Have You Played… Future Vs. Fantasy Quake?

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Every FPS with skills and characters is being caught up in the ineffectual backlash against MOBAs but heck, the idea’s hardly new. Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory from is a cracking class-o-XP-a-shooter and that came out 13 years ago. The first I remember enjoying, though, was Future vs. Fantasy [archived official site] for Quake in ’96, ’97.

Future vs. Fantasy is a mod for Quake (and later, other Quakes) adding a load of player classes. You might fancy being a fragile Ninja flinging daggers and firebombs while grappling hooking around, a Cyborg Camper with huge area-of-effect attacks, a Wasteland Warrior flinging worms and chemicals, a helpful Cleric summoning heals and pickups, and so on. Heck, you might even fancy being just a plain old Quake soldier. Players level up or power up as they go, one way or another, becoming super-mega-monster-slayers. It’s a class-o-XP-a-shooter, yeah?

The problem with some modern FPS-action-RPGs is that they’re simply not fun shooters at heart. Future vs. Fantasy was wrapped around Quake. That is a good heart. Strong. FvF is quite different, of course, but it’s a solid foundation for something weird and fun to play on the side. I played Quake’s episodes dozens of times but FvF was an interesting way to see them fresh – not to mention from a new perspective when playing a class with a grappling hook.

I mostly played FvF in singleplayer, but it does also have co-op, deathmatch, and an objective-based mode I never got to play. The deathmatch was a good silly time. If you fancy a go, you can download FvF over here.


  1. Plank says:

    The weapons in Quake are utter crap. I don’t think I can name a game with worse weapons. Even Kirby has better weapons than Quake. There, I said it!

    • Kefren says:

      The shotgun felt like it was firing confetti, but I loved the perforating rattle of the nailgun and the clanging chaos of the grenade launcher.

      • soul4sale says:

        On my terrible, tinny 1990s speakers, I always thought the shotgun sounded like a compressing hydraulic piston.

    • Premium User Badge

      Phasma Felis says:

      The thundering multi-barrel super nailgun and the hollow clunks of the grenade launcher were okay. Everything else was utter shit, which was really weird coming from the company that defined badass FPS weapons just a few years previous, in Doom. The howling scream of the plasma rifle, the meaty BOOM chk-chk of the shotgun…plus the fact that things bloody well died when you shotgunned them at point-blank in Doom. IIRC the basic Quake shottie literally could not one-shot any enemy in the game, including the dogs. It was weird.

  2. Idealist says:

    FvF was fun, but for real bonkers stuff Ultimate Quake was my drug of choice. It had both races and classes, experience levels, a tremendous amount of new weapons (including a lightsaber and Xena-esque chakram), the list was somewhat extraordinary. Unfortunately the mod seems very difficult to find now (not helped by official “Ultimate Quake” releases by id), but here’s an excerpt of an interview with the creator Mike Gummelt who was hired by Raven Software on the strength of Ultimate Quake.

    After the three Doom conversions, I started messing with Ultimate Quake which seemed to have infinite possibilities compared to Doom hacking. I threw in everything I could, taking the approach of making a few cool monsters and weapons, but mostly making player races and classes so you could be a Jedi with a lightsaber and force powers (which were pretty similar to Jedi Knight when it came out), a Predator, a Borg (you could assimilate monsters and order them around), a Fremen, a Klingon, Xena (the chakram was one of the weapons I’m most proud of), the Punisher, a Cowboy with a pair of killer Six-Shooters, a Mage, a Tiger-Man, a Terminator, etc.

    • tbs says:

      I will submit Killer Quake Pack as the ultimate mod of craziness. It literally had every other mod in it to the point that knowledge of the large readme.txt was a skill all on its own (several custom impulse commands). I enjoy the homepage I linked above because it hasn’t been updated since 1998 and yet its still running.

      • FroshKiller says:

        The Killer Quake Pack is what pushed me to upgrade from 4 MB of RAM to 8 MB. I spent more time than I’d like to admit running around with Cujo and listening to Nine Inch Nails while flying a guided missile with my gamepad.

        • Jackablade says:

          It even had a portal gun that sometimes worked if you chose where to aim it carefully.

  3. Detournemented says:

    I loved this MOD when I was a kid. I fondly remember downloading the files onto a series of 3.5″ disks from my schools library because we still didn’t have internet at home. Thanks for the dose of nostalgia.

  4. parallax1 says:

    You must be completely out of ideas for “Have you played”…, since you are running through so many Q2 mods at the moment ;-)

  5. DiaperDawg says:

    I love reading about these old Quake mods! There’s so much cool stuff out there that I either forgot about or never knew about.

    I never would have remembered FvF, but it was a good one. I think I mainly enjoyed it as a multiplayer thing; that’s where most of my Quake energy went anyway.

    One of my favorite mods was actually a mod of a mod: Deadlode Team Fortress. It added a few interesting wrinkles to standard TF without getting too silly (like MegaTF).

  6. FroshKiller says:

    Yes, I definitely have played Future vs. Fantasy! Hours of it! I remember it standing out from other Quake mods in a couple of other ways, too. It was the first paid mod I ever saw (although everyone played the free version), and it was first Quake mod with an obfuscated progs.dat file that I saw. Very frustrating when I tried to decompile it so I could port a few classes into my personal modpack.

  7. Werthead says:

    Mods are completely a valid thing for “Have You Played” to take on and I’d love to see more (especially if you roll out Third Age: Total War and similar).

    But according to Google RPS hasn’t done a “Have You Played” for Hostile Waters or Freespace 2, which seems less like a glaring oversight as a supernova of neglect.

  8. kwyjibo says:

    No, but I have played Fantasy Quake which I remember being a highly ambitious single player Quake mod. Have you played Fantasy Quake?

  9. April March says:

    I haven’t, but this reminds me of the “fantasy” mods for Tribes 2 that were wildly popular when I played it (…which was the month before the official servers shut down). It wasn’t very fantasy, but was very good.

  10. bill says:

    I have indeed played it. It was awesome.

    The only problem, as I recall, was that the ninja had a grappling hook…. and everyone wanted to play the ninja with the grappling hook, and the ninja’s weapon was a throwing knife… and this meant that lots of ninjas spawning lots of throwing knife models brought the framerate to a crawl…

    I seem to remember some servers having a No Ninja rule.

  11. Downgraded286 says:

    This article has sparked a resurgence in activity over at the FvF Quake scene.

    Armaphage, an instrumental individual who helped make FvF what it is today, saw this article and posted at the Quakeone forums. Here’s the thread: link to quakeone.com

    The spark has flared up into a small ember. Some key individuals are, at this point, getting the ball rolling on reviving FvF (again). Fast forward to about a month later (today) and we have our FvF server running, our website and forum has been restored, and we even have some custom maps and some fancy add-ons like fancy colored lights and high-resolution textures. Catch us on our site here to get all the goodies: link to fvfonline.com

    If you’re having trouble, feel free to post on the forums or talk to any of us on the server. We’re very newber friendly. The ember has burned into a respectable flame. Help us turn it into a raging inferno!

    You can catch me on the server or the forums as “foq”. Elsewhere I’m Downgraded286, but in Quake I am perpetually known as foq, so I roll with that.