Sound The Bugle: Battlefield 1 Open Beta Starts On 31st

“War!” sang Edwin Starr. “Huh!” he added, “Yeah”. He continued to pose a question: “What is it good for?” Well, if you sufficiently abstract and gameify war and don’t think hard about it, it’s a fun setting for a video game, yeah? The thrills, chills, and mustard gas spills of The Great War are coming in Battlefield 1 [official site] on October 21st and developers DICE will let people have a go early in an open beta. They’ve now announced that will begin on August 31st. But first, a new trailer out of Gamescom:

Johnny Cash had strong opinions on spawncamping.

As for the open beta, DICE say folks who sign up for the Battlefield Insider will get early access but don’t say quite how early that’ll be. Or how long the beta will run for. Anyway, here’s the official word on what’s in the beta:

“The Battlefield 1 Open Beta will feature two franchise favorite modes – Conquest and Rush – on the new Sinai Desert map. Playable with up to 64 players, this map includes a new controllable Armored Train behemoth, ridable horses and three new Elite Classes – Sentry, Flame Trooper and Tank Hunter.”

I’m guessing Sinai Desert is the map in that new trailer, yeah? And here are some words on quite how horses work (they’re some sort of hungry bicycle?).


  1. Turkey says:

    The desert stuff looks way more awesome than anything else in the game. I kind of just want a Dune action game now, though.

  2. ran93r says:

    Preordering just because of JC, wooooooooooo… no wait.
    I did that for BF4 and that went so well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Still, am excite.

    • DarkLiberator says:

      Origin does have a refund system now. If you don’t like the game can always return it.

  3. BillyBumbler says:

    I’m kind of looking forward to see what they do with the single-player campaign, because I love the “Lawrence of Arabia” setting. It’s still a good movie even today.

    I played the closed alpha and I had a decent time. The location damage on the tanks and the blimp gunship was cool. There were just too many automatic weapons imo.

    • GWOP says:

      Peter O’Toole was so dreamy…

      • BillyBumbler says:

        It must have been magical seeing one of his films in the 60s, and having a crush on him.

    • SanguineAngel says:

      A wonderful film. I need to be in the mood for it but it remains one of my favourites.

      Slightly off topic but curious. Not sure if it was significant but when you say “even today” is that to say that films have gotten better in the intervening decades?

      • BillyBumbler says:

        I wouldn’t exactly say that films have gotten better. I think modern technology has made Hollywood too dependent on SFX and CG graphics, while neglecting the story and acting. Lawrence of Arabia is a 50 year old movie that is still good on it’s own merits, and still very watchable today.

        • SanguineAngel says:

          much agreed! Sure the quality of special effects has certainly improved over time but that’s about the only thing I could say is a definitive improvement (and a detriment as many films seem to rely on them, as you mention)

          I’d say the focus of film making has shifted over the years to such a degree that often to talk a bout a film 50 years ago and a film made today is to talk about apples and oranges. I enjoy a great many current films, adore a lot but in many regards I pine for seemingly abandoned principles of film making.

    • goon buggy says:

      Thank the Lord for Lawrence of America.

    • Gomer_Pyle says:

      Agreed. LoA was a great film and I can’t wait to try out this Sinai map.

      • BillyBumbler says:

        There’s just something majestic about cavalry and the desert sand.

  4. dangermouse76 says:

    I wish this was Firefly the game instead.

  5. Kodaemon says:

    Laibach already settled “what is it good for?” question, for modern times anyway: “GM, IBM, Newsweek, CNN Universal European, VCR Industry”

  6. Ham Solo says:

    Without france and russia? Thanks, but no thanks.

    • unacom says:

      Bear Cavalry didn´t fare well in the desert campaign of `17.
      So I can live without Russia, for the moment.