Video: My Five Favourite No Man’s Sky Monsters

I’d really like to show you some of the ridiculous/awesome/weird animals I’ve found during my initial travels with No Man’s Sky [official site]. I’ve been recording the strangest/coolest as I go and they include things like the Thrillersaurus Rex, the Weird Hand Squid and the Chubby-Cheeked Push-up Monster!

Over the last few days, the more I’ve played of No Man’s Sky, the more the things I found irritating are fading into the background and I’m, instead, finding a lot that’s wonderful or beautiful or so silly I can’t stop laughing. I think perhaps it’s at least partly because of the way I play the game which tends to focus on the things it does really well and not on the ones it doesn’t. It’s interesting how you settle into a game and learn to work with it/inside its frameworks if you like some of the core loops enough. For me the moments where you find a new combination of colours, or a startlingly different climate, or maybe a clump of alien butterflies are more than enough to keep me engaged.

But what of those bizarre animals I mentioned? I’M SO GLAD YOU ASKED!

1. Flying Dragon Worms

2. The Chubby-Cheeked Push-Up Monster

3. The Disappearing Thrillersaurus

4. Attack Of The Weird Hand Squid

5. The Bouncy Ball And The Needy Beak


  1. Matt_W says:

    I found a planet yesterday that had an animal with two very distinct genders. The male gender looked like a tyrannosaur with a long snout and feathers on its long arms. The “exotic” gender was eyeless, had horns on its head and what looked like an exposed pink braincase.

    • PancakeWizard says:

      This is quite common. Each gender and their young count as separate scans as well, AFAIK.

  2. iainl says:

    My favourite is what appears for all the world to be a man in a giant teddy bear costume, wearing a flower on his head like he’s Peter Gabriel in Genesis.

  3. Danarchist says:

    So far the giant fish I mistook for a huge underground rock was my favorite. I mean huge! I didn’t realize stuff got bigger than trex size. It scared the crap out of me when it moved the first time as I got close.
    Best part is it was “Amiable” so after I fed it the thing followed me around a bit. It was crazy when a second one appeared and they started bouncing off each other since there wasn’t enough free space for them to move around.

    The flying “dragons” above look a little like my other favorites, also flying i ran into one with my ship :)

  4. Nauallis says:

    Those are all rather weird; I’ve seen similar variations of the bouncy creature and the flying worms. Haven’t seen the others. Your delightful chuckling really adds to the humor though.

    • Shuck says:

      The videos are delightful. I’m not sure I could play the game now, though, as it would suffer for lack of Pip being amused.

  5. Mallow says:

    My favorite so far has been pretty tame. It looked for all the world like a two legged, hornless triceratops, but it was the size of a pomeranian. I fed each and every one I came across and had the tiniest army.

  6. jonahcutter says:

    Intent on getting the animal exploration bonus, I was hunting for the last of ten animals on a planet for over an hour and simply could not spot it. Finally, I noticed a cloud of specks with red dots beneath them, on a nearby ridge. I jetpacked over and the missing animal was literally the size of a butterfly. For the past hour I had been mistaking them for the normal dust motes and sky debris, they were so small. This on a planet already with a TRex-sized animal.

    Scanned them and upon checking them out in the planetary window, they were actually tiny little bat-like animals, not insects. Fleshy wings and spiked bat-like noses. They actually gave me a sense of wonder about the fauna the creature generator can create.

    Other times, immersion-breaking, frankenstein animals show up. Something with the forelimbs of an elephant and the hindquarters of a deer. Procedural generation at its most mechanical, just stitching random body parts together.

    The creature generator has some real hits and misses.

  7. aircool says:

    I’ve seen a lot of viable creatures… probably one for every daft creature I’ve seen as well.

    However, my favourite moment was finding a plant that deserved the name,


    I thankyouverymuch o/

  8. aircool says:

    Ok, I’m also having fun with ones that look like puppies and dash about digging stuff up for you :)

  9. Master of nothing says:

    My favourite so far has been the Crab People (link to

    If I found that on a planet I’d nope out of there so fast that they wouldn’t even see me.

