Have You Played… Slide?

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Slide [archived official site] is what made me realise mods could be almost brand new games, could be whatever they wanted – and could be games I’d never see ‘proper’ developers make. Slide turns Quake into a downhill hoverboard racing game, sending players zipping through dark tunnels, round obstacles, and over deadly traps in a competition to become the greatest hoverboarder this side of the Wizard’s Manse.

Hoverboards have very little friction, naturally, so you go rocketing downhill and whooshing over ramps, trying to hold tight corners, dodge obstacles, and avoid bumping into walls or odd angles. You know, like most sorts of racing, but in Quake. This also means that you can, if you so desire, hop off your board and start blasting. It probably won’t do much for your times but it might be a lark.

Like most Quake mods, I never got to play Slide in multiplayer. I’d race down courses over and over by myself, trying to improve on records that’d wiped the next time I closed Quake. I was okay with that.

I was in awe that this even existed. I hadn’t known I wanted a hoverboard racing game until I saw it, or that hoverboard racing games could even be a thing. That’s part of what I like so much about early mods: if one person liked the idea of a game, they could make it themselves. Mods had so much more imagination and style than ‘proper’ games. I see a lot of that same spirit in scrappy Unity games now. Perhaps Skeal is this generation’s Slide.

I fired Slide up again today and was struck by how much its downhill zooming and ramping now reminds me of Counter-Strike surfing – only CS players don’t need hoverboards for those stunts. I still wish I’d had more patience with surfing.

If you fancy playing Slide now, you can still get Slide and its mandatory level pack from Quake Terminus. The mod’s original Telefragged site and is long, long dead.


  1. Herzog says:

    Slide was fun. But I always preferred race mods which stay true to the games physics like Defrag for Q3. Also had some fun with race mod in Reflex.

  2. satan says:

    Used to spend hours surfing, great way to unwind.

  3. LazyWizard says:

    No, but I did play Rolling Revolution for Jedi Knight, which was a similar revelation about the potential of mods. Here’s a random video of the gameplay.

  4. MrFinnishDude says:

    That guy sliding, is that… Jonathan Joestar?
    The resemblance is uncanny.

  5. Bowak says:

    I loved Slide Quake. A friend and I managed to get 2 player working between our PCs a couple of times and it was hilarious with the end level points as a choke point – whoever got there first could stand their ground and try to frag the other, but the person coming downhill only had to doge for long enough to crash into and insta-kill the other. It was often a game of nerves as the first player to hold off shooting until the last moment.

    I think we probably only ever got the 2 player games up and running twice, but it’s up there with the most fun I’ve ever had in multiplayer.

  6. Spacewalk says:

    Best Quake mod ever, it’s inconceivable that nobody has ripped this off wholesale.

  7. kalirion says:

    Nope, but the name reminded me of Fight Club, and somehow in my weird brain that lead to me losing The Game.

  8. bill says:

    Quake Rally was probably the Quake mod that made me realize how much mods could change.
    link to youtube.com

    I also have a strong memory of there being a car-football mod for quake, but I can’t find any sign of it so maybe it was all in my head.

  9. Premium User Badge

    particlese says:

    I didn’t play that one, but I did fiddle around with a Quake 1 and/or 2 mod which turned it into an RTS. I don’t think it was very far along when I played it, but it was really cool. I’ll look up the name when I get home from work; my internetting is failing me, but I know I still have the zip file on a backup drive.

    Also pretty amazing were *braces for flogging* some of the UT mods built into the map files themselves. I’m sure there were some more elaborate ones, but the best I can come up with at the moment is one where you are in someone’s huge-ified bedroom and bathroom (normal fare) and you could fly around shooting each other in futuristic fighter jets (the in-built mod part).

    • thelastpointer says:

      Yeah — sorry, Quakers, but the UT modding community was the best.

      • Premium User Badge

        particlese says:

        There was some amazing stuff on both sides, but with UT you didn’t have to compile DLLs, which was pretty nice. Between the Unreals and the Quakes, I only ever modded Quake 2 (unless you count basic mapping), but my fondest mod memories in general definitely lean toward UT. :)

    • Premium User Badge

      particlese says:

      Man, memories I didn’t know I had! AirQuake (flying), Dark Knights (an RPG of sorts), Quess (battlechess), Quake Rally (cars; as mentioned by bill above), … Never played any of them much, aside from AirQuake, but people did some pretty amazing things back then. They do today, too, but still.

      Anyway, the mod I was thinking of was just for Quake 2, and it was called QWar2. My zip files hold “Beta 02.5” from 1998, and that appears to be the current version, if FilePlanet’s anything to go by. Had to go to Google to find decent references to the mod, and this site seems as good a place as any for info on it.

      The UT map referenced was CTF-MattelFighterJets, which I have as CTF-MattelFighterJets][.unr but can’t seem to find online. The jets themselves were a mod called “Quantum Fighter Jets”, made by the same author as that map.

  10. ephemeris says:

    Sweet nostalgia

    Lets see if I remember how to run a quake server.
    If I did it right


    should be running a slide server.

    I always did enjoy setting up the server more than actually playing the game.

    Also, it is scary how my fingers remember the quake console commands(e.g. never use map always use changelevel)