Red Thai: Hitman’s Bangkok Episode Is Out Today

The fourth episode of Square Enix’s righteous murder simulator, Hitman [official site], is out today, dispatching Agent 47 to a luxury hotel in Bangkok where he must get killy with the lead singer of overrated indie band ‘The Class’ and the crooked lawyer representing him. The band are recording their second album, which is likely to be devastatingly bad. They must be stopped. Come see the briefing trailer below.

The silliest thing about these missions, I find, is the need for Diana to make every target’s death completely justifiable. They are either plotting a coup, or have ruined the global economy or are the leader of a shadowy intelligence organisation, or are responsible in some way for the deaths of others. “This is a bad person, 47” she says in your ear. “You are definitely the goodie.”

This latest target, front man Jordan Cross, is marked for death because his girlfriend fell to her death from a high rise apartment and her family “firmly believe” it was him. The law found him not guilty, so they have decided to hire a bald man to kill the singer instead. OK. I know that the accusation is very likely true in the confines of the morally corrupt Hitman universe. But come on, can Diana just once dispatch you to an exotic location and say, “This man is actually lovely. But we’ve been paid a lot to strangle him.”

You can download the episode now, which also comes with the promise of new gear and weapons, not to mention the new environment of Himmapan hotel by the Chao Phraya river, where you are likely to be killing more of the game’s temporary elusive targets. The next episode will be set somewhere in the United States, we’re told, while the season finale is due to take place in Japan. Is six episodes enough for you?


  1. faircall says:

    6 episodes is enough for me, given the quality. Can’t wait to put on the Only God Forgives soundtrack and give this episode a go.

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    Aerothorn says:

    As someone who got almost all the way to the end of Hitman 2 but never finished it – why is 47 still being a hitman, anyway?

    • Premium User Badge

      phuzz says:

      Well, there was that time he worked at a petting zoo…
      I think they managed to find enough pieces that the families had something to bury afterwards.
      I mean, I knew cats could be cruel, but those kittens! So vicious! The screams, the blood!

      Anyway, 47 went back to hitmanning again after that, it was just less messy.

    • Herr_C says:

      This is Hitman: Early Years, so Hitman 2 is actually happening later in time.

  3. goon buggy says:

    Im not sure people give a frag about this game anymore, anyway.
    Denuvo, always online to keep your progress, even if you want to play offline. Damn awful scripted AI.
    Its shredding players with its mobile like monthly targets. AND they possibly want 3 seasons. Sigh.

  4. ruaidhri.k says:

    who cares if he murdered his girlfriend. The beard and bun combo is enough to mark him for a grisly end.

  5. Dorga says:

    I wouldn’t have a problem if the game had you smothering children in their cribs, but I find it quite distasteful that it tries to draw a mercenary murderer as a benefactor.
    One could argue that most video game heroes are murderous monsters, this case ‘though feels more jarring then usual since the marketing is also directly suggesting that violence is a more efficient solution then the proper legal ways.

    • gunny1993 says:

      Well violence is definitely easier and quicker than the law, so if efficency is your only issue, I think it checks out.

  6. mnemos says:

    The justifications for killing the targets have been bothering me, too. Maybe I’m mis-remembering, but I don’t remember the old games leaning on that so hard? At the very least they seemed content to let 47 be only slightly less amoral than his targets.

    Minor SPOILER warning, I guess, though there’s hardly any plot to spoil at this point. Still, fair warning:

    I’m kind of hoping that at some point you’ll learn that Diana’s briefings aren’t entirely truthful, and you’ve actually been doing the bidding of some NWO-type folks, instead of a series of unrelated clients. I’m not confident it’ll actually play out that way, but based on the snippets of plot we have so far I think some kind of development along those lines is possible.

    • Cross says:

      Continuing the spoiler warning: THe overarching plot points to the contrary. That inf act you’ve been secretly doing the bidding of a fella targeting the NWO-style organisation.

    • X_kot says:

      I can’t recall the older games very well, but Blood Money justified the deaths of the targets with their criminal ways: murderers, drug runners, rapists. Now, the people hiring you for these jobs are probably as bad if not more so, but there’s at least a light sheen of Dexter on top of it.

