New Overwatch Short To Debut At Gamescom

Overwatch’s [official site] next short will premier next week at Gamescom. Titled “The Last Bastion”, the short debuts on Thursday August 18 and tells the story of Overwatch’s robotic hero. It begins with Bastion – who is like a sentient turret – reactivating after lying in wait for more than ten years. Blizzard writes, “Fascinated by its unfamiliar surroundings, the curious omnic begins to investigate, but quickly discovers its core combat programming may have a different directive…”.

That’s great if you like slick animation and (thus far) empty plotting, but there’s rumours of new Overwatch announcements to come alongside. Reddit is speculating wildly about what the short’s forest environment could mean for the game. Intrepid redditor Syndrel shared a post featuring datamined audio files, suggesting a line from Rinehardt might be hinting at a new map to come. Others suspect that we might be getting some more information about rumored hero Sombra, especially since previous shorts have hinted at the character.

That’s all pure rumor and guesswork for now. We’ll have to wait until next week for any official word. You’ll be able to see the short broadcast live on Blizzard’s Gamescom stage and via livestream on the 18th starting at 9 A.M. PT/5 P.M. BST, and probably YouTube right after.


  1. int says:

    I still think the bird should have some kind of attack, like lazer eye beams.

  2. Senethro says:

    I could go for a new map about now.

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      keithzg says:

      Yeah, I see the conspicuous slots for two new characters but I’m fine with the roster for now; a new map or two is really what I’m hoping for.

  3. Monggerel says:

    It’s an online shooter. It doesn’t need plotting. It doesn’t need charm or charisma. It doesn’t need solid aesthetics. All it needs is an audience, and time to extract value from that audience.

    (this comment sponsored by the Elitist Dipshit Club – we’re right, and you know it)

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      keithzg says:

      I mean you’re certainly not wrong . . .

      Blizzard’s insistence that there’s some important and intricate story is entirely undercut every time you see Reinhardt boosting into Reinhardt. It’s like they don’t notice they made a symmetric-team online shooter.

    • Farsearcher says:

      I disagree. Whilst the story has little interaction with the actual gameplay it provides a certain character.

      I’ve been playing Rainbow 6 siege lately and it’s characters are almost entirely without personality. They’ll spout one generic voice line at the start of a mission sometimes and they have different voices but that’s it.

      In Overwatch sometimes the characters will speak to each other at the start of the round and if you get a kill on certain other characters they’ll sometimes comment on it in lore appropriate way. Whilst it is divorced from the gameplay (Zenyatta helping kill omnics on Kings Row)for me it really adds to the feel of the game.

      It would be nice if the plot had some more nuance but it’s Blizzard so it’ll have been designed to be simple for mass market appeal.

    • Einsammler says:

      Team Fortress 2 has some questions for you.

      …I am also incredibly distracted by wishing Zenyatta on King’s Row was a sequel to City of Heroes, and pondering if Widowmaker would be terrible or wonderful in Dark Astoria.

  4. Symarian says:

    Or a new game mode? I love you, Overwatch, but there needs to be some variety.