Sorcerer King’s Rivals Standalone Expansion Announced

Stardock have announced a standalone expansion for their turn-based strategy ’em up Sorcerer King. Named Rivals [official site], it’ll give players a chance to go toe-to-toe with the Sorcerer King by collecting magic to ascend to godhood themselves. Our Adam quite liked Sorcerer King, saying it “deserves plaudits for being something altogether different rather than yet another iteration of a game we’ve been playing for decades.” Rivals may sound like it’s returning to more familiar territory but hey, we’ll have to wait a bit – until “late summer” – to see how it turns out.

The expandalone will also feature new civilizations, new quests, new bosses to beat down, new hand-crafted maps, and a quest editor with Steam Workshop support. Let’s turn back to Wot Adam Thought, to see what Rivals is starting with:

“At its best – and it’s a game that is frequently at its best – Sorcerer King is a series of systems working together to create an unusual and exciting narrative. The doom counter that rises creates tension but the time limit it imposes isn’t too punishing or restrictive. Every unit and items feels valuable because churning out hundreds of units simply isn’t an option. You’re fighting a guerilla war, if you’re even fighting a war at all, and wasting lives in pointless endeavours could be your undoing.”

Sorcerer King Rivals will cost $29.99 on its lonesome, not requiring the original game, but folks who do own Sorcerer King will be able to buy Rivals for only $9.99.


  1. Laurentius says:

    I really like units and combat in Sorcerer King, it is right up my valley, right mix of simplicty, tactics and eye pleasing. Exploration and quests, leveling units and hores, some spells it’s all pretty good. The rest of the game is kind of meh, Ikno it was supposw to b something different but it’s not doing it for me. So I would love to see combat, units, leveling etc. and transported to fantasy kingdom building on par to Civilization. One can still dream…

    • BTAxis says:

      That’s pretty much Fallen Enchantress though.

      • Laurentius says:

        What ? No, kingdom building in Fallen Enchantrs is joyless, spreadschet number crunching and I hate it.

        • Yglorba says:

          Unfortunately, to me that is Stardock Games in a nutshell. They know certain older games are beloved, and they liked playing them themselves, but they don’t really understand why, so you get the trappings of Master of Magic or Master of Orion, all pretty and appealing, dolled-up around a soulless spreadsheet where your only real choice is between three different colors.

          (Seriously what is with their obsession with the three-color thing? It keeps showing up in their games and it never gets any less miserable. Three whole entire ways to play the game, oh wow.)

  2. RanDomino says:

    Does it still have completely static AI players?

    • Elusiv3Pastry says:

      This. I enjoyed the early minutes until I realized that the game had no AI, and opponents/neutral mobs would just sit still no matter what and were never even remotely a threat. This was my last straw for Stardock.