    • anevilyak says:

      I think the temperature listed on that planet would make me nope out of there long before I saw the Crab People.

    • Nauallis says:

      And that stilt-legged… thing… that you scanned second, yikes.

      • Master of nothing says:

        That planet looks like hell, but frozen. I wonder what else awaits in the depths of that icy nightmare.

  10. daver4470 says:

    I have seen a variant on the Flying Dragon Worms that look like flying moray eels. As they lack any method of sustaining flight… they are quite interesting.

    My favorite — by far — has been the sentient pineapple I found. It looked like — well, like a pineapple, and moved around by bouncing. I didn’t take a screenshot, alas…

  11. RaoulDuke says:

    So, the “Hand Squids”, I think they look like weird aliens that could actually exist and that is not a small achievement with procedural generation, so that’s great.

    But the “shore grabbing” you describe them as doing, when I see that, I think “the AI-pathing [available area of movement] wasn’t defined properly/is bugging out here and the fish are coming out of the water and clipping through the land because of this”, OBVIOUSLY NOT EXACTLY THAT, I’m not a robot or emotionless but I’ve seen/played/watched games for so many years now that its part of how I view games, I see patterns and anticipate what the game will be like from that. Why is that my fault?

    The thing is, no matter how hard I try to “not over-analyze” or “enjoy it for what it is” or any other speech you can come up with to describe the dissonance between the people that love this game and the people who see how the generation can be beautiful/mediocre in equal measures but are disappointed by the lack of game as described by Hello Games [I can put that down to head canon in most cases] or the realities of “crafting” and “trading”, I often can’t. (Christ, what a horrible sentence)

    I’d just like to explain my position and see what conversation that brings, if you think I’m telling people they are “enjoying it wrong”/”I am angry with those that enjoy it”, you are totally wrong, I want everyone to enjoy all the games they can.

    p.s. NONE of these observations of the game are based on pre-release footage of NMS, only my own time with the game and streams of it. I’m saying I thought it would be shit and it is, I’m judging it on the released version.

    Sorry Pip, not meaning to spoil your fun ofc, you sound so happy, Game On!

    p.p.s. I feel like I’ve wrote 1% of what I want to say here and its already rambling pish, is there somewhere we can actually talk, a mumble server or something? I sound angry in text but I’m just fervent.

    • Unclepauly says:

      You’re trying to hard, just relax. Ever heard of “Keep It Simple Stupid”(KISS)? I’ve had to follow it at times, it works.

  12. Hunchback says:

    Next on RPS, “Have You Played… No Man’s Sky?”

  13. Mutak says:

    Can Philippa come and narrate No Man’s Sky to me while I play? Her commentary is adorable.

    • Otterley says:

      I was thinking the exact same thing :D Would instantly make it best game ever :)

  14. Shiloh says:

    So different players in this “enormous” game are seeing the same creatures on unexplored/undiscovered planets?

    Is the pool of available body part templates so small that creatures will inevitably repeat? Or am I missing some important part of proc gen here?

    • RobF says:

      There’s definitely plenty of variety in the body parts, the procgen will be tuned to give more preferable results though. So it’ll give more weight to certain combinations just because they work better and look better as creatures.

      There’s plenty of space for weirdness and abominations in there, just that they’ll be less common and even on a planet of things that all look like deers (for example), there’s notable variations between each type.

      As ever with this sort of thing, there’s always room for more parts but yeah, plenty enough.

    • Unclepauly says:

      Considering scientists believe if life is out there in the multi-verse it would probably look pretty similar to life on Earth, I don’t find this too out of the ordinary.

    • Phasma Felis says:

      They’re not literally identical, just similar. There’s only so many general shapes a creature can be, even in real life.

  15. wodin says:

    Shame the behaviours are so basic and boring. This game really is a mix and match life form body part generator. That’s really it.

