No Man’s Sky Shows Off 4k Shots, PC Settings Revealed

I say “revealed”. What I really mean is “soon visible to any of the 18 quintillion humans who are currently downloading the game.” But I can’t fit that in a headline. Anyway, Nvidia has already posted some screens of what settings can be changed in the space exploration adventure, as well as giving the world some snaps of what it looks like in 4k. Come see, it’s quite pretty.

You can see all the screens in their proper glory at the Nvidia website. More importantly, the settings screengrabs confirm you can do all the usual stuff to your game, including re-assigning the sprint control, which is important for anyone playing with a controller, since the default for PS4 is pressing down on the right joystick – absolutely unthinkable.

So, there you go. Happy No Man’s Day everybody. To be honest, I don’t know why I’m here. Everyone in the RPS virtua-office has vanished. There’s probably nobody even reading this. I could write whatever I want. La la la la la. Controllers are better than mouse and keyboard. I prefer touchscreens. Deus Ex wasn’t good. La la la la laaaa.


  1. diamondmx says:

    “Deus Ex wasn’t good”
    You will be dealt with … as soon as we finish playing No Man’s Sky.

    • demicanadian says:

      TBF Human Revolution, the only old DX kids remember was crap. Preorder DLC strategy killed it.

      • Flavour Beans says:

        First off, DXHR was absolutely fantastic, and letting preorder bonuses still ruin it for you this far after release says more about you than it does about the game. Secondly, I wouldn’t say it’s the only one that “kids” remember, considering how available the other two still are, and how many people even younger than I am that I know have played it.

      • Raoul Duke says:

        As a game it was pretty good. As a sequel to the greatest game of all time, it was garbage.

        • TillEulenspiegel says:

          Exactly. DX:HR is well above average for a modern shooter, but there are fundamental aspects of Deus Ex (particularly level design) that it completely failed to understand, and therefore made much worse.

    • A Gentleman and a Taffer says:

      Don’t mention….ah, crap, reinstalling now

  2. ruaidhri.k says:

    half-life 2 is a bit rubbish !

  3. Fry says:

    We saw that controller comment, buddy.

    Burn the witch!

  4. doktor57 says:

    Touchscreens rule.

  5. Lorax-V says:

    Can anyone say how high the FOV goes and if it supports 21:9?

    • fish99 says:

      The FOV slider goes to 100, but I measured it and there’s no way it’s 100, I reckon it’s about 78. It definitely need to go wider IMO, it still has an overly zoomed feel even at 100 (because it’s not really 100).

      No idea about 21:9 sorry.

      • mwoody says:

        Sure you’re not mixing up vertical and horizontal FOV?

        • fish99 says:

          Yes I’m sure. If the vertical FOV was 100 the horizontal would be 178 degrees which would be an insane fish eye view. Feel free to measure it yourself.

    • 9of9 says:

      Go find SteamApps\common\No Man’s Sky\Binaries\SETTINGS\TKGRAPHICSSSETTINGS.MXML and set the FOV values to whatever you want. 130 or 140 seems to work a little bit more like what you’d expect from an FOV of about 90.

  6. WhatAShamefulDisplay says:

    “Deus Ex wasn’t good”

  7. tkjgmz says:

    Apologies, small rant incoming.

    Three NMS posts within less than 30 minutes, each comparably short and more or less about the same topic (PC launch)?

    I love RPS – and I’m interested in NMS as a whole – but I’m muting you on twitter (my main route of reading the site) for a few days.

    Now, I too want RPS to be successful, it’s a big launch, etc, etc – but this feels spammy and stale (similar to Fallout 4). Please show some moderation. Thank you.


    • Bull0 says:

      It’s just a high level of excitement from seemingly all the writers, which is not that common, so they’re all posting about it. No conspiracy.

      • MauvePeopleEater says:

        Nobody’s calling it a conspiracy, really. It’s just a bit annoying for some of us to see so much space devoted to a single game that a (presumably) sizeable part of RPS’s readership doesn’t give a damn about. For what it’s worth, I feel the same way about the eSports and Fallout 4 articles that seemed to flourish a while back.

        • Raoul Duke says:

          I had a whinge about the infestation of Hitman articles a while back and everyone got upset. Feels like a site caught between its outsider roots and mainstream appeal at the moment.

    • emotionengine says:

      This. I’m as excited about the game as the next guy (which is moderately) but this veritable logorrhea of yours is seriously annoying and off putting. I mean what was the point of Graham’s bare bones launch post if official designated reviewer John was going to write about it 15 minutes later with more extensive details and actual hands-on info? And then Brendan’s vacuous infomercial post here a mere ten minutes after that. (Sorry Brendan, I like your stuff in general, but this isn’t your strongest hour).

