VR-o-rama: Ubi Date Star Trek, Eagle Flight, Werewolf

While most big publishers are being conservative about the latest virtual reality fad – unsurprising, given that cybergoggles can cost you eight hundred chuffing quid – Ubisoft are diving right into the cyberpool. Ubi already making eight-player VR games, which seems a touch optimistic. But hey, you need games to spread hardware, so points for effort! Today Ubi announced release dates across October, November, and December for their first three big VR games: the long-time-ago-in-a-galaxy-far-away co-op spaceship ’em up Star Trek: Bridge Crew [official site], the free-flying Eagle Flight [official site, and the party game adaptation Werewolves Within [official site].

So! Let’s go in chronological order. Eagle Flight is a game about birds scooting around a post-apocalyptic Paris overrun by nature. Along with singleplayer free-flying, it has multiplayer capture the flag for up to six eagles. Made by Ubisoft Montreal’s Funhouse team, it’ll hit Oculus Rift on October 18th then HTC Vive on December 20th. That multiplayer looks a little something like this:

Star Trek: Bridge Crew is basically a simpler Artemis in cyberspace with Star Trek branding. Up to four players take control of stations on the bridge of a starship, trying to make sure they don’t crash/self-destruct/collapse the space-time continuum/who even knows. It will have a singleplayer campaign too. Made by Red Storm Entertainment, it’ll be out for Rift and Vive on November 29th. Here’s a trailer:

Lastly, Werewolves Within is… Werewolf. You know, that party game you refuse to play any more because two people take it so seriously and everyone else gets caught up in their contest of wills and god! I’m heading to the kitchen to get a drink, anyone want to come with? Basically, you all pretend to be villagers trying to deduce which players among you are secretly werewolves and turning others in the night. You suspect and accuse and argue and hey does anyone mind if I put some music on? Also made by Red Storm, it’s coming on December 6th. It’s for five to eight players and looks a little something like this:

This does all seem a few years early, doesn’t it? VR hardware really isn’t very widespread yet, what with it costing a bomb. Who has seven pals with cybergoggles? But hey, should this latest round of VR ever take off (Ubi must be banking on a lot of cybergoggles sitting under Christmas trees this year?) then Ubi will be in on the ground floor. Fair play to ’em for giving it a crack.


  1. klops says:

    The bird game looks fun but I wish the devs would’ve consulted Tim Stone:
    link to rockpapershotgun.com

  2. frightlever says:

    I’ve been thinking about this. Neither of the two PC options is going to catch on at the current price. The PSVR is coming out soon and will probably have 10 million units shifted by this time next year. It’s a seated experience.

    Xbox Scorpio is being made for VR, and MS has a significant chunk of Facebook stock. TGheir VR headset is almost certainly going to be a Rift.

    I really like the idea of the Vive, but Steam doesn’t make the hardware, and they already sell games that work on Rift. I suspect a cut down, cheaper, seated-focused Vive is on the cards or it’ll be a footnote in VR history.

    • Capt. Bumchum McMerryweather says:

      Personally I think VR is going to be the footnote in VR history, just like 3D before it. It’s too expensive, too impractical, and not overly implementable either.

      I can see it being useful for the hardcore sim heads and the possibility of VRcades, but other than that it’s a fad that will fizzle out once HTC and Facebook get tired of bleating about how futuristic it is.

      • Runty McTall says:

        Just out of curiosity, how extensively have you used a Vive or Oculus? Practically everyone I’ve shown the Vive to has just been blown away by it. The current costs are very high it’s true but tech history has shown us that this will come down dramatically, even as the resolution and comfort of the systems increase.

        Not everyone will have one of course (I do see AR becoming at least as ubiquitous as smart phones though) but I can’t imagine it dying off from here.

      • Sakkura says:

        It will get cheaper and more practical. It’s here to stay, regardless of what luddites think.

