World’s First Rocket League Champions Crowned In LA

The first ever world champions of Rocket League have been crowned after winning the grand finals of the Championship Series last weekend in Hollywood, taking home £27,000. The winning team, iBuyPower Cosmic, beat their European rivals Flipesid3 Tactics in the final, winning a best-of-seven series of games 4-2, among some very awkward celebrations. Meanwhile, the favourites to win the tournament had been thrown out on the first day.

The upset came when the highest-ranked US team, Kings of Urban, was usurped and eliminated on the first day of the weekend. They lost their first match against the 4th ranked European team, The Flying Dutchmen. That put them into the losers bracket, where they lost again when facing Flipsid3 Tactics. This eliminated the team that many had expected to storm through the finals to an ultimate victory.

In the meantime, FlipSid3 Tactics and iBP Cosmic each fought their way through the competition until they were the only teams left. The grand finals were tight to begin with, as each team won matches alternately, bringing it from 1-1 to 2-2. But eventually, Cosmic scrambled ahead in the fifth game, winning the match 5 goals to 3. After that, they only needed one more win to take the trophy. Which they got – 3 goals to 2 – making captain Cameron “Kronovi” Bills, Brandon “Lachinio” Lachin, and Ted “0ver zer0” Keil the first world champions of car football. Well done!

There’s more details about the other teams in this official recap. And if you want to watch the whole shebang, it’s here on Twitch. But if you just want to watch the grand finals, skip to about 6 hours 10 mins and try not to weep at how bad you are at videogames.


  1. Dromph says:

    While it certainly was surprising to see Kings of Urban get knocked into the lower bracket by The Flying Dutchmen, they were by no means considered to be the big favourite to win it all. Both Northern Gaming (formerly We Dem Girlz) and Flipside were expected to place higher than them.

  2. PseudoKnight says:

    What a nail-biting finals. Flipside had some amazing passing.

  3. GemFire81 says:

    Its funny how people complain about not enough content in a lot of games… This game has very little content yet usually sits at 80,000 players online. This is the perfect example of a game that is actually fun and challenging. Content does not mean crap is the gameplay is not there.

  4. Aitrus says:

    I watched the grand final. Absolutely epic. It’s nice to watch a sport that you actually know a little bit about.