      Ironically, I find Alec’s self-imposed silence on the game – while understandable given the circumstances – the greatest loss here, as he is certainly in a position to offer a unique take on the game. (That his writing also happens to be superior is just an added bonus – there, I said it.) Maybe when all of the hullabaloo around NMS has settled and we have established some temporal and emotional distance from the launch, there may arise opportunity for him to write about the game in these hallowed halls.

      • Alec Meer says:

        *blush* If I ever write about it, it’ll be on a personal blog. Though first I will need to start a personal blog.

        • Premium User Badge

          Aerothorn says:

          You could just borrow John’s blog for a post. Rab did it!

      • Don Reba says:

        And then Brendan’s vacuous infomercial post here a mere ten minutes after that. (Sorry Brendan, I like your stuff in general, but this isn’t your strongest hour).

        He must have been dying to tell us how he feels about Deus Ex forever, but the perfect opportunity never came until now.

    • Hunchback says:

      Came here to say this, more or less. The main page contains 90% posts about NMS, can’t they really be concatenated in one or two bigger posts?

      People who don’t read RPS will not start to do so because there’s a ton of mega-hype posts on it. However, people who DO read RPS might stop doing so (for a while)… Think about it.

      • Someoldguy says:

        I felt exactly the same about the bloody endless Overwatch dripfeed coverage a while back. It’s just something we reluctantly have to get used to with web review sites where revenue is generated by clicks.

    • Flavour Beans says:

      Until they have more First Impressions, Wot I Think, or RPS Verdict, ready to publish, it’d be nice to see the mini-articles on launch day (plus or minus two days) just combined into a single oft-updated article, even if they pinned it to the front page. Do it like how some news outlets will do as-story-develops pages for certain events. It’d also save the RPS staff a lot of time rewriting the same info, and wedging in links to other articles.

      The NMS coverage is starting to get a bit spammy, especially for a website that holds itself to being comparatively sane and level-headed, and this much noise for a game that’s starting to look like a “Eh, it’s alright” is a bit embarrassing.

      But hey, at least it’s not as over-the-top as their Overwatch coverage was.

    • Ericusson says:

      Yeah well you know how the industry works eh ? RPS is no different than others and everybody could see it since the Fallout 4 hyped review and article.

  8. Lumière says:

    I had to check if I didn’t clicked on a No Man’s Sky tag without realizing, cause everything on the frontpage was about it. The most curious is that I just don’t care too much about this game.

  9. Kefren says:

    So, does it have a setting to disable all the online features? The other day there was an implication that I was stupid for not knowing that already, but GOG’s specs didn’t say the game needed to be online, yet others imply it is online only and you can’t turn off the online guff. I’m confused.

    • Sandepande says:

      There’s no option for it that I could see, but you can block any outbound traffic from NMS.exe, and you still get achievements.

      As a game, it’s a good 7/10. As a visual experience it’s exceedingly lovely.

      For some reason it had 30 fps set as maximum in settings, but runs fine at 60 on medium (GTX 970).

      • Kefren says:

        Thanks. It’s a good example of all sorts of confusion about this game. GOG told me you could turn off all the online features (other people renaming planets and species etc) so now I am more confused. I contacted them again with this:

        Let me restate it: I want to play the game without it connecting to the Internet and downloading other player’s namings and so on. My PC itself will be online.

        1> Will the game automatically connect and download stuff even though I don’t want it to? With my only option trying to delve into complicated firewall rules and try to set up a block (possibly after it has installed and already done this synchronisation)?

        2> Or can I turn off the unwanted feature in-game before it downloads all that stuff I don’t want?

        Many thanks.

  10. int says:

    Curses! I accidentally read another No Man’s Sky article. If only there was a way to not click on and read certain RPS articles. Well maybe in the future.

    • Premium User Badge

      keithzg says:

      I know, I keep trying not to click on articles, but I can’t seem to manage. I blame everyone but myself!

  11. engion3 says:

    All this No Man’s Sky talk got be back into Starbound last nite. First time I’ve played since it hit 1.0 and I’m hooked again. Long live space exploration.

    • davethejuggler says:

      Hah, same here. No mans sky looks kinda fun, but the core mechanics look like they’d get in the way of me actually enjoying it, which is fine but not for the current price. Starbound seems a ton of fun since the 1.0 release!

      • Ericusson says:

        Starbound has absolutely no fun (I would add whatsoever but that would be personnal) in it.
        Whatever fun was in the betas before was actually actively removed by the dev for 1.0 (really).

