Deus Ex: Mankind Divided’s Launch Trailer Uncloaks

“You can kill dreams,” Adam Jensen growls, “you can kill innocence, you can kill freedom, but you can’t kill progress.” A serious lad, that one. While Deus Ex: Mankind Divided [official site] doesn’t launch until Tuesday, the cyberpunk FPS-RPG’s launch trailer is already here. Very gruff. Very growly. Pretty flipping cool and all. Have a gander:

If you have pre-ordered (“never pre-order” etc.), know that preloading will begin on Friday at 5pm UK time (9am PDT, noon EDT, 6pm CEST). Given that the game will take up 45GB of space when installed, yeah, it’s nice to have that long to get ready.

Folks who want the shiniest and newest may be interested/unreasonably upset that Mankind Divided’s planned DirectX 12 support won’t be in at launch. “We have some extra work and optimizations to do for DX12, and we need more time to ensure we deliver a compelling experience,” the gang said yesterday. “Our teams are working hard to complete the final push required here though, and we expect to release DX12 support on the week of September 5th!”

Everyone’s still a little hazy on quite what DirectX 12 support will bring to the game, beyond presumably better performance. The game will support that there AMD TressFX for slightly eerie hair too, though I suppose that doesn’t really matter considering we’re all in it for the cubetree, right?


  1. Bull0 says:

    Time to squeeze in a play through of the first one, I reckon. To my shame I never actually finished it. I was all bent out of shape about the boss fights at the time but I hear they’ve fixed it now.

    • fuggles says:

      Not really, but they are quite brief so grit teeth and push on! I had a talky sneaker, but the rooms are self contained arenas.

    • Zenicetus says:

      Not fixed, but a little more room to sneak around and kite from a distance. Also if you’ve installed the explody neck gadget (can’t remember the name), it makes the boss fights a little easier.

      • Telkir says:

        Regardless of whatever the proper name is – I can’t remember it either – Explody Neck Gadget is always going to be the better option. :P

    • Mr_Quirky says:

      Bosses still have a huge amount of hit points but room sizes were basically increased to allow you to attack them from different angles. The trick is to just use explosive mines on them. You can collect enough mines as you go through the levels by using the sneak AND walk key to slowly approach and remove them from walls. Then just toss 3 or 4 of the mines at each boss to quickly take them down and go on to the better parts of the game.

    • ResonanceCascade says:

      “the first one”

      *grumble grumble grumble*

    • Murray says:

      Uh … two more before Human Revolution, I think you’ll find!

  2. Fry says:

    What’s that Adam Jensen? You were third runner-up in the 25th annual Talk Like Clint Eastwood competition? Well done to you, sir. Well done.

    • Zanchito says:

      Don’t laugh. Once upon a time, Charlie Chaplin entered a Charlot imitation contest for shits and giggles, without saying he was the real Charlot. He ended up scoring second.

  3. ezro says:

    Does anyone know which of the three endings the sequel considers canonical?

    • gpown says:

      all of them, sort of. the end-game thing happened and had consequences regardless of what you did with it.

      • holymadman says:

        Think it was mostly the 4th one, where he destroyed the whole thing and left people to wonder what happened.

        • Ross Angus says:

          Wasn’t he a mile under sea level? How come the whole thing didn’t fall on his head?

          • hamburger_cheesedoodle says:

            An excellent question, especially given that the computer explicitly says that doing so will kill you and praises you for being a noble self-sacrificing hero or something.

          • unacom says:

            Did you check the body?

    • Halk says:

      It’s not as if it made any real difference which button you pressed on the Endingtron 3000.

  4. CartonofMilk says:

    i never player the original, tried the second but my computer wasnt quite good enough at the time but i did finally get to play Human Revolution and i didn’t get it. The levels were claustrophobic and for cyberpunk especially, didn’t feel immersive at all. The gameplay was completely outdated, the shooting was bad. I did like 3 missions and never touched it again.

    • Epicedion says:

      Go play the first one, right now.

    • Vandelay says:

      I really enjoyed HR, but it definitely suffered from some of the same issues as IW. Mainly the small levels and a lack of any real exploration required. The levels were mostly linear affairs, with the odd alternate path, but these always felt like the level designer giving you an a or b option.

      The original was different. Areas felt much more natural and required you to explore to find various ways to inflitrate facilities. Your skills actually mattered too, whereas HR lets you mix and match quite a bit (you might even be able to max everything out in a playthrough.)