    • kode says:

      Spoilers and so on: ICA catches on to what everyone who’s seen the ending film bits of earlier episodes have guessed at since Paris and known for a fact since Marrakesh. Though what the end bit of this episode starts with (Crosses father being lured out from his solitary island life only to have himself shot to death and his offshore accounts emptied) sort of begets the question that if it wasn’t really about money for the shadow client (it hasn’t really seemed like it so far), why do something as blatant as emptying the accounts of a recent targets father that would make the ICA notice?

      Anyway, all in all a pretty fun episode, it feels like it’s gotten harder to choke people out or give them a blunt hit over the head without anyone hearing it from five blocks over now, though, meanwhile they don’t hear bullet impacts unless you clip their ears with the bullets…

  7. Junkenstein says:

    Is six episodes enough, value-wise? Sure. Would I pay for more episodes as DLC or another ‘season’? I think so.

    • Banks says:

      IO said that they are aiming to make three seasons. So if the game sells well enough we’ll have Hitman for a long time, which would be great.

  8. Ethaor says:

    Apart from missions, do they keep on working on the game too? Does it also add some new gameplay features? Or is it ‘just’ pure content?

    I want to buy it but I feel it lacks some persistent/rpg elements that worked wonders in Blood money such as weapon upgrades and customisation. (And blood money’s sound track but oh well..)

    • Cross says:

      Weapon upgrades are in there, in a sense. Customization sort of. You unlock new weapons and kit, some of which are upgraded variants, by achieving mastery and completing challenges within the different missions. Doing elusive targets unlocks new suits for 47.

    • Mi-24 says:

      They do seem to have been adding gameplay features with each update but not much.
      A lot of this is usability (seeing weapon information, seeing what is detected when frisked, the way saves are handled etc) but nothing revolutionary.

  9. Chemix says:

    I’m unsure of the other titles, but Blood Money had the same sort of fluff where the targets were always evil people. The opening mission for example is to take out a theme park owner who had shoddy equipment that led to the death of at least one boy, who’s parents presumably used the college fund to hire Ian for a hit.

    The cardinal and the actor at the opera were controlling interests in a child sex ring.

    The father son duo in south America were… drug dealers… I guess that’s enough really.

    The International Agency has always had (To my knowledge) a slightly heroic slant to make these murders seem justifiable. The exception (that I’m aware of) being in Absolution where they went from assassinations to full blown occupation of an American town as a PMC (Which was ridiculous).

    Honestly, I kinda prefer it with the fluff to without. Gives my *mostly* non-lethal play throughs a sense of morality. I’m the kinda guy who has a hard time playing a bad guy, it just doesn’t gel even though I’m aware of the fantasy.

    This sort of thing also appears in GTA: San Andreas where with certain exceptions, CJ is doing… sort of good things, or at least things which seem to be good at the time. That mission though… eugh.

  10. Cross says:

    Supposedly, we’re getting a seventh episode in an as-yet unannounced location. This makes sense, given the way the story is developing.

  11. Hedgeclipper says:

    “Your secondary target is this cute puppy, which must be kicked…”

  12. General Advice Bot says:

    There could’ve been some Spinal Tap’esque drama as motivation for hiring 47: A rhythm-guitarist being jealous of the lead-guitarist, a bassplayer who insists on eardamaging volumes (“It has to be felt, man…”), drug escapades of the singer ruining the efforts of decent follow up album, a slimy manager wanting a more manageable drummer, an amp which doesn’t go to eleven…Heck, they could build a whole mission where you have to assassinate a band. *sigh* But an (ex-)girlfriend in the fridge it is.

    • Jediben says:

      So make your own contract to that effect.

      • General Advice Bot says:

        Fair enough. But the theme has so much potential for some dark drama/comedy, that this feels like lazy writing on the devs part. I speak from personal experience when I say a band is an entanglement of social relationships, which itself can be mined for meaningful drama. No outsiders (e.g. parents of a dead girlfriend) needed. And as others have commented, Diana’s justifications seem a bit rote.

        General Advice Corner: Start a band.

  13. satan says:

    Guess I’ll keep waiting for a bundle with all these episodes in it.

  14. NephilimNexus says:

    The final mission on contracts has you kill the local police chief pro bono, simply because he knew too much about 47.

    So yes, you do get at least one target who was hardly a villain.