        Maybe Fracking Universe makes this pale copy of Terraria (and Minecraft etc.) less shallow than it is now.
        But the disappointment of playing through 1.0 made me want to puke enough not to go back to this turd before another 5 years of development, when they will actually have put a game behind their sprites on the screen …

  12. TamyKnockers says:

    Will we be able to mod this game? if so i would buy it

    • TamyKnockers says:

      After checking out steam recommendations i will not get it or buy it at 90% off kinda deal lol

  13. frobishlumpkin says:

    I had some stuttering on a very similar rig right when I booted, but after running around for a couple minutes it seemed to totally disappear and now it’s running just fine.

  14. ExParrot_1337 says:

    And of course when we say ‘joystick’ we clearly mean ‘controller’ – not *joystick*. Because I wanted to use my joystick, but NMS doesn’t detect it. So, floaty/shitty mouse controlled flying it is. :-/

    Also, framerate stutters.

  15. Cropduster says:

    Space games are glorified flight sims for your dad.

    Also Kingdoms of Amalur has a better story than Planscape Torment

    • Spacewalk says:

      KOA has more letters in its name so it’s off to a better start.

      • Don Reba says:

        They are both 16 letters long.

        • Spacewalk says:

          When reading its full title it’s something like twenty five, actually.

        • picollo7 says:

          So you counted the number of letters, but didn’t notice the mispelling? PLANESCAPE: Torment has more letters than Kingdoms of Amalur, but if you consider the full title: “Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning” then KOA clearly wins out on letter count, but not colon count. So uhhh, the point is, KOA has a better story than PT? I am intrigued, but I’ll probably just go read a wiki instead of playing the game. Who has time for games these days, I only have enough time to read about them. And because of these sour grapes I shall scoff at you through my nostalgia glasses. How dare you consider anything modern to be fun? Back in my day we fiddled with IRQ settings to get the sound blaster to work and loved every damned minute of it. Now get off my lawn you fun loving gamers!

    • Raoul Duke says:

      If I am a dad am I allowed to enjoy it?

  16. aircool says:

    Something is wrong with the resolution in NMS. I’m running it at 1080, but it looks like its being rendered at a much lower resolution, 1024 x 768 or something.

    Very dodgy :/

    • aircool says:

      It is rendering at a lower resolution… what absolute bullshit from the developers!

      • Raoul Duke says:

        What? Surely not? Or are you talking about the PS4 version?

        • aircool says:

          Nope. My monitor is 1080 and I set the in game resolution to 1080, but it looked very muddy.

          After a while I realised it just looked like the render resolution was much lower.

          I set the in game resolution to 2715×1527 (on a 1080 monitor) and it actually looked more like 1080 should do, but of course the framerate tanked.

          Other people are discovering this for themselves.

    • Zenicetus says:

      Yeah, it’s pretty dodgy. I’m running at 1920×1200 with good frame rates, medium graphics setting, and the textures on the ground when you’re walking around are pretty bad. Very blurry, with obvious tile edges here and there.

      Worse, there is bad pop-in for close terrain detail when I’m flying low over a planet. That pop-in is very distracting, since the game relies on you identifying interesting features on the ground.

      Right now I’m just ignoring it, because as a tech demo with an overlay of MMO-style busy work, it’s pretty impressive. It will be interesting to see if the devs have enough of a handle on the code to optimize it past this point.

      • mwoody says:

        Keep in mind that it’s a voxel engine. It looks, coincidentally considering they’re both on the RPS front page, like a much more advanced version of Outcast. Which isn’t surprising as that’s another rare example of a voxel engine (arguably).

        • Zenicetus says:

          The voxel engine does let it do a few neat things, like carving out chunks of terrain with the mining tool.

        • Don Reba says:

          It might use voxels for destruction or physics, but rendering would still be polygon rasterization, of course. And Outcast did not actually use voxels at all.

    • fish99 says:

      The game definitely doesn’t look clear and sharp, so there’s something going on.

      • fish99 says:

        OK I’ve just checked and the game is not upscaling. Just turn AA off, grab an in-game screenshot (INS key in Steam) and load it into an art package. Then just find an edge, like the horizon and see if the steps are all 1 pixel width. They are.

        The game does seem to have some weird effect on polygon edges though, kinda like the edge detection filter in photoshop. The overall look is definitely not sharp.

  17. fish99 says:

    Here’s a close-up look at some edges in NMS with AA off, and I’ve drawn some lines on here so you can see pixel sizes. I guess that actually is what upscaling would look like. None of the edges are sharp.

    link to

    (hopefully RPS are ok with links to Steam screenshots)