      Still, I thought HR was a great game, doing something that very few seem interested in anymore. It might not be Looking Glass nor their contempories, but it always felt like it wanted to be.

      • woodsey says:

        It gets there at points; or at least you can see that they’re going for it. The shipping yard level late in the game, though not the largest area, is very enjoyable. The police station in Detroit as well, though that’s somewhat hampered by the load screen when entering the building – means you can’t use a mine to blow up the side door or the sewer entrance, just hack them.

        Previews have suggested that the level design’s seriously upped its game now, though.

      • Juan Carlo says:

        HR is one of the most overrated games of this decade. It’s not bad by any means. It’s just so mediocre in every way. Plus, I personally think the Deus Ex series’ silly, transhumanist, conspiracy theorizing has gotten old. The first one was great, but never been a fan of the series since.

        • Juan Carlo says:

          Oh, and I forgot to add that I really, really, hate Jenner. Edgy, characterless, generic, and totally tedious protagonist. I feel like I’m being forced to play as the bassist from a late 90s Nu Metal band.

      • Maxheadroom says:

        Pretty much all of the above. Really liked the original and was stoked for HR (No one talks about Invisible War) but while way prettier I just couldn’t get into it. Could never shake the feeling I was playing ‘a level’ in ‘a video game’ and by the end I just found it a slog to get through.

        While not a ‘bad’ game by any means it’s pretty much stifled my interest in the series. This one will have to be something pretty special indeed to win me back

    • gunny1993 says:

      That’s odd I always thought the claustrophobic feel of hr was 100% in the tone of cyberpunk. I mean look at bladerunner, an incredibly claustrophobic movie.

    • Halk says:

      Yes, HR sucked. People just WANTED very badly to like it, so some managed to fool themselves.

  5. RaoulDuke says:

    *Peter Cullen voice* The Cuuuube Treeeee-uh.

  6. RaoulDuke says:

    I haven’t time to watch the trailer now, so I’m not sure how revelatory [Your spellchecker thinks this isnt a word, wtf?] if might be in this regard, but I’d wager destroying someones sand castle covers all the mentioned “killings”:

    Dreams (of building a sand castle)
    Innocence (that fills your heart when you build a sand castle)
    Freedom (to build sand castles, like, whenever you WANT!)
    Progress (that comes with the building of something, like a sand castle)

    Doesn’t check out people. Remember to vote with your holocyber-wallet!

    • A Gentleman and a Taffer says:

      It’s 90 seconds long!? It probably took you longer to write that comment! You haven’t missed much mind, he says some gravelly stuff about how he’s the terminator now and it won’t be a Deus Ex game, and then shoots a lot of mens with guns and some not guns.

      Sandcastles are, uhhh-bzzt, huh. What you on about?

  7. Stevostin says:

    Oh, cover shooting. I hope it will be as dispensable as in the first one.

    But MAINLY I hope the story will this time be at least vaguely interesting. With DE:HR and the horrible Thief reboot Eidos really made its mark in term of superficially adult totally bland writing.

    • Stevostin says:

      I meant Square Enix.

    • Turkey says:

      I predict that both factions are going to be equally horrible, and the only right choice is the one where Jensen slow-mo walks away from a massive explosion while Godsmack plays in the background.

    • KenTWOu says:

      The horrible Thief reboot was a definition of development hell, so its story was more like a mishmash of different ideas from different stages of development. I mean, it doesn’t count.

  8. Epicedion says:

    I never asked for this trailer.

  9. DanMan says:

    So, MGS4 mixed with some CoD, eh?

  10. Jeroen D Stout says:

    The voice acting and script constantly have me imagining this was written, directed, plus acted, by Garth Marenghi.

  11. geldonyetich says:

    “You can’t kill progress.”
    “Oh, crap! It’s Adam Jensen, he’s here to kill us!”
    “No. I am trying to get the non-lethal playthrough achievement.”

  12. AutonomyLost says:

    One of the first games to boast having DirectX 12 support at launch, the architecture of the game having been built from the ground up with the new tech… and it will not be included when the game launches.

    I *personally* don’t mind waiting another two weeks for the implementation of the tech, but Jesus Christ. How can they knowingly and willingly sell this to us PC folk without a prominent feature included? Delay it, finish it, release it as promoted. I’d feel more comfortable with that plan as opposed to it being patched-in.

