you want to do/find everything. I’d say it’s excellent but not quite up there with Dungeon Master and Hired Guns.

    I’d love to play Hired Guns again actually, but getting sound on DOS box is impossible with the (ugly) PC version, and the superior Amiga version has copy protection issues when played on WinUAE /sigh

  29. cockpisspartridge says:

    KAne and Lynch 2. Not because it’s great, but because I am ploughing on with the backlog and I’ve already done 75% of it……………The art direction and grittines in it is good though.

  30. Adarious says:

    I’m getting back into Savage Lands … today hopefully with dev interaction. FFXIV (like any other day), and thinking some Dishonored…if I can get past the UAC (loading autosave) crash issue.

  31. Gomer_Pyle says:

    I will be continuing my campaign in the Gekokujo mod for Mount & Blade: Warband. I took my first castle from the Date Clan last night but the AI were able to take it back quite quickly. However, those silly fools didn’t leave much of a garrison, so now I can go and take it right back.

    Besides that, I will give the LawBreakers Alpha a go, since I was able to get a key from PC Gamer.

  32. malkav11 says:

    Last weekend I wound up deep diving into WoW again, and I was all set to commit to a hard push for Draenor Pathfinder and as much of the legendary questline as I could get done before the 30th. But then Tuesday on I keep running into connection issues and/or server crashes and given that it turns out I really despise Tanaan Jungle (to be fair, I expected as much – I hated Timeless Isle too and they’re very similar designs), grinding in which is required to get Pathfinder…I maybe will just stick to poking at Legion pre-events and do a little Raid Findering while those raids are still current, purely to see them. (I did a bunch of Highmaul but I’ve only done the Foundry a couple times since I wasn’t on that step of the legendary yet and I didn’t want to exhaust my interest in that raid before I had to repeat it ad nauseam. And I haven’t done the Citadel at all yet.)

    I will probably spend most of this weekend playing Hex: Shards of Fate instead. They’re doing a GenCon event (The Convocation), and since many of us can’t be at GenCon, they’re rewarding the special cards from dungeons and tournaments in the game proper as well. But only until the 11th. These should be fun to play with and if I get extras, potentially valuable as well given the limited supply.

  33. Monggerel says:

    Overwatch. Trying to get my K/D Ratio above 2 for more heroes. So far I’ve managed it with The Swedish Chef, The Name with No Man, and The Doting Housewife. I’m now focusing on Dr. Chavhattan and Private Noobtube.

    • Monggerel says:

      On second thought, I rescind Soldier 76’s nickname. He’s too fucking boring to deserve one.

  34. Chaoslord AJ says:

    Don’t know really, been playing a little Grim Dawn but need something else until No Man’s Sky releases.
    Maybe the Rimworld alpha? I always tried so hard to get into DF that ultimate game but it’s kinda obscure. Let’s play looks excellent but the price is quiet steep for alpha.

  35. Ben King says:

    Finally playing The Long Dark from when I nabbed it at the summer sale, and have already sunk a good bit of time into it somehow- found a rifle, and one bullet. Fired it at a deer which simply ran off. Abandoned the rifle after realizing how much it weighed then headed off into the wilds. Found a trappers cabin and over-stayed there snaring rabbits, walking into my own campfires and unwittingly running out of food… In a last ditch blizzard trek into the unknown I somehow stumbled across a prepper’s shelter. It’s effing cold inside, but at least I can eat their canned goods and hope to stockpile enough gear to set out again in hopes of finding the outpost I left the rifle at and trying for the deer again.

  36. sillythings says:

    Finished up Alan Wake’s American Nightmare… I have very fond memories of the original game, just loved it to bits. American Nightmare, well, there’s flashes of what I loved about the original game in there, but overall it just felt hastily thrown together and just very unimpressive. Maybe even just playing on the harder difficulty setting instead of going with the default would have helped? But whatever, I finished it.

    Not sure what to play next. It’s my birthday, and I told myself I’d get Abzu to celebrate (I’m literally one cent short of Steam credit accrued from trades of buying it). But hearing it’s over so soon and the gameplay really is just exploration with no challenge whatsoever makes me feel like I’d rather wait until the price is a bit lower. I’m debating getting Hyper Light Drifter instead, but then I’m debating if maybe I should just try to find something in my backlog to scratch an itch similar to either of those. I’m just not sure what that would be. :(

  37. MultiVaC says:

    I’ll probably take another shot at Dark Souls, which I finally got around to trying out yesterday. I’m at the first real boss (Taurus demon) and deciding if the game is really worth it. I like the combat system quite a bit and even appreciate the bonfire risk/reward stuff so I’m feeling pretty driven to stick with it, but this game really has no regard for how much of my time it wastes and I’m not sure it’s too healthy to invest so much time and determination on a video game. I’d be 100% down for an easy mode that adds a few more generous bonfire locations and such. If DS doesn’t work out I’ll be playing Wolfenstein: The Old Blood from the Steam sale in order to fill the free time I had set aside for No Man’s Sky (great handling of that arbitrary delay, by the way, real classy), and finishing up the last few quests in Toussiant as my final goodbye to The Witcher 3 for the foreseeable future :(.

  38. Moth Bones says:

    Continuing to fumble my way into Rise Of Prussia, the game where you can mislay half of your forces without realising. Still, I finally know what those envelopes you get in wargames represent. Maybe a bit of Rimworld, if I can be arsed to shoot these tree-munching beavers.

  39. Someoldguy says:

    I’ll be shooting a few ghouls and super mutants in F4 to relieve the tension whenever puzzling out solutions to the remaining puzzles in the Eyes of Ara becomes too frustrating.

  40. LionsPhil says:


    The original one*.

    With a keyboard.

    (* Via Chocolate Doom.)

  41. moms says:

    Rocket League..
    Playing, a little, but mostly been watching the live Twitch from L.A. of the Rocket League International Championship – Finals!
    It’s the first video game tourney type thing I’d ever really watched, and, I gotta say, it was pretty exciting.
    It, also, opened my eyes to a couple of things.

    1. I realized that I enjoy the excitement of watching a good RL match much more than I enjoy playing the game, myself.. And, what I thought was excitement, when I play, is actually stress.
    2. Everybody says that, fair or not, gaming is a boy’s world. Duh, so what else is new.. Yet, when I finally saw the teams (and the announcers, and most of `the audience) I was totally struck by just how much of a boy’s world it really, truly is. Skinny, white boys, at least in this case.
    It kinda just irritated me.. but, not so much that I wouldn’t watch again next year.
    Hopefully, by then, there might be a dash of diversity in the mix.. I mean, we do all know, it’s the spice of life, right, boys?