Lords Of The Fallen Devs Show Off The Surge

German studio Deck13 are mostly known for adventure games like Jack Keane but they’ve gone a bit biff-bow in recent years, most recently with Lords of the Fallen, a pretty bleh Dark Souls-inspired action-RPG. Well, they’ll be biffing again next year with The Surge [official site], a sci-fi hack ‘n’ slash action-RPG which they’re showing off now in a new 15-minute gameplay trailer. Observe:

For those who can’t or won’t watch, I’ll recap a little. So! It’s the dystopian near-future and your fella has started a new job and been fitted for his exosuit when oh no! something goes wrong and when he wakes up he has to kill all his co-workers because they’ve gone wonky.

What that means is third-person melee combat with dodging, different weapons, and targeting specific body parts to hit weak points or knock off and yoink the equipment on that part. It’s stamina-based and does still look a little Souls-y. Supposedly the world is a bit Metroidvania-y, with new routes becoming available as you power up not to mention secrets and whatnot. Also, there’s crafting, because I guess games are required to have it.

The dusty world and bland enemies shown in that demo vid don’t really excite me but hey, it’s an early demo build meant to show off low-level stuff. The full game is due some time in 2017.


  1. vargata says:

    it looks quite bad and boring… where is the real gameplay? you think i will kill just to grind stuff to kill more? also, its a game focusing on male but still in 2016 there is no weapon contact? at least add something that makes it new…

    • Boondock says:

      I’m struggling to understand what you even mean. Clearly this is a Dark Souls clone, so it’s “real gameplay” should be quite similar to that series of games. What exactly are you trying to say about “weapon contact”? In terms of adding something new the whole dismembering your enemies with targeted attacks, and then using their dismembered parts to upgrade yourself is new as far as I know, and in theory could add a lot of tactical depth to the combat.

      Honestly, based on the complaints you’re making, I’m getting the impression this type of game just isn’t for you. I’d guess you probably have similar feelings about the Dark Souls series as well. Personally I’ve found the style of what they’ve shown so far to be kinda bland but I’m not going to totally write it off just yet as the general idea of a sci fi DS clone is not a something I am against.

      • Ashabel says:

        “the whole dismembering your enemies with targeted attacks, and then using their dismembered parts to upgrade yourself is new as far as I know”

        Actually, Cyborg Justice did that over 20 years ago.

        • Boondock says:

          Ah yes, I did mean to say new to this type of game. My comment was specifically responding to a previous comment implying that this game was taking a known style and not adding anything new to it. There are a few older games that have similar systems, mostly mech games, but I can’t think of any that are third person action RPGs.

          • Ashabel says:

            Dark Souls has a system for obtaining gear by breaking off enemy parts, albeit used sparingly and politely because over-pushing it turns a neat bonus into a tedious nuisance.

            Dark Souls, in turn, has politely ganked that system from Monster Hunter. Generally every single hunting RPG has a system for breaking off specific parts to obtain unique materials and gear connected to it. MonHun games do, God Eater games do, Toukiden does. The list may continue.

            It doesn’t add anything new to the genre because it doesn’t add anything new to the genre. Over-emphasizing a previously minor gameplay system to the point of turning it into a gimmick around which gameplay revolves doesn’t really mean you made something new, it means you’re pushing your game toward a particular playstyle (one that isn’t necessarily fun, and in this case it’s narratively incoherent).

  2. Cyrus says:

    Really bland and uninteresting. Would like an isometric sci-fi Diabloesque game instead. Guess that’s Inquisitor – Martyr if it prove to be something.

  3. Ashabel says:

    Looks and sounds like half Lords of the Fallen, half Cyborg Justice. Granted, the second part seems to be very badly thought out. Why does the main character need to chop off specific parts in order to obtain gear when he actually scans said gear and later constructs replicas of it? Can’t he just scan the specific body part on a fallen enemy?

    The worst part of Lords of the Fallen was that it looked good in initial gameplay trailers, but controlled poorly and was a complete mess in terms of enemy and weapon balance. I guess we’ll see whether this one improves on its ideas in any way.

    • DanMan says:

      Yeah. They’re really not awesome at the “game” part of their games.

  4. Nauallis says:

    The bar for this type of game should be “more fun to play than Too Human.” Which is admittedly a very low bar.

    • boundless08 says:

      How dare you make me remember that game existed. Shame on you. Shame!

      Pretty good comparison though. I did like the setting and seemingly endless collection of armour and weapons, but the gameplay was just so meh I stopped playing to do my taxes. This one does look a tad similar in that regard, I hope they jazz it up a bit as I’m a sucker for post apoc lolz but will wait for reviews and sales

  5. LexW1 says:

    It reminds me a lot of BioForge in a strange way.

    This is not a great thing.

    link to en.wikipedia.org

  6. Pravin Lal's Nuclear Arsenal says:

    It…doesn’t look bad to me. I’m a bit of a sucker for that Elysium-like (or Dead Space – like) repurposing of industrial tools and it’s nice to see the Souls influence going in a somewhat different direction, both aesthetically and mechanically.

    It may have some potential.

  7. Spacewalk says:

    It’s oddly reassuring that working for a company that’s dedicate to solving the world’s ecological problems involves killing loads of people.

  8. Cinek says:

    Looks like Lords of the Fallen in sci-fi.

  9. Czrly says:

    Oh wow. A gameplay trailer that consists of nothing but actual gameplay. Why, oh why, can’t we have more of these?