The RPS Summer Games!

Inspired by ABSOLUTELY NOTHING going on in the rest world right now, RPS is having a summer sports day – well, sports-few-days! We’re all competing in five categories to be the best at digital sports and take home one of three lovingly-drawn medals with Horace’s face on them!

The events are:

  • Clock Simulator
  • AdVenture Capitalist
  • Five Nights At Freddy’s
  • Devil Daggers
  • Fan Art-stravaganza!
  • The first four are high-score rounds with the winner taking 5 points, second place earning 3 points and third place receiving 1 point. The Fan Art-stravaganza is where you lot come in. We’ll each post a piece of art inspired by a game and you vote in a poll to determine the winner. First place gets 12 points, everyone else gets nothing.

    If the scoring seems arbitrary, it is. I made it up while waiting for the kettle to boil. I’ve also realised that in trying to avoid games that would give me an unfair advantage I have picked 5 categories where I have an unfair disadvantage. But I’m also running the event so I will see what I can do to push the odds back in my favour…

    Let the cheating whining Alec needing to go cold turkey on AdVenture Capitalist all over again RPS Summer Games commence!


    1. plsgodontvisitheforums_ says:


    2. CaptainFtang says:

      Genuinely would not be surprised if you received a cease and desist from the IOC for this.

    3. bill says:

      Nice. My daughter has also been inspired by ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to run around the living room and do jumping rolls onto the sofa.

      Remember to do it properly and region restrict everything, outlaw GIFs and make sure it’s as hard as possible for people to actually enjoy it.

    4. Spacewalk says:

      One aspect in which the RPS Summer Games are much like the Rio Summer Games is because people are getting robbed only it’s by the games industry and not small time criminals.

      • Andrew says:

        I’m waiting for a report on doping allegations by Eurogamer*.

        And why water in Pip’s kettle green, all of a sudden?

        * — Report by Eurogamer, not allegations. Well, maybe both.

    5. melnificent says:

      Adventure Capitalist needs to be Earth… the uncompletable game :D

    6. Shazbut says:

      Not sure why you changed the medal colours to Grey, Unhealthy Faeces, and Bad Chocolate Milkshake

      • John Walker says:

        They are, and this is true, colours I lifted from a photo of the real actual medals but please don’t tell the IOC.

      • Darth Gangrel says:

        Why is the brown one “bad” chocolate milkshake? How does good chocolate milk shake look like (and “not like that, anyway” doesn’t as an answer)?

        To me, the colours are more “wet asphalt”, “pea soup” and “articifially flavoured chocolate drink (i.e. not containing actual chocolate)”.

        • Shazbut says:

          As you say yourself, it’s the colour of a chocolate flavoured drink that doesn’t contain real chocolate. My idea of an ideal chocolate milkshake is basically a glass of actual melted chocolate. The kind that makes your arteries turn to stone just by looking at it.

          • April March says:

            That’s probably very tasty, but doesn’t meet any definition of milkshake I can think of. Except maybe bringing all the boys to the yard.

    7. RQH says:

      Love this.

    8. Dorga says:

      next year we want to compete to!!

    9. Andrew says:

      Question about Fan Art-stravaganza: do we need to guest what is on the picture? I’m already voted for Alice three million times somehow, but just curious.