    • unacom says:

      But then they couldn´t gift you with a 62GB patch on day three!

  13. monsieurZb says:

    It looks like this isn’t a game for everyone. It’s pretty clear from the trailer what kind of game we’ll get to play so please, don’t buy it and come back here to complain that you don’t like it.

    • Distec says:

      This is a good post.

    • grimdanfango says:

      Why exactly not? If someone having an opinion about something ruins it for you, the problem is probably yours, not theirs.

      • monsieurZb says:

        ’twas somewhat of a parody of the whole No Man’s Sky situation. 0% real opinion in my post.

        • grimdanfango says:

          Ah, gotcha. Damn written words and their lack of sarcastic intonation.

    • geldonyetich says:

      But all games aren’t for everyone and complaining about them on the Internet is the greater part of enjoyment some people derive from gaming as a whole.

  14. LTK says:

    I really hope this whole ‘mechanical apartheid’ thing is more than just an excuse to have Adam play defender of the downtrodden.

  15. engion3 says:

    The last one was alright but since I have nothing to play at the moment I’ll probably be picking this up.

  16. DeadCanDance says:

    No one talking about the steep system requirements?

  17.   says:

    Oh god, this is so silly it hurts. No, you can’t kill dreams, or you can’t kill freedom. Or progress either. These are not living things. If we are talking about metaphors though, these are not very sophisticated metaphors. They are very silly metaphors. They make me sad.

    In the meantime I’m listening to the first trailer, and here’s what I hear: Mechanical apartheid. Genocide. Extermination. Something big. Counter terrorism. Cutting edge augs. Infiltrate. Fight. Threat level. Epicenter of terrorist activity. Bodycount rising. Independent territory. Augmented army. Militia. High end security. Casualties. Use force. Modified firearms. Explosive nanoblades. Bombing. Show of respect. Two terrible choices. Hunt for the truth. Uncover the true motives. Questioning everything. Going rogue. Dangerous assumptions. We have to choose a side. Et cetera.

    • grimdanfango says:

      My main hope for this game is pinned on the idea that maybe the marketing team have been responsible for all the advertising cheese, and not the game’s writers themselves. Here’s hoping these trailers aren’t more than superficially representative of the actual game.

    • WhatAShamefulDisplay says:

      “Mechanical apartheid. Genocide. Extermination. Something big. Counter terrorism. Cutting edge augs. Infiltrate. Fight. Threat level. Epicenter of terrorist activity. Bodycount rising. Independent territory. Augmented army. Militia. High end security. Casualties. Use force. Modified firearms. Explosive nanoblades. Bombing. Show of respect. Two terrible choices. Hunt for the truth. Uncover the true motives. Questioning everything. Going rogue. Dangerous assumptions. We have to choose a side.”


      • faircall says:

        Rofl. And just yesterday I saw a photo of Crimsons latest lineup.

        • Synesthesia says:

          Are they still going? Is their new stuff any good? Man, Fripp is eternal it seems.

          • faircall says:

            I think the newest written material was on Power to Believe in 2003 (?), but in successive versions they always put a new spin on old tunes. New lineup has 3 drummers so it’ll be interesting to hear!

      • dorobo says:

        I guess it more became liberal :p

  18. Turkey says:

    Riot cop man. Riot cop man.
    Does whatever a riot cop can.
    Suppress the populace with laser baton
    Dystopian futures are lots of fun
    Overused since Half Life 2, here comes the riot cop man.

  19. melnificent says:

    “Don’t fear me” *stabs guard*
    “I’m not a monster because of my augments” *turns on stealth and takes out 3 more guys*
    “I’m harmless” *stabs the final guard on the neck*

  20. Premium User Badge

    alison says:

    I bought a new computer just to play this game. Now it’s been delayed so long the next revision of that computer came out. I will be very upset if I can’t stream this at 1080p any more. I will also be very upset if this game is shite. I am not hoping for Deus Ex 4. But if I get Human Revolution 2, it will still be pretty ace. Conspiracies. Rain. Helicopters. Chinese food. Arpeggiated synthesizers. Earnest speeches. Sunglasses at night. Yas plz, gimme gimme.

    • Asurmen says:

      It was only delayed from the start of this year to August. How often do you build a new computer? Most people go years between revisions.

