Twisted Metal Flashbacks With Car Shooter Diesel Guns

You know, we don’t get too many car shoots these days. We have car football and dino shoots and even shootsball. But we don’t have so many of the car shoots. There’s GRIP, which isn’t bad. But nothing like the old nonsense, you know, nothing like Twisted Met– wait, what’s this? Why it’s a CAR SHOOTS.

Diesel Guns [official site] is an old-fashioned multiplayer blast ‘n’ drive. You tear around an open arena in a tiny toy-like deathmobile and launch explosives out of your headlights and such. Every weapon has four firing modes. So a mine can be deployed as a normal mine, or a homing mine, or a mine that can penetrate an energy shield, or a mine that is actually 10 mines in disguise and oh look at that you are dead. What’s more, if you hit the handbrake when you’re in mid-air your car will slam down with a big shockwave, damaging all the other death cars nearby. Here’s some of it in action.

“Like in classic shooter games ‘Quake’ and ‘Unreal Tournament’ you should explore characteristics of the battle arena,” the developers say, “and be acutely aware of the place where valuable bonuses and weapons are.”

Seems pretty shooty. I especially enjoy the gun that fires blue stickies that explode after a bit, and the one that goes up in the air and rains down on y’all. I’m often sorry racers and other car shoots never get too creative with their weapons. Where is the Ratchet & Clank of car games? Where is the pick up that discards all your car doors and turns them into parasitic spiders that seek out and psychologically disturb your opponents? WHERE ARE THEY?

Maybe the next car shoots will have them. Until then, if you like the look of Diesel Guns, you can download a demo, and if you like the feel of it the developers are collecting cash with an IndieGoGo campaign.


  1. DelrueOfDetroit says:

    There is only one car-combat game worth revisiting and that game is Interstate ’76. Unfortunately Activision.

    • Sternhammer says:

      Not so. Gas Guzzlers (and especially the Zombie add-on) is Superb.

      Still play it and it never gets old.

      • DelrueOfDetroit says:

        Hmmm, I’ve only taken a quick browse of the Steam page but it doesn’t look too shabby. Graphics are nice for a 3 year old game as well.

        It is strange seeing a more realistic aesthetic for a game of this type. Kind of drives home how ridiculous it would be to strap a rocket launcher onto the side of a Ferrari.

        • DelrueOfDetroit says:

          Is that a fucking zombie bison?

          *reaches for wallet*

    • Baines says:

      Twisted Metal 2 needs a revisit. Specifically Twisted Metal 2. Not done by the people who made Twisted Metal Head-On. (Head-On was supposed to revisit TM2, but it played like a reskin of TM4.)

      PC gamers talk about how modern FPS don’t have the movement speed or design of classic FPS. The same is true for car combat games. I can’t think of anything after the PS1 era that felt like TM2, with its ludicrous speed and handling. Games after mostly all tried to be more realistic.

      • mollemannen says:

        I wouldn’t say the newer games try to be more realistic, maybe relative speaking. It’s just that TM2 was so unrealistic(for a driving game) and that’s what made it fun. you could turn on a dime in half a second almost like an fps while the never ones ad a delay to turning and that made it more into a chase game then a head-on(bit ironic). other reasons TM2 is by far the best ever car combat produced is the theme, locations and music.

    • KastaRules says:

      Interstate ’76 FTW! Also RoadKill was pretty nice.

    • bill says:

      I was coming here to post about Interstate ’76 because there are mysterious tattoos all over my body that say that I MUST post about how superior Interstate ’76 is whenever anyone mentions Twisted Metal…

      … But I’m happy to see that my work has already been done by another member of the faithful.

      All hail the Interstatium!

  2. KDR_11k says:

    Careful, the Diesel clothing company may sue you over using Diesel in your game name even though it refers to the fuel. See also Dieselstörmers.

  3. Kitty says:

    This game reminds me of Vigilante 8 a lot in how the weapons acted from what I saw of the trailer. Seems nice, V8 was a good time.

    • Baines says:

      Vigilante 8 felt like it had a lot of fire-and-forget weapons, where aiming wasn’t necessary. The turret and the mortar in the video look like they came straight from V8, but the other weapons seemed to be more forward fire designs.

      Though V8 was also defined by the special shots that you could perform with each weapon, which this game doesn’t appear to have. (V8 had a regular fire for each weapon, but also two alterate fires for each that were activated by direction combos. For example, while you could fire a Speed Missile normally, you could also turn it into a decoy (useful due to all the tracking/auto-aim weapons V8 had) or fire it as a speed boost for your car.)

      • KastaRules says:

        How could I forget the mighty Vigilante 8! So many forgotten gems!

      • Amstrad says:

        Checking out the IndieGoGo for the game shows that each weapon actually has 4! fire modes.

      • VillainousIntent says:

        YES V8!

        “Bass Quake!”

        But yeah I liked the different combos you could do with weapons.

        Favourite had to be destroying the observatory in the desert level in 2nd offence which causes a meteor to crash and out of it comes a giant ant like the the movie “THEM!” which fires lasers that totally wreck you. you could get hit by the meteor and glitch out flying through the air bouncing off invisible walls so you couldnt ever touch the ground again. good times.

        Also had a pretty funky sound track.

    • Amstrad says:

      Yes! Vigilante 8 is always the game I think of when it comes to car combat. As a spinoff of Interstate 76′ it had all the right stuff (70’s styling most importantly). The cars in Diesel Guns are disappointingly generic, despite listing Vigilante 8 as an influence.

      • mollemannen says:

        The genericness felt from this game actually reminded me of vig8 in which the only feature i found interesting was that you could destroy stuff in the environment, opposed to earlier twisted metal. Oh and there were an RV that sends bees if I’m not mistaken.

  4. peterako1989 says:

    No one will mention project AM2R is out?

  5. milligna says:

    it is so time for a Steve Jackson’s CAR WARS

  6. Uberwolfe says:

    Gawd, the damn headlines on this site are consistently hard to read.

  7. Azimuth Alignment says:

    No-one seems to be pointing out that none of the Steam Greenlight listing, the developer’s website nor the IndieGogo campaign specify a release date of any kind. $2 for a game that may never release isn’t a bargain.

  8. JeCa says:

    Maybe it’s just the because of the title’s similarity with Jets’n’Guns, but it just feels like Diesel Guns (like that one) should be soundtracked by to complete the the sense nostalgia.

    • JeCa says:

      Meh, HTML tag fail. The link text was supposed to be “Machinae Supremacy”.