    Now if he game actually had prey and predator systems as well as different social behaviours it really would be interesting. But it doesn’ it isn’t..maybe 20 odd years ago after I’d chewed on a blotter it might have been awesome for me in it’s present format..

    • jonahcutter says:

      I agree that the lack of interesting behavior wears thin pretty quickly. It’s one of the biggest failings of the game.

  16. mwoody says:

    One thing that’s struck me as universal across all planets: crabs are assholes. Whenever I’m strolling along and something stabs me in the legs, it’s always some variant of crab.

    What’s wrong, guys? Why do you have to be so universally mean? I mean, even 30 foot tall terrifying teddy bear with arms the length of its entire body that creeps hands-out like it’s stalking in a 1940s cartoon turned out to be pretty chill. But you guys: you guys gotta be jerks.

    • Nauallis says:

      I thought the same thing too, all the crabs were predators on frosty/oven planets, scavengers on irradiated or toxic worlds, and then I found a human-normal temp world where the craps had praying mantis heads, squid arms, and were herbivorous. That surprised me.

    • Unclepauly says:

      Small man syndrome.

  17. cpy says:

    So far after 21 hours saving just broke and i lost all my save files. GG Hello Games, i hope i get refund for this broken piece of crap.

  18. reddog says:

    More videos of Pip playing video games pleeeease they are the best videos

  19. TamyKnockers says:

    On a good note no-mans-sky is getting love from the nexus modding community 2 pages of mods cheers.

  20. Sin Vega says:

    ahh oh god the last video is just the cutest thing. I want one :(

  21. Shazbut says:

    The hand squid things are genuinely alien and quite unnerving. *shudder*

  22. Koozer says:

    It’s nice to see someone enjoying themselves with a videogame these days.

    • Unclepauly says:

      Yeah where oh where can we see thousands of videos of people doing just that? I think this could be a cultural phenomenon if only someone would invent it.

  23. Velleic says:

    Wow, you are getting some really good animals! Those hand squids are genuinely like something out of a horror movie. Those last two, on the other hand, are ADORABLE.
    I’m loving how much you’re enjoying looking at those things. Whatever way you’re playing the game is the right way to be playing it!

  24. Haldurson says:

    The other day I saw something that I thought was some kind of weird fungus — like a mushroom but with a star-like cap… and then I saw it bounce. There’s some weird and wonderful creatures out there.

  25. DelrueOfDetroit says:

    It is now my goal to find the planet occupied by Bouncy Ball and Needy Beak.

  26. Kiiyor says:

    My favourite is an almost 3 meter tall, flying 125kg amenable abomination held aloft by the most magnificent tiny fairy wings: the Magnificent Cthulu-legged Fairy Cow.


    • Premium User Badge

      kfix says:

      Deer god, I am cowed by its magnificent presence.

      • Kiiyor says:

        I wish I had a video. It’s hard to truly capture it’s magnificence with a mere screenshot.

  27. Ozeh says:

    Philippa’s cheerful commentary made me think it’d be nice if exosuit in NMS wasn’t just spewing the same few lines about your life support falling every 30 seconds, but was equipped with interesting AI of Portal’s Wheatley or Interstellar’s TARS variety; commenting on your progress, your choices – as limited as they may be – and your actions. AI with personality. Technical but snarky. Helpful but with a sense of irony. Give me even multiple dialog options, Firewatch style. I’d dig that.

  28. JQHY says:

    Great little group of videos here, truly showing the potential variety of the procedural creature creation. I vote regular Pip-updates (Pip-dates? Pup-dates?) of your progress in this game or others!

  29. CartonofMilk says:

    its disappoitning reading this feature and the comments that my two favorites which i just for the firs time came across yesterday seem petty common. That is the flying dragons/worms and the teddy bear. That last one was on his own and i’d been on this plant plenty before, think he was rare. Here he is

    link to

    link to

  30. NetharSpinos says:

    Wow, Pip sounds cheery! I always sort of assumed Pip was the sensible adult foil to Alice’s zany devil-may-care attitude.