You Turn Into A Mug When You Play Arkane’s Prey

I don’t mean that as a totally unprovoked British insult. I mean you really will become a mug when you play Arkane Studios’ revamp of Prey [official site]. A gameplay trailer shown at Gamescom has given us a glimpse of the powers available to protagonist Morgan, and one of them is to turn yourself into inanimate objects – say, a coffee mug – and then wobble around like the dancing toaster in Ghostbusters II, enough to launch yourself through small gaps. Come see it in action.

I think my favourite thing is that you retain the ability to “sprint”. Also shown is the horrible ‘gloo cannon’ we’ve already heard about which covers enemies in fast-hardening adhesive long enough for you to smash them to bits. In this case, it looks like Graham clone Morgan is using a firey proximity trap called “Superthermal” to kill them all. There’s also some footage of the outdoors. Space outdoors.

It looks like Arkane are taking a lot of inspiration from their other baby, the Dishonored games, with magical science powers and weapons arranged on a little wheel of death for you to select mid-fight, like some sort of really violent dinner menu. Still, there’s something hugely comical about the thought of becoming a mug or an ashtray and bouncing around the feet of your enemies, yelling insults at them.

Prey is scheduled to be released sometime in 2017.


  1. Eleven says:

    Single player PropHunt? That would actually a neat idea for a game.

  2. Plank says:

    You can turn into a mug but you can’t smash glass.

    • Psychomorph says:

      I’d prefer to posses and become the glass and shutter it through self vibration.

      • Freud says:

        May I remind you this is a PG-13 game.

        • Psychomorph says:

          Why, because the glass is a see-through? Come on, it’s nothing kids haven’t seen before…

  3. Cropduster says:

    It’s a mug’s game china

  4. Faults says:

    The clash between the game’s tone of ‘psychological horror’, and the fact you can transform into inanimate objects is hilarious.
    I’m beginning to fear this is probably just going to be Arkane’s dumping ground for second-rate ideas that wouldn’t be befitting of Dishonored though. Everything from the director’s lackadaisical comment of ‘well you’re on a space station and there’s aliens and you have to survive’, to stuff like this just kind of gives the impression nobody at Arkane is actually all that enthused about making it.

    • gunny1993 says:

      If the idea of mimicry doesn’t scare the shit out of you then you’ve never played a dnd game circa 1999

      Fear the mimics, fear it

      • Orix says:

        I’m reminded of a short story by Philip K. Dick call “Colony” where the human inhabitants of an outpost on an alien world fall prey to life forms that can mimic any object, with lethal results.

        The ending is particularly grim.

      • Emeraude says:

        People I tell you… they play Dark Souls and they think they have mastered the mimics.


        • Premium User Badge

          kfix says:

          It’s been years since the first time I tried to open that chest in Sen’s. I’m still getting over it. And that sound still gives me the willies.

    • Boothie says:

      Man i cant believe they threw away the bountyhunter in space concept that was being developed as prey 2 a few years back would have made for a far more interesting game than this (insert insulting adjective of choice here)

  5. annoyingpotato says:

    So, is multiplayer gonna be like PropHunt? Because if so, it’s an instant-buy for me.

  6. FurryLippedSquid says:

    Does Danny Dyer shout at you?

  7. JakeOfRavenclaw says:

    lol at the “Looking Glass Specialist” on the computer screen.

    I was already on board for anything from Arkane, but this definitely looks weirder and more interesting than I was expecting. I’m intrigued by the fact that there are different buttons for “use” and “examine” when mousing over objects–possibly some adventure game inspiration there?

  8. dare says:

    “Microgravity detected”

    Pet peeve detected: in EVA, there’s air for, what, two minutes of operation in your kit? Honestly, weird science fiction tech that’s inferior to what we currently have is really annoying.

    Still, it’s Arkane, so probably going to get it and enjoy it.

  9. Darth Gangrel says:

    In Dishonored you can steal from people, perhaps in Prey you can mug them.

  10. Sardonic says:

    But is the mug half empty or half full?

  11. ishumar says:

    looks a bit like bioshock in space
    odd no one has tried doing that before

  12. Aitrus says:

    You can also use the glue gun on the wall and use it to climb.

  13. JiminyJickers says:

    I liked the original concept a whole lot more than this. But it still looks intriguing so I will probably give it a crack.

  14. KeeperKrux says:

    A video overview on what happened to Prey 2: link to

    • HothMonster says:

      Wow I only knew about the cinematic trailer, I never knew there was so much gameplay footage. Shame all the code never surfaced under a different title. Looks fun as hell.

    • Frank says:

      That looks amazing. I don’t know how I missed that footage until now.

    • Jason Moyer says:

      It’s a shame the game was never given the chance to be the next No Man’s Sky and/or (insert disappointment here). And because they were unable to actually complete the game, it will be given greater respect than if it had come out and inevitably been a giant turd.

      • KeeperKrux says:

        It’s a shame that Bethesda saddled them with a title with such a rocky history. Even if the reboot is a success, not only will the series never fully belong to Arkane like Dishonored does, it’s going to bring so much unnecessary hassle to their Shock also-ran.

        One sad side effect is that people will be generally less interested because visually the game is burns-victim ugly. Thanks Crytek! I can’t believe they had the gall to show it in this state. Hopefully everything we’ve seen so far is in no way representative of the what Arkane are aiming for.

    • deadlybydsgn says:

      Thanks for the link! The video information was great, even if the narrator needs to improve his vocal tone/pacing and learn take an occasional breath.

  15. ShaunOfTheFuzz says:

    The framerate made me physically squirm, I kept wanting to reach for escape and toggle some options. I always get nervous when I see a game perform poorly in demos, even if there’s a lot of development left.

  16. Freud says:

    You turn into a mug when you pre-order it as well.

  17. Josh W says:

    Oh my goodness, this is so exciting, last thing I remember about this game was rumour that it was going to be done by Arkane, now we have a new bioshock with a main character who does too much Redeye, uses weapons that are on the odd fps school, and has weird dishonoured style powers.

    I’m really looking forward to seeing what this is like!