      • Premium User Badge

        alison says:

        I’ve been gaming on Mini-ITX, laptops and tablets since the early 2000s, mostly playing games that were several years old and would chug along in upscaled 720p or 800×600. Seeing the new Deus Ex trailer about 2 years ago made me buy a “real” computer so I would be able to play it – I picked up an Alienware Alpha and ever since then it has been my 1080p In-Home Streaming server (I still do my actual gaming on the tablet). Just a couple months ago the new Alpha came out with a better graphics card. Woe is me. I feel like I’m destined to go on the upgrade treadmill, in spite of my low-power, minimalist approach to PC gaming. Grumble.

  21. Koozer says:

    I’m not really feeling this. HR was alright, but this looks like more of the same with an even more atrocious story.

  22. Halk says:

    Trailer looks pretty lame. Actually, it looks strangely similar to the HR trailer. Not a good sign.

    • Zenicetus says:

      The Marketing department always goes full bombast with trailers, to suck in the action kiddies. Wait for reviews and a few in-game clips from players to get a better feel for it.

      If there is a decent sneaking game in here, with guns blazing when I inevitably screw a the stealth approach, I’ll probably buy it. I don’t like Jensen as a character, but it’s an interesting enough setting for sneaking and shooting if they don’t totally screw it up.

      • Coming Second says:

        This. Basing whether to get or watch something based on its trailer is the silliest thing you can do, whether you were impressed by it or not.

        I liked the first game, particularly the DLC, and will be getting it based on what has been shown in-game is more of the same with moderate improvements in the areas that frustrated me.

  23. Hunchback says:

    In the grimdark of the 22th century… ?

  24. Benratha says:

    Watching the trailer, two things occurred to me:
    (1) “I think this would be nice with the ‘Blade Runner’ (or Vangelis-type stuff) soundtrack running in the background”, and
    (2) “It’s getting a bit close to the whole Crysis warsuit thing”

  25. dorobo says:

    I bet it’s going to be more of the same but more pretty and btw why Jensen has dishonored type face? :D

  26. iucounu says:

    I was *quite* enjoying HR. But I’m kind of incapable of playing one of this stealth-or-stab games in a stabby manner, and was really trying to ghost my way through it without actually killing anyone and doing everything perfectly.

    I encountered two problems with this playstyle. First, like most games of this type, putting endless guards into choke-holds and concealing them with furniture gets a bit samey quite quickly, the monotony only broken by the odd tranquiliser dart. Secondly, I got to a bit where I had to rescue the pilot of a downed helicopter – I was extremely unwilling to let her die, given that I knew it was possible to save her – and with the particular character I had by that point in the playthrough I simply couldn’t do it without killing her attackers. So nuts to that, I thought, and didn’t particularly regret not finishing up.

    • Zekiel says:

      Personally I found that downed helicopter part an excellent point to abandon a pacificist playthrough for roleplaying reasons! (Although actually I abandonned it earlier when the b*stards started gunning down civilians in the Heng Shua Garden Pods)

  27. SirRoderick says:

    I am quite surprised by the amount of “HR wasn’t at all a good game” posts here, it’s quite popular in my circles and I enjoyed it quite a lot. Thought the ending setup was a little naff, other than that a great romp.

    • Emeraude says:

      The game just didn’t pass the test of time.

      In retrospect, I think the best I can say about HR is that it wasn’t as bad as we all feared it would be.

      And at the time of release, it made me fairly hopeful that the next iteration would get where it needs to be. A hope that has been tempered since by all we’ve seen from the company and studio.

      But in hindsight, the game just wasn’t that good (note that it wasn’t bad either; mediocre is more like it). And it was built following design principles that look somewhat similar to DX but often prove fundamentally different. In some ways it’s closer to Vampire Bloodlines than it is to DX. And it hits the sweet spot of neither.

      Just an indicator, but there’s a reason why you have all those “reinstalling” jokes for DX and Bloodlines, and not for HR.

      • Coming Second says:

        I enjoyed it, and replayed it.

        And my opinion of it has risen as time has gone on, largely as a result of how few games have delivered a similar, effective stealth experience since, and from viewing how easy it is to mess up delivering new iterations of a beloved old franchise.

      • SirRoderick says:

        I can see that perspective, I wouldn’t play it again start to finish right now I believe. Still feel it’s a solid game for the time it was in.

  28. mactier says:

    Cannot bring myself to care about the new Deus Ex series. It burned out in the first part. I don’t know why. It just seems like another day in gaming, zero excitement. Just Ubisoft ubisofting.