Elite Dangerous Is Adding Space Buses And I Want One

Suggestions of an alien intelligence creeping out of the shadows. Fighter ships, piloted remotely and able to bring down ships many times their size. Beautiful space station interiors that visually reflect the goods or services that they produce.

All very exciting, I’m sure, but I’m here for the cruise liners. Turns out I want every game to be a taxi/bus simulator, and if I can fly tourists around the galaxy, I’m definitely back on board the good ship Elite Dangerous [official site].

We’ll get to my tourism fantasies shortly. First, let’s talk about the pew-pew of lasers.

The headline feature of the 2.2 update, which goes by the name The Guardians, is the addition of single-seater fighter ships. These are launched from bays on your personal ship and you can either pilot them yourself, or hire ranked crew to take the controls. Management of your pilots seems simple enough, though there’s a nice touch in that those that raise their rank under your command will reduce the price of their services as they become more loyal. That way, hiring a low ranking pilot and training him or her in the crucible of combat works out cheaper long-term than simply hiring the ace in every port.

Because the ships are controlled remotely, from the bay installed on your main ship, losing the fighter doesn’t lead to the death of the pilot. You don’t even lose the fighter, just one instance of it. Every fighter bay comes with a super-advanced 3d printer that can produce a new copy to replace a ‘sploded ship. It takes time to make a complete new ship though, even in the future, so fighters are on a kind of cool-down. Of course, even fancy future-printers will probably break down or lose their ‘connectivity’ half the fucking time, but Elite doesn’t simulate that part of the experience, thankfully.

Two of the fighters are imports from the CQC arena: the ‘boom and zoom’ F63 and the glass cannon G97, which is a sleek, curvy machine. The Taipan is new, a slower and tougher proposition. All three can be purchased with several different loadouts, which is fixed to the bay in which the fighter is installed. Loadouts are made up of one weapon slot and one utility slot, allowing for ultra-aggressive builds, with heatsinks instead of defense systems, or well-rounded designs.

Fighters are accessories as well as weapons, and there will be paint jobs available at launch. Frontier say this is a way to introduce a revenue stream that doesn’t open up pay to win, the fighter loadouts being a free part of the update, while the visual customisation is paid for.

I like the idea of switching between a larger ship and its tinier launches, but the most exciting part of the proposition is the ability to leave one of your hired pilots in control of your main ship. If that lets me zip around like an angry wasp, stinging my enemies and never worrying too much about perishing, that’s great. If it also means my space bus will be picking off anyone foolish enough to pursue me, providing millions of tonnes of backup, even better.

Oh, you haven’t met my space bus yet? Here it is. It’s called the Beluga.

Look at this beautiful bastard. Look at that bridge, where I’ll be able to invite VIP passengers and show them how awesome the life of a space captain is. Look at how gorgeous the whole thing looks hanging in space. It’s a luxury cruise liner, yeah, but you don’t have to squint at it for too long to realise it’s also a space bus. A giant, beautiful space bus.

I want it. I hope it won’t take me sixteen years of mining and hauling cargo to buy it.

The simple fact of the space bus’ existence isn’t the best thing about the space bus though. The best thing is that unhappy passengers can eject themselves into space. How great is that? They take the whole passenger pod with them, so you’ll have to buy a new one. Sometimes they’ll just run away the next time you dock, trying to find a more efficient means of travel, but keep them in space for long enough and WHOOOSH, they launch themselves into the void.

Imagine how pissed off you’d have to be to take that risk: it’s like rolling out of a speeding taxi on a busy motorway because the driver missed your exit. Except instead of falling into the path of a lorry, you might float in nothingness until all that remains of you is dust. I’d stick with the cruise and then just write a really nasty review on GalacticTripAdvisor.

Tourism brings two new aspects to the simulation. The passenger lounges themselves, which are found at ports, produce two types of contract – bulk and VIP. Bulