No Man’s Sky: How We Intend To Cover It

No Man’s Sky [official site] is out today! On PS4. In America only. Sigh.

The No Oceans banner that used to so frequently be flown on the good ship RPS has been gathering dust of late, so improved have game releases been in recent times. It’s a sad thing that it should be an exciting-looking indie game that’s had us dust it off. With PC code not likely to reach us before it reaches you on Friday, below are our plans for trying to bring you the most useful coverage we can.

It’s always the games with the biggest buzz that are the hardest to actually review. Despite our extensive efforts over the last few weeks we’ve been unable to get even an official reply from Hello Games, let alone information about whether PC review code would become available. (Even “No” would have helped.) At this point it seems heavily likely that we’ll not be getting access to the PC version of the already-released game before it goes live on Steam on Friday, and as such cannot provide you with the review coverage you rightly expect when deciding whether to buy the game. We’re really sorry about that.

So here’s our plan to let you know as much about the game as we can. On Wednesday, posthumans depending, we’ll be receiving our purchased copy of the PS4 game, which I’ll then play a good amount to bring you at least some impressions of the game in time for Friday’s PC release. Obviously this won’t even resemble a review, because we’ll have no idea if the PC version will be an all-shining super-dooper superior build, a technical disaster of epic proportions, or something in-between. But at least we’ll finally be able to tell you what No Man’s Sky actually is, and thus give you an idea if it’s a game you’ll want to play.

Hopefully some point on Friday (we don’t know exactly what time the PC version will release, though Sean Murray says they’re aiming for 6pm GMT – just the most obnoxious time to screw UK Summer holidayers) we’ll be able to bring you news of whether it actually runs on PC, and whether the servers can sustain the launch. Then I’ll spend the weekend playing the game and hopefully by Monday be able to offer you a Wot I Think.

This is a sucky situation for all of us, because at RPS we’re not only vehemently against the con of pre-ordering, but further believe that waiting until reviews are available is by far the most sensible thing to do when buying a game. Spending £40 out of excitement and hope, only to realise you’ve got a stinking dud, is something we’re supposed to be here to prevent. Situations like this (no matter their cause – we’re perfectly sure that Hello are continuing to have the most intense weeks of their lives as they work flat-out to get the PC build working now the PS4 one is out the door) are bad for consumers, and after the years of hype the idea of waiting a full week after its initial release to buy it isn’t desirable at all. Clearly PS4 reviews will start popping up from today onward, so there’s at least that.

In the meantime, why not see if there are any events happening in local woods near you?

Disclosure: Our Alec did some writing for No Man’s Sky. I’d like to stress that I’ve never spoken to him about this, on purpose, and assume he can only have made it worse.


  1. melnificent says:

    Every Disclosure Procedural.

  2. Morte66 says:

    Rock, Paper, Shotgun: we play un-reviewed games so that you don’t have to.

  3. Halk says:

    What’s the rush? Just play it when you get it, and take your time with it.

    • DThor says:

      No kidding! It’s not like this is the witcher or skyrim. It’s a zen exploration game. Sheesh. Wait until next week…

    • Jeremy says:

      It just so happens to be their job.

    • John Walker says:

      The rush is, as I think is apparent from the article, that the game is on sale and there’s no consumer information about its quality.

  4. thekelvingreen says:

    Now, I abhor nationalism in all its forms — except when Wales do well in the rugby, but I’m not Welsh so it doesn’t count — but I almost feel like writing to my MP to complain about this British game being released in the Former Colonies before our own green and pleasant land. It’s not cricket.

    • Capt. Bumchum McMerryweather says:

      Indeed, old chap! Bally, Tally-Ho I say, to heck and blast it to the lot of them!

      Gosh, sorry about that outburst. I’ll go and calm down with a cup of Tea, Earl Grey, hot.

    • dangermouse76 says:


    • rustybroomhandle says:

      A sad state of affairs for sure, but as that old Welsh folk song says, “It’s not unusual”.

    • fearandloathing says:

      I also strongly protest the decision to write “anything” about the PS4 version. What’s next man, killing baby pandas? Don’t give up your principles, you’re nothing withoutthem rps

    • hygroovy says:

      They are clearly damned ruffians, cads, and dare I say it, bounders (gasp!).

    • welverin says:

      But it’s not, the PC version is getting a worldwide release. It’s the console peasants who get it first.

      Of course I slum, so I could get it earlier, but why would I do such a thing to myself?

  5. Raoul Duke says:

    I can’t believe you will have to debase yourself by playing on PS4… What a shambles. While you’re there, though, is love to hear how it plays with a controller.

    I will be waiting for your thoughts on the PC version, as i imagine will most of your readers.

  6. Rock1m1 says:

    I have all the time in the world. Take your time for a comprehensive review.

  7. Pogs says:

    How I miss the good old days of Pangaea. Back then there were no staggered release dates and devs were forced to suffer the torrent of Steam down-thumbs. I’m imagining they are scurrying frantically still to prevent this occurring. What no super-dubber high res gfx? Locked to 30fps? Down-thumb for you! Here’s hoping for up-thumbs come Friday…

    • Press X to Gary Busey says:

      Earth has gone so anticlimactic superincontinent since. Damp and water just about everywhere.
      The good old days of supercontinents and their delicious dry superdesert.
      Humanity should trump slow tectonic drift and make continents great again via atomic rocket power!

  8. Freud says:

    I hope this is good. I fear it’s going to be monotone and grindy where you can see how the game systems work very early.

    The basic mechanics have to be very robust for procedurally generated games to work.

  9. Gothnak says:

    Let’s see, Sony help Hello games market the game (You really think they’d have got the coverage they have without it?) and you complain that Sony get the game before PC players?

    Maybe if a PC publisher had helped as much as Sony had, it’d be the other way around. PC may be the master race (I think it is) but it is also the cheapo race.

    As to not having a PS4 build sent to journos… The Day 1 patch for an always online game is vital to the quality of the game, especially for something where content and features are going in right up to the last minute (and beyond!)
    (Full disclosure, i do know many of the people who make No Man’s Sky personally and wish them the best of luck.)

    • GenialityOfEvil says:

      Hello Games self-published the game off the proceeds of Joe Danger, so how exactly was a PC publisher supposed to offer the kind of exposure of an E3 press conference?

      • Andrew says:

        It was very expose before Sony stepped in, I would say. I you remember, first trailer was on Geoff Keighley’s show.

        • GenialityOfEvil says:

          That must be why virtually every publication lists its announcement as being at E3 2014. Hardly anybody watches the VGX (VGA, VGNA??) Awards.

          • GenialityOfEvil says:

            Yes, I know it was announced then. My point is that the vast, vast, vast majority first heard about it at E3.

          • Andrew says:

            But my point is, that no, not “virtually every publication” was wrong. All the ones I know were publishing about NMS right then, in December. VG(Watever) was, arguably, second most watched event after E3. So, all “taste makers” were in the know. Basically, NMS would be fine without Sony, like “Minecraft” was (if they helped with the flood, I don’t know about it). And maybe no backlash and death threats then.

      • A Gentleman and a Taffer says:

        Sean Murray has been very open about the fact that Sony provided exposure through the likes of E3, which Hello could never have leveraged on their own. That was Sony’s side of the exclusivity deal, like you say Hello didn’t need the cash so they saw how keen Sony really were

    • tiberiousr says:

      Just a minor bone of contention there: NMS is not always online. It’s completely playable offline, the online features are just the uploading of discoveries and player lobbies for the infitesimally small chance that two players might run into each other.

    • fish99 says:

      What Sony actually did was buy a timed console exclusivity, and they’ll make that money back many times over, not just with sales of the game but also PS4 consoles.

      Also the pre-launch day build was apparently good enough to go to mastering.

  10. Zaxwerks says:

    I haven’t pre-ordered for the simple reason I DON’T WANT the pre-order bonus:

    “Kickstart your adventure in No Man’s Sky’s vast, mysterious universe with the Horizon Omega ship, equipped with an upgraded hyperdrive and increased firepower to help you travel faster and survive longer on your interstellar journey.”

    Part of the fun of this game is creating and upgrading you first ship for nothing, I don’t wanted to be handed it on a plate, it would spoil the challenge.

    • Kefren says:

      I also saw that and thought it seemed crappy. It’s like with games that come with all the add-ons (Fallout 3 onwards?) and as soon as you start your first game it begins telling you “Gun Runners item added to inventory, bonus gun added to inventory” and so on, before you have had a chance to play the vanilla game.

    • tiberiousr says:

      You can pre-order and not utilise the pre-order bonus. You have to go into the options menu and enable pre-order bonuses. You can completely ignore them if you like.

    • Rizlar says:

      It’s almost like the market for pre-orders is people with no patience and no detailed knowledge of a game.

    • ColdSpiral says:

      Apparently, at least according to reddit, immediately claiming the pre-order ship doesn’t just spoil the fun of fixing your own, it also skips chunks of the tutorial as it comes with upgrades that you’re meant to learn how to get.
      So maybe ignore the reminder until you’re looking to upgrade.

    • AutonomyLost says:

      I saw that offer on GOG Galaxy the other day and thought the same thing. It’s a disincentive, if anything.

    • Tikigod says:

      Indeed, even on of the devs mentioned that they prefer the idea of starting without the pre-purchase extras because of how much it changes the experience.

      They also pointed out that all the pre-purchase extras are things you can buy naturally as you progress if you start without them. The ship, modules etc aren’t exclusive items… they’re just a progression skip.

  11. shocked says:

    Aside from the technical aspects I’m not really that interested in NMS, since the leaked video seemed to involve a lot of shooting at rocks, which I consider a bit unfair towards the rocks.

    But I’m really curious about the reviews. It’s always interesting when hype and reality finally collide.

  12. Kefren says:

    Someone above said this is an “always online game”. Is that true? The GOG description doesn’t mention it, and I hadn’t come across that claim. If so I’ll definitely skip it. I only play single player offline. I was vaguely interested in the Elite remake until they dropped SPOffline from the features.

    • Gothnak says:

      What i meant by that is that if on PS4 etc, i assume it will always put you online, like Dark Souls. So it’s not a ‘multiplayer game’ but the game is changed by other players. I assume you can play it without any of those features, but the experience they will want reviewed is that enhanced experience.

      • Kefren says:

        Ah. It’s interesting that the dev only want the game reviewed in one way, but that’s not the way I would play it. I’ll keep an eye out for reviews of the offline mode. (No, I didn’t go online for Dark Souls either! I have no interest in strangers having any impact on my game.)

    • perilousrob says:

      Kefren, from what I understand the ‘online’ portion of the game is optional, you just wont push/pull Atlas updates until you let it connect up. I vaguely remember a screenshot showing a small text message saying the atlas link was down or disconnected. I of course can’t promise the game still works like that, but I’m sure it *was* the plan.

      There was also talk of a p2p lobby being automagically setup if you were within a specified distance (same planet?) of another player to allow discovery/change/position sharing ‘live’ if you were online. That was some time ago though and I have a feeling that things may have changed in that regard, though I of course don’t actually ‘know’ either way.

  13. thenevernow says:

    ” but further believe that waiting until reviews are available is by far the most sensible thing to do when buying a game.”

    Agreed. So what’s the problem with waiting for reviews, even if they’re not available at release time?

    “Day zero review or it’s day one purchase anyway” isn’t very different from preordering and benefits no one. Reviews are done when they’re done. Can’t wait? Your problem (and your potentially wasted money).

    • John Walker says:

      There are many reasons, including:

      – Want to share and discuss the experiences with friends, IRL and online.
      – Don’t want the surprises to be spoilt for them.
      – Have booked time off work at release to be able to play.
      – Have been looking forward to it for so long they don’t want to have to wait any more.

      • Sheng-ji says:

        People really do underestimate just how much enjoyment can be got by experiencing a game at the same time as your friends. It is always sensible, I’ve found, to book the day after launch day off work though, too many holiday dyas wasted looking at a “servers busy” or “Day One Game ruining bug” screen in all it’s many guises.

        • Someoldguy says:

          It doesn’t happen much these days, but a lot of the nostalgia I have for the games of my youth was precisely that: sharing that experience with friends, either sat around the same console or swapping stories the next day.

      • thenevernow says:

        Thanks for your reply. Your list makes me realize many gamers take this hobby more seriously than me and frankly I am fine that way.

        It’s just that this rush/juggle among embargos, patches and release dates seems to result in lower-quality reviews (generally speaking, not targeting RPS) and I don’t see how this is beneficial to anyone.

        • Scelous says:

          I’m one of those people that takes this hobby more seriously than you.

          For me, I have no spouse or children, no local friends, and gaming is my only hobby – it’s all I do. I own and have played most games on the market. So a new release is a big deal for me, and I definitely won’t be waiting a few months. Thus, a review on release date would be extremely helpful.

          • Jediben says:

            See RPS? See what you do to people with your REVIEWS?!

          • thenevernow says:

            Having “local” friends has its merits, but I don’t need to get you into your personal life.

