Grow Up, Okay: Grow Home Sequel Released

Two words for you, reader, you and your video games: Grow Up [official site]. That’s a joke really undone by capitalisation and our standardised linking, isn’t it. Otherwise it’d be hilarious, wouldn’t it. You’d be like “Whaaat! How dare you! And on a video games site!” then I’d reveal that really I was talking about the sequel to Ubisoft’s splendid physics-o-platformer Grow Home and you’d be like “Oh gosh! I thought…!” and we’d laugh and laugh. Well, so much for that. The point is, Grow Up is now out and that’s good news, isn’t it.

Grow Up brings back BUD, crash-landed on a new planet. The little robit will be roaming and climbing around again, trying to collect parts and to reach the moon and rebuild dear MOM. I don’t know what MOM is meant to stand for but I’ll be mighty disappointed if the mothership’s name isn’t backcryonymed anew as MUM for the UK.

This time around, BUD has new abilities, including planting seeds to grow loads of different helpful plants. Here, this video has some Ubimen explaining it all:

I know, it is still a little surprising that this is a game made by a Ubisoft studio. Their small games really can be quite interesting. I mean, I’m excited for the hilarious goofiness of Hackers homage Watch Dogs 2 more than anyone I know (largely because I refuse to believe it’s meant to be serious) but… it’s nice that Ubi do let folks make games like this too.

Grow Up is £6.99/9,99€/$9.99 on Steam.

Multipurpose Utility Moduliser, maybe.


  1. Distec says:

    And since I don’t see it mentioned anywhere here: No, Grow Up (like the original) does not require UPlay. Assuming that’s the sort of thing that matters to you.

    • PhoenixTank says:

      I was a bit worried when I saw another store offering uPlay keys for the game, so thanks for the confirm!

      • Tom89 says:

        Dear lord you mean I missed out on playing Grow Home for the nothing!? Avoided it because I assumed it was Uplay – a pretty good lesson in DRM hurting sales i suppose…

    • Premium User Badge

      3001 says:

      “No, Grow Up (like the original) does not require UPlay.”

      This does matter to me, I will not support additional ‘features’ that serve only to reduce the possibility of a product I’ve paid for working. I hadn’t come across Grow Home before, I’ll look into it now, partly with the intention of showing Ubisoft that I value no DRM (or rather devalue anything with additional DRM)

      I feel like writing to Ubisoft every time I look at a game I want to buy only to see the dreaded ‘3rd Party DRM: Uplay’ flag on the store page and telling them – you are losing a sale because you insist on this device for which No. Customer. Ever. Asked. For.

  2. SimonOrbit says:

    Easy buy. The first game was a treat. Was fun to play with my 5-year-old daughter (who mostly wanted to just glide around with the leaf).

  3. Shazbut says:

    Lovely! Will add to my list of “Games On PC That Remind Me Of Nintendo”

  4. AutonomyLost says:

    This will be added to my Steam Library promptly. Looks genuinely light-hearted and fun.

  5. Warlord33 says:

    I was so happy about this when I found out it came out today…And then I found out it has no linux support. Does anyone know if linux support will eventually come to ‘Grow Up’

  6. one random winner says:

    Haven’t read a post of yours in a while Ms. O’Connor. Top shelf as always! I’ll have to take a look at this whole “growing up” thing.

  7. Urthman says:

    Firewatch, The Witness, Kentucky Route Zero IV, ABZÛ, No Man’s Sky… any one of these could have been my GOTY most other years, and now a Grow Home sequel?! (Oh, and also a completely free follow-up to Nehrim in the Skyrim engine?!) 2016 might be my favorite year for video games ever.

  8. Urthman says:

    And it’s only $10?!?!!

  9. Jay Load says:

    Sometimes I love my life. I only bought the first game about 6 weeks ago…and now there’s more!

    Easiest purchase I’ve made in a while. The first game is a magical thing. Giving B.U.D a toddler’s personality was a stroke of genius. The sound design is superlative, equalled only by the world design. It quickly became one of my favourite places to just hang out, gliding around on that leaf, and/or just messing about with my fully-crystal-charged rocket pack. Such a lovely, mellow experience. So rare in gaming these days but so very welcome.

    I played Grow Up for a few hours last night. It’s got the same sparkling charm and humour, even while being more expansive. I really appreciate the room to run around (especially when you get one of his new abilities, which I won’t spoil here). Really looking forward to spending more time in B.U.D’s new world.