Whooooo! Planet Coaster Rolling Out In November

Planet Coaster [official site], our next great hope for building and managing theme parks, now has a release date. It’s been in (expensive) paid alpha for a while but it’ll be declared finished and properly released on November 17th. I’ve not touched the alpha at all but I am quite keen to start building the park of my dreams with that fine-looking editor. I have big plans for a park of pond-pocked forest.

Planet Coaster will cost £29.99 when it launches on November 17th. Our last look at the game was back in March, even before the alpha launch, but it was already looking promising then.

To accompany this launch announcement, developers Frontier Developments have released a new video dev diary focusing on Planet Coaster’s sound. They talk about making everything feel warm and human, having simfolk react to sounds around them, the Simlish-y Planco language everyone speaks, and hey, they also show a lot of bits of cool parks and rides.

And there’s a cow mascot who uses her udder as a Space Hopper. Not sure about that.

That cow ain’t right.

I also have plans for a really shabby yet charming mini-funfair set up in a local park. The one in London Fields last year had the vommiest waltzers and a ghost train which ended facing the spookiest fake gravestone imaginable: “RIP Dracula”.


  1. Sp4rkR4t says:

    Kind of surprised by this, took a look at the latest build and while the park shaping and ride building tools are incredibly good a lot of the actual game mechanics are not even in the game yet. While I accept that they will take less development time than the world building tools it’s not going to leave much time to test them.

    • ulix says:

      While I like the look of it, by now I’m expecting they will release a half finished game (just like with Elite). How many themes are actually in the beta now? Still only the pirate theme?

  2. Michael says:

    Just a heads up: you can preorder now from frontier’s website for $30 before the 25th and get the “thrill seeker edition”, but afterwards (which is when the game will have it’s page on steam) it will cost $40 to pre order, and $45 to get the thrill seeker edition. so, while the alpha access is way too expensive, the preorder incentive is actually pretty good.

    Also, if you want to see what’s really possible with the tool right now, check out Silvaret on youtube. His videos will definitely make you want the game.

    • P34nk says:

      I thought the game will be on Steam as well? I want to get the game, but if they have alternative version (such as Steam, or GOG – even better), then I’ll be sure to preorder as the game is looking good.

      Wondering if Steam will have the same preorder ‘incentive’ pricing.

      • Hobbes says:

        It won’t be on GOG I expect, judging by the “extras” page, you’ll be using the Frontier launcher to get access to the game (Steam won’t be doing the pre-order incentive either) in much the same vein as Elite:Dangerous, meaning that this will require you to be online constantly to be linked up to the “Global village”

        • P34nk says:

          Well, I do not know which one is true, but if it is ‘always online’, then count me out.

          I’m fine with Steam, meh with alternative launcher, but when it comes to ‘always online’ on single player games, yeah, no thank you.

          Good if it isn’t the case then (will run on Steam and can be played offline).

          • Beernut says:

            It doesn’t seem to be always online, rather “play whenever you like as long as it was successfully activated on steam once”.
            link to support.frontier.co.uk

            Will I still be able to play offline?
            Yes! After you have installed Planet Coaster via Steam and run it at least once you will then be able to use Steam’s offline mode. You can find details about offline mode on Steam’s support site here.

          • Hobbes says:

            It also mentions in the same FAQ that :

            What shall I do with the Frontier Launchpad installation on my machine?

            After generating your Steam key and redeeming it on your Steam account (details coming soon), please feel free to uninstall this software at will.

            This seems confusing. Because if they’re using the Launchpad as part of the global village, then naturally it doesn’t matter if Steam is Online or not, you’ll still have to log in through the Launchpad (in which case Frontier are at it again with the skeevy wording), if they’re using Steam *natively* then it may mean the game can be played without the network cable plugged in (but that puts a hole in their “Global village” plans).

      • Michael says:

        All copies of the game will run off of steam. as far as they’ve announced, there will be no alternative. the frontier store will generate a steam key for you when the game goes up. they have done a pretty poor job of communicating what’s happening (in my opinion). The game will be integrated with steamworks.

        • Michael says:

          also, steam won’t have the same discount for the preorder. after the 25th, that offer goes away. to get the discount you have to preorder from frontier directly, then later hey will generate the steam key.

    • AngoraFish says:

      Cheers. Bought it GBP to save a few more bucks. Thanks brexit!