            My point is we’re not talking about waiting “a few months”, just a few days in exchange for a proper review instead of a rushed one.

          • thenevernow says:

            The “you” after “get” was not supposed to be there.

  14. Heliocentric says:

    I genuinely want it to be shit, it would validate my world view, this is Spore 2.

    • Xocrates says:

      Thing is, Spore wasn’t shit. Just massively overhyped, made worse by the fact that a lot of announced features were cut or changed during development (as it’s normal for features to do).

      Frankly, I would be more than fine if this turns out to be Spore 2.

      • John Walker says:

        Spore was pretty shit.

        • Xocrates says:

          Well, this incisive comment sure made me look forward for further RPS coverage.

          Let’s be clear here: Spore wasn’t great, you can reasonably argue whether or not it was actually good, but it most certainly wasn’t an irredeemable pile of shit.

          What it was however, was a hugely ambitious, technically impressive, greatly varied – even if not particularly deep – game that fulfilled the promise of creating your own species and lead them from the microbial pool into a galactic civilization.

          The problem with promising the universe is that you’re guaranteed to fail to deliver. Spore had that problem, and it’s likely that NMS, to at least some extent, does to. If people keep their expectations in check, and play those games for what they actually are, as opposed to what they want them to be, I find it hard to call them shit unless they are literally unplayable.

        • uh20 says:

          John will now remove all oceans.

        • brucethemoose says:

          Yes, yes it was… but I still thought it was entertaining.

        • Captain Narol says:

          I loved Spore despise its flaws and broken promises, it was something different with a special spirit.

          I wonder what Spore would have become if Will Wright had keep on working on it to add more content instead of moving on to other projects, there was really the bones of a great idea in it… But maybe he had lost his magic touch after staying to long in bed with EA…

      • DD says:

        I more then agree. People were very focused on what it wasn’t rather then what it was. Yes the gameplay was lame in some areas(the RTS portions), but I thought the beginning and space travel were pretty neat. By far my favorite was just designing aliens and their culture though.

      • lordcooper says:

        The first time I heard of Spore was when mate brought it over on his laptop. It was shit.

  15. The Sombrero Kid says:

    Why would you want all the screenshots on the launch coverage of the game to look like a ps4 game?

    • John Walker says:

      I’d suggest because PS4 graphics are pretty decent.

    • A Gentleman and a Taffer says:

      Yeah, seriously, right now Uncharted 4 has the most graphics of any game on any platform no contest (a PC version would look even better, natch)

      • Raoul Duke says:

        As the owner of a PS4 and a moderately good gaming PC,I completely disagree. The ART in some console games is arguably superior, but the graphics certainly are not.

  16. Andrew says:

    we’ll finally be able to tell you what No Man’s Sky actually is

    Really?! *sigh*

    Ok, then I would be one of those people, which other people blame for everything bad in video games industry. I don’t want the review. I know what NMS actual is. I can safely preorder and try it for myself, and if it’s bad or run poorly on my PC (with which reviews can’t help me anyway), I’m gonna refund. It’s that simple.

    • Andrew says:

      Ok, let me clarify, before someone actually attacks me. My problem is with the phrase “what No Man’s Sky actually is”. I’m not gonna tell you why it is meme-ish BS, but I think it’s pretty obvious.

      I would defend John’s right to write whatever he wants (and I did couple of times), I respect him (that’s doesn’t mean I always agree with him, mind you), but then he starts with that… And that I need to wait for his opinion doesn’t help, for sure.

      • John Walker says:

        I genuinely have absolutely no idea what you’re on about, but you seem confused by the sentence so I’ll explain further: No one has been at all sure what sort of game NMS actually would be until, well, today. If you read the opening paragraph of most coverage today it says, “Huh, I wasn’t expecting…”

        • Andrew says:

          You never encountered “it’s looks cool, but what you do in it?”? It’s in every comment section of every post about NMS. And it’s almost always with the attitude of “I bet it gets boring after couple of hours”.

          Actual people actually knew what this game actually about for actual years. We don’t know about quality, secrets and story, and end game, if any, but we know what you do in it.

          • Scelous says:

            You need to take a chill pill. I keep up with gaming news, and I still don’t know what NMS actually is – the developers themselves have said they have tried to be tight-lipped about it. All I know is you fly around a ship on procedurally generated planets. Oh, and you can mine, too, so you can reach other procedurally generated planets to mine there.

          • Andrew says:

            See! How John missed a bunch of you I don’t know.

