No Man’s Sky Is Out Now On PC

No Man’s Sky is out now. You can now get the procedural galaxy-’em-up from Steam and Humble. There was no pre-loading for the game available though, so expect Steam’s servers to be slow while everyone starts downloading those 18 quintillion planets.

Yes, I know that the game being procedural means that you are not literally downloading the planets. No Man’s Sky’s total filesize is considerably smaller than many of its peers; just 6GB on PS4.

The game’s release on PlayStation earlier this week has allowed John some time to play it ahead of its arrival on PC. You can read his No Man’s Sky impressions if you want some sense of the reality of the game after all the trailers and excitement these past few years.

John will now be playing the game on PC, with the aim to prepare a proper PC review to go up on the site sometime on Monday. We didn’t receive advanced review code so this is the best we can do.

Disclosure: Our Alec did some last-minute writing for No Man’s Sky. He won’t write about the game for us any more.


  1. bandertroll says:

    Got it. But Steam downloads only 2,2 mbyte\sec, againtst 9,3 on start.

  2. Rizlar says:

    GOG too!

    • Kefren says:

      I was surprised GOG wasn’t mentioned. If I bought the game that’s where I’d go.

      • Rizlar says:

        Not a massive GOG fanboy or anything, just happened to notice it on there earlier. I have had good experiences of customer support with them, regional pricing store credit is great and their anti-DRM stance/nice lightweight app and range of download options is to be applauded.

        So yeah, might as well buy it through GOG!

        • jonahcutter says:

          Yep. My experience with GOG so far has been great. Including new releases.

          It lacks some of the community frills of Steam, but it’s functionality has been great.

          I’ve taken to trying to buy new releases on GOG if at all possible, before turning to Steam.

  3. Burnspeed says:

    eta 3 minutes, thank you Virgin Media.

    • DasBlob says:

      Out of curiosity: Just how many virgins exaclty did you have to sacrifice for that? (That’s how Virgin Media works, right?)

  4. ZakG says:

    How can you not mention GOG in an official news report?! You miss nothing by getting it on GOG instead of Steam (as there are no Steam only specific things in NMS) and you get a proper DRM free game to do with and install as you wish that no-one can ever stop you from playing. Sometimes the bias towards Steam at RPS is a sad, sad thing imho.

  5. ZXDunny says:

    Downloaded from GOG, came down in a couple of minutes. Also only 2.4GB download – god knows why the PS4 download is 6GB?

    • LennyLeonardo says:

      Is it that thing where the PS4 has to reserve the hard drive space before downloading, effectively doubling the download size of everything? Or is that something I made up/misunderstood.