    • Runty McTall says:

      As a Vive owner, the idea of putting on an Oculus and then picking up a joypad is just really weird. I do play seated games but the idea of VR being essentially stationary, with no hand tracking at all just seems a good idea utterly wasted.

      I know Oculus have their own hand tracking solution (finger tracking indeed, I think?) coming out so I don’t dismiss their prospects but I’d say that Valve are ahead. They also seem pretty hardware agnostic – do R&D, freely licence specs and then let manufacturers go for it. If some of them fail or subsequently leave the space, it’s not a huge deal for Valve.

      • Cinek says:

        Got Vive too, but I disagree. Racing and flight sims with Wheel/HOTAS are the most immersive experiences I ever had in VR. There’s just no comparison with wands, they feel like you suddenly turn into a cripple.

        • Runty McTall says:

          I agree with you on the racing and flying games (have been loving Project CARS with a G920 and Elite with an X52!) but for other games, that don’t suit those controls, putting on a VR headset just to sit with a joypad seems strange.

          To each their own, obviously, but for me things like holopoint, the archery game in The Lab, Raw Data and Audioshield have been the standouts and all would be rubbish seated, using a joypad.

      • frightlever says:

        If you look at the Star Trek video you’ll see them using the Rift controls, assuming you’re not distracted by Jeri Ryan the way I was.

        • Chaz says:

          Yeah, there’s at least one game on the Oculus store right now that is “Coming soon” that requires the Touch controllers, so I’d say that they can’t be too far off being released. Will probably finally buy The Climb when they do, seems kind of pointless playing it with a pad.

        • Runty McTall says:

          Yeah, depending on how good the finger / gesture tracking is, it may put them out ahead of the Vive again.

          Due out in a few months I think, so we shall see soon enough!

    • Raoul Duke says:

      At the current price – agreed. Luckily it is almost a law of technology that the price will drop rapidly and significantly. I’m confident that within a few short years there will be an Oculus 4 / Vive 4K at half of current prices which is wireless, has dual 4k screens, has almost no latency and has proper glove style controls and/or the ability to perfectly monitor your hand position with no controller.

      Look at smart phones, which in many ways rely on similar tech. There are now 4K, waterproof phones that out perform laptops from a few years ago for less than a thousand bucks.

  3. Psychomorph says:

    Klingon Bird of Prey simulator, please.

  4. Sakkura says:

    While everyone else was getting hyped for No Man’s Sky, I was getting hyped for Eagle Flight.

    Pls don’t ruin this Ubisoft.

    I can just imagine it. Rift headset on, press the button for Eagle Flight. Then it launches Uplay and ruins your life forever.

    As for the Star Trek game, it might be cool, but I always regard upcoming Star Trek games as shitty until proven good.

  5. Chiron says:

    Bridge crew looks cool, alas I have no friends to play it with.

    Oh well.

    Eagle flight looks alright but I hate those trail things from the wings and did it seriously just fire a laser at another eagle?

  6. rb207 says:

    I have a rift and it is very cool. I was a bit annoyed to see it referred to as a “fad” but i dont mind because the reviewer would have tried vr and is entitled to his opinion. DCS world is amazing plus i think the technology will only improve making vr more and more immersive. There is a shortage of games so Good news!

    PS have to say having tried rift and vive that rift has better picture quality but i thought the tracking on vive was better, more accurate?

  7. SingularityParadigm says:

    “the long-time-ago-in-a-galaxy-far-away co-op spaceship ’em up Star Trek: Bridge Crew”

    Alice, Alice, what are you doing?! Long-Time-Ago-In-A-Galaxy-Far-Far-Away is Star Wars, not Star Trek! Star Trek is Future-Space-Socialist-Utopia.

    • Raoul Duke says:

      I’m almost certain you’re actually thinking of Star Force. Star Wars is that show where they put B list celebrities in the jungle.

  8. MikoSquiz says:

    Locally to me, the Rift has been consistently unavailable because every shipment of 1000 units the local retailer has been able to acquire has been back-ordered out and then some.