          • Cederic says:

            Which is interesting, but I still don’t know what the game actually is.

            I look forward to the RPS revelations, and they will factor into whether I desire this game or not.

            It’s an exploration game. So what, Dear Esther or World of Warcraft?
            It’s a survival game. What, like DayZ or like Dwarf Fortress.
            It’s a space flight game. You mean like Privateer 2 or like Eve Online?

            Really, you may know everything there is to know about this game but it’s still a big fat fucking mystery to me. A pretty one, admittedly.

  17. celticdr says:

    This NMS release malarkey has made me glad I didn’t press the giant and unmistakable pre-order button on my Steam interface.

    I will wait now, until RPS is good and ready to trash it for being the largely hollow experience (I suspect) it will turn out to be with a now classic RPS “What Us Chaps Ruminate On In Regards To Said Titled Game” or WUCROIRTSTG for short.

    Thank you once again RPS for showing me the error of my almost-pre-ordered-on-Steam ways!

  18. Plank says:

    Don’t do it John! Don’t write about the PS4 version. We can wait for your letter-word-speak-thoughtlings based on the pc version.

    • Plank says:

      “To contact us, just click… no, wait. Wait. Before you send that press release about your new iPhone game or link to a dog playing the Zelda theme tune on a noseflute, please remember that we are a PC-only site. That’s PC only. P.C. O.N.L.Y. Which format? … That’s right, PC!”
      link to

  19. aircool says:

    I enjoy playing Ark: Survival by myself and enjoyed wandering through Minecraft looking for cool landmarks. I probably will enjoy this game, at least long enough to feel like it was a justified purchase.

    However, there’s one thing that may put me off… texture pop-in (or whatever the technical name is) and Mesh LoD (again, is that the right term?). I find it incredibly off putting and distracting, and I’ll happily sacrifice other graphical options to get those two working comfortably. It may be that what I’ve seen so far is pre-release PS4 footage, but the pop-on looks distracting :(

    • AutonomyLost says:

      I can find that bothersome in games as well; though I’m hoping the PC version will have, or, like you said, be ABLE to handle at the expense of one or two other options, a heartily-improved draw distance versus its console counterpart. I can’t imagine it won’t. Damn me if I’m wrong!

  20. Bishop149 says:

    “On Wednesday, posthumans depending, we’ll be receiving our purchased copy of the PS4 game”

    Not sure if in a tortured effort to be gender neutral a word that means something else has been mistakenly used, or if this is a very odd joke relating to the incredible abilities of those employed by the postal service. . . .
    link to

    • fish99 says:

      “I see posthumans”

    • John Walker says:

      It was a person being jovial as he wrote a sentence.

      • Premium User Badge

        keithzg says:

        Joviality? How dare you, sir!

        • Rizlar says:

          Normally I just tell them to politely go away on the doorstep.

          • Bishop149 says:

            All those posthumans, constantly knocking on our doors pushing their philosophy upon us. . .

      • Captain Narol says:

        Stephen King warned us about who is really “It”, you won’t fool us !

      • Raoul Duke says:

        It must be fun having a virtual guarantee that at least 10% of your audience will wilfully misconstrue anything even vaguely ambiguous that you write.

    • A Gentleman and a Taffer says:

      I read it as post-humans, as in highly evolved machine people. Wondered what they had to do with the arrival of the game.

      Postpeople are great, though. You know why? Cause they always deliver.

      • John Walker says:

        Not if they work for Yodel they don’t.

        • foop says:

          In my experience, as long as you’re fairly loose with your interpretation of “deliver” Yodel are pretty efficient. Your parcel always ends up somewhere, although it is often difficult to find anyone who knows where that is.

  21. fearandloathing says:

    I also strongly protest the decision to write “anything” about the PS4 version. What’s next man, killing baby pandas? Don’t give up your principles, you’re nothing withoutthem rps

  22. thelastpointer says:

    I enjoyed the sarcasm of releasing a teaser for an article after the public complaints about being tired of NMS teasers. :)

    Anyway, is there a chance of Brendan doing a NMS journal-type series? That format would suit the game perfectly IMO.

    • hotmaildidntwork says:

      This post has made me wonder, what it would be like if review websites started copying the style of the games they were reviewing? Dozens of teaser articles for each review. Then teaser articles for the teaser articles. Exhortations to pre-load the review content so that you could read it the moment it released. Obviously most of the pre-load data would be lorem ipsum, to be replaced by a zero hour content patch.

