Meet Mafia III’s Moral Compass

2k have been quiet on their open-world period crime ’em-up for a couple of months, but Lincoln Clay has just resurfaced again. Here’s Mafia 3 [official site] setting out its story stall and showing off some very impressive character models that I really hope are not solely restricted to cutscenes.

It’s an odd trailer, as it seems to presume any viewer is already fairly familiar with Mafia III’s plot to date, so I’d advise you to go watch the previous two clips before you sit down with this one.

Primarily, the latest is here to show off a character named Cassandra, one of three ‘underbosses’ to the player, and who sounds as though she may be something of a moral compass figure.

I can’t help but suspect that the name ‘Cassandra’ will be no coincidence either – will she be offering ultimately unheeded warnings of doom to player character Lincoln as he falls deeper into villainy during his war against the Mob?

Mafia 3 is due for release October 7, 2016. I’m looking forwards to the soundtrack on this one, given the ’68 timeline and New Orleans setting – jazz and blues and Creedence oh my, hopefully.


  1. Dorga says:

    it would be nice if the underbosses became more inclined to betray you the more power they received from you, but I guess that would be too complicated for a game of this scale.

    • phelix says:

      Imagine the notoriety mechanics of Shadow of Mordor welded to the Mafia world. Now that would be a game I want to play.

      • Dorga says:

        yeah, every open world murder spree game seems hollow after Shadow of Mordor.

  2. Jeeva says:

    I was a bit scared of the slightly ludicrous name “Cassandara”, but looks like it might not be that (based on the lower paragraph). Phew!

  3. RaoulDuke says:

    Not sure if you know this but the underbosses *do* betray you, just not because you gave them too much power, it happens because you passed them over too much/did things that reduced their power.

    Or were you meaning the Shadow of Mordor thing where they are intermingling with each other and altering the chessboard? I think it happens when you die/pass time. It would be cool to have that with all the “mini-bosses” on the map in Mafia III.

  4. RaoulDuke says:

    Hey RPS, Bring back comment editing you bunch of trunkling arnz-bomplers. I really don’t give two pinches of poo if it used more resources/money/blah-blah, without it, commenting on RPS can be a bit of an arsch.

  5. MrJenssen says:

    So…. I’m not a graphics whore by any means…. But damn…