      • A Gentleman and a Taffer says:

        Only giving a game 75%, but then a ‘pre-order bonus’ review and a ‘DLC’ review adding another 10%

      • Raoul Duke says:

        Or dividing up coverage of Hitman into unpleasantly small and repetitive chunks…

  23. Zankman says:

    TIL that No Man’s Sky is available on PS4.

    I thought that it was, logically, going to be a PC exclusive.

    Anyone wanna bet against my prediction that it will ultimately fail to reach its potential due to being develop with consoles in mind?

    Damn consoles, holding gaming back…

    • RobF says:

      I’ll take it because without Sony money and marketing, this’d be an even more uphill gig than it already is to make something like this.

    • Raoul Duke says:

      MGSV was also a console game so I don’t think you can make any assumptions.

  24. richlamp says:

    I would love to hear about Alec’s input on the game at some point. Is that going to be allowed on this site (or elsewhere (NDA?))?

    • A Gentleman and a Taffer says:

      More fun if us RPSers play the game and try to work out what it is. Would love it if I find a thing and go “ah! This is so Alec! Has to be his work!”

    • Cederic says:

      Maybe an interview?

      Do a group interview. John, Alice and Pip all asking Alec why the game is so terrible, Graham arriving at the last minute to twist the knife and finish the job.

      Then get Tim to critique the flight model.

  25. dahools says:

    I know we want no oceans when it comes to games but how about no relations? Your sister site didn’t seem to have a problem with getting a copy and spamming footage, streams and stuff about it everywhere today. Maybe you could repair those torn relationship bonds with EG and ask to borrow theirs or ask where they got one from hey?

    • A Gentleman and a Taffer says:

      RPS: “Hey, can we borrow your review copy of NMS?”

      EG: “Kind of using it right now RPS, and besides you’re not a PS4 site”

      RPS: “Yeah, but, no one cares what you think and our PC gamers want another preview. Pleeease can we borrow it?”

      EG: “No! Back off or you’ll get more adverts!”

      RPS: “Oh, ok. Sigh”

    • John Walker says:

      We didn’t request PS4 review code from Sony, for obvious reasons, and for equally obvious reasons EG did. So they got their physical disc yesterday, and we’ve had to buy one from retail.

  26. causticnl says:

    john walker is reviewing NMS? okay negative review it is then.

  27. CartonofMilk says:

    “This is a sucky situation for all of us, because at RPS we’re not only vehemently against the con of pre-ordering, but further believe that waiting until reviews are available is by far the most sensible thing to do when buying a game. Spending £40 out of excitement and hope, only to realise you’ve got a stinking dud, is something we’re supposed to be here to prevent. ”

    Keep preaching it. I have ZERO sympathy for anyone who preorders and then complains. Zero whatsoever. I’m not gonna say that anyone who preorders is stupid. But…but i KINDA want to. Can you REALLY not wait? I mean nowadays i usually wait about 3 or 4 months before i get any game because i rather wait for the patches. I’ll probably wait about that long to play NMS. There’s other games out there.

    • Premium User Badge

      keithzg says:

      I may well go ahead an preorder it (or at least buy it when it’s first available, without waiting sufficient time for review consensus) but I’ll know I have only myself to blame if I end up disliking it.

      Frankly though, even if it’s just “Proteus, but randomized and in space with some minor aspects if progression” I’d be fine with that, so barring game-breaking bugs I’m probably safe from disappointment. But again, if I nonetheless am disappointed I’ll have nobody to blame but myself.

    • Someoldguy says:

      Yes, it’s best to be canny about your purchases and only dip into the wallet once it’s clear that the launch is stable and the patches have cured any major flaws. However it is somewhat reliant on all the people who are eager to jump in and discover and share their experiences on day one. Without their sales there wouldn’t be a month 1,2,3 patch to create that improved, stable version of the game.

      Lets face it, if all your friends are hyped about the game you want to join in with that enthusiasm and shared sense of adventure. You have a lot to lose by choosing to be the one who ignores it for a season as well as something to gain. Once you’re a miserable old gamer whose social life revolves more around discussing sports at the pub or the relative merits of different forms of education funding with the other parents picking up their kids, you can afford to be more measured and play the long game. ;)

  28. PoulWrist says:

    Spoiler: it’s an open world indie survival game.

    • Nauallis says:

      NOOOOOO! How dare you! Pre-order canceled!

    • jonahcutter says:

      Stop. People are still intent on pretending they have no idea what the game is about or what you do in it.

      Ah fuck it. Spoiler:

      You fly around in space. You land on planets and explore. You shoot things if they try to kill you. You harvest resources. You explore more. General goal is to get to the center. There may be secret stuff and easter eggs to discover.

      OMG base-building revelation (queue up more pseudo-confusion).

      Yep. Sounds kind of open-worldy survival-gamey.

      We now return you to your previously scheduled, “But what does it DOOOOO???” melodrama.

      • Andrew says:

        Next in our programme, we gonna tell you what new “Doom”, game where you shoot demons, actually is.

  29. DrStrangeLug says:

    6PM GMT.

    It was 12:01AM EDT for PS4 players, so I guess we know where their priorities are.

    • RobF says:

      Well. On PSN, you’re invariably releasing whatever time the store update goes out which could be any time during the day. On Steam, you’re invariably releasing at 6 o’clock UK time.

      It doesn’t really say anything about anything other than that.

      • DrStrangeLug says:

        You mean like that 6PM GTA 5 update that went live at 8am ? Or the Fallout 4 one?

        That Steam Updates at 6PM only myth is BUSTED.

        • Jac says:

          I recall staying up to play skyrim at midnight on release day so consider it DOUBLE BUSTED NO RETURNSIES.

      • Tikigod says:

        Enough games have wrangled midnight releases of product launches on Steam that failure to do so for a significant game is pretty much a sign of lack of developer effort to do anything but just roll with the default release timing.

        Heck if Square Enix could handle Midnight releases for their episodic ‘Life is Strange’ right from Episode 1 straight through to the final episode. Then something with the magnitude of hype and already secured sales as No Man’s Sky would have no problems what so ever if the developers gave a damn.

        But as has become painfully clear, the developers are deeply in bed with Sony and their main priority is the PS4 scheduling… PC is a secondary matter.

      • John Walker says:

        It’s becoming much more common to release at midnight on Steam. And of course it’s entirely up to them, rather than at the dictate of Sony.

        • RobF says:

          It’s becoming more common for games to release at different times on Steam, not just midnight. I’ve released a game on there at what should have been 7, not 6 but Steam buggers itself up quite easily and ended up closer to 8. It’s hardly a bust to me to suggest that you can release at different times.

          However, I proper resent the idea that choosing 6 is somehow a sign of a lack of effort from developers. PS4 side, you are entirely at the mercy of store updates for the most part and with PSN fairly lucky if nothing goes to crap at the same time. That it went out at midnight fairly without hitch is a lot of work for everyone involved and a minor miracle given PSN’s notorious flakiness.

          Three launches in one week for a small team wih a game this size is not insignificant. It’s a huge amount of very stressful work. It’d be nice if you just pressed a button and went home but there’s always still work to be done. I can’t even begin to imagine how exhausted the folks at Hello will be right now. You can see they’re still pushing changes through onto the store fairly regular at the moment so work is clearly still being done on the game. This is like, the complete opposite of a lack of effort.

          I can understand being irritated that they’re not all day and date (I am too though I understand why) but the difference between a midnight or a 6pm launch time, and then claiming choosing the latter shows a lack of developer effort – nope. Sorry. It’s just nonsense that makes me proper sad that we even talk about it like it’s anything but.

  30. Empathy Kill says:

    I preordered it! I preorder just about every game (only the really good ones anyways). I have been preordering my games for the past 3 years and I have yet to be disapointed. There is a weird “6th” sense that I have with games. It seems that I can tell right off the bat if I am gonna thoroughly enjoy the game or if I am gonna hate its guts. I know that it sounds completely ridiculous, but if a game is gonna be great I can feel it right away. It usually occurs while I am watching the trailer for the first time. That weird feeling I get came to me while I was reading about No Mans Sky in Game Informer. I was about 4 paragraphs in when I got the feeling. I preorder a game as soon as I have the cash avaialable to do so. You never know what could happen around realease day! My car could blow up or my house could explode. Point being… When I preorder a game I no longer have to worry about whether or not I am gonna be able to afford the game come launch date. Plus I can predownload the game so that as soon as I get off work all I gotta do is “push play”. No having to wait for updates or any of that other junk. I can totally understand someone being upset cause they got burned on a game, but until that day comes and it happens to me I will continue relying on my “gut” feeling.

    • DeadCanDance says:

      You’re counting on the fact the servers will handle it. The last time I had this much faith was with Diablo III. Anyone remember that?

      • Andrew says:

        Different situation: NMS is not an always-online game as DIII or “Sim City” were.

        • DeadCanDance says:

          Yeah… just keep telling that nice story for yourself. This game won’t have an always online component so someone can easily crack it and drop it on piratebay with Sony’s blessings. And that your “sixth sense” is more than just knowing you’ve been convinced as a consumer to open your wallet and drop a few bucks. MAN! People are so naive these days…

    • Andrew says:

      Same here. I think I was wrong once, but I realized it almost at the end of the game, and all reviews were praising it anyway.

    • Antongranis says:

      You are feeding the pre-order culture. This encourage companys to not only realease broken games, but also to cut those games to bits as bonuses.

      • TheAngriestHobo says:

        No no, see, you’re missing the point. The OP’s ability to communicate telepathically with unreleased games allows them to avoid the broken ones.

      • causticnl says:

        by “preorder culture” you mean supporting indie developers buy giving money before release? then yes, Im happily supporting that culture ;)

      • Andrew says:

        Let me try to deduce what you trying to say.

        Say, I’m a developer. I’m confident that I’m gonna finish my game in a couple of months. I start accepting preorders. But I can’t finish in time! But all those preorders! Maybe I just release the game anyway and then patch it afterwards? Or just run with all the moneyz, mua-ha-ha!

        Hello Games delayed their not-yet-ready (broken) game.

        Say, I’m a developer. I want to make more money. I just cut my game in pieces and sell them apart. But that’s DLC, and have nothing to do with preorders (and often unprovable BS, but that’s another story).

        For preordering, Hello Games will give you ship that is already in the game. And then they gonna release more content for free (they can do paid DLC also, why not).

        Or maybe you just think that any preorder is bad. Can’t help you there, but, maybe, read what John said.

      • Andrew says:

        Also, simple fact that you can cancel your preorder at any time or ask for refund in two weeks after release, makes everything you said pointless.

  31. fco says:

    i don’t think the “no oceans” banner really applies here.

    just yesterday sean murray was talking about being still working on the pc release version. so it would seem the delay reasons have been technical rather than administrative.

    • Premium User Badge

      keithzg says:

      In fact, this case seems to be in part because of a No Oceans attempt; the word from Hello Games is that they’re trying to make sure it launches on “PC” simultaneously in every region, and that’s part of the delay for Steam.

    • John Walker says:

      PS4 release is a day later in EU than US.

  32. Tikigod says:

    After watching their official stream yesterday and hearing some of the utter crapola they were spouting off about the impressive stuff their game is doing and what they had to work around because of procedural generation, I kind of lost any faith I had in them as a studio as some of the things they were claiming were well within the realms of Molyneux-grade bullshitting.

    Things like how because planets are procedurally generated they can’t do any object culling.

    How they have to constantly render the entire environment around the player (even areas out of camera) and when on the surface of planets they still have to be rendering any cavern systems under the player out of sight including all light sources in those cave networks…. because ‘procedural generation’ forces them to do so.

    All the while claiming all other games rely on “cheap tricks” and “smoke and mirrors” to handle things but No Man’s Sky doesn’t do anything of that sort because procedural generation doesn’t allow it.

    Either they found the two most clueless individuals the team had available to handle the stream and just act as the next generation of Molyneuxs to spout random BS assuming everyone watching wouldn’t have the first clue what claims were crap, or as a studio they got some pretty concerning problems.

    • Premium User Badge

      keithzg says:

      From the Reddit AMA, sounds like they were mostly just running on a dramatic lack of sleep. I can entirely believe that for the scales they’re operating the game at they have to make tradeoffs; I can further entirely believe that, exhausted, they did a shit job of explaining any of the technical complexities of their chosen approach!

      In terms of how the game actually is, even when I went to sleep last night there were already extended gameplay videos and some initial diaries up, so we’re starting to get a clearer picture, and so far from what I’ve heard (I’m taking a bit of a hand-off approach; might dive in further if the reviews turn out to be atrocious) it seems to be shaping up broadly as they’ve claimed it would, which is not necessarily the same as it’s been *hyped* to be.

  33. April March says:

    I’m not going to check the woods near my home. I already know what’s there: teenagers catching Pokémon.

  34. GemFire81 says:

    Gaming has gone a wierd direction these days with games seeming to not have much game actually in them…. Why developers have decided that players dont actually want to play is beyond me. What happened to making games like eve online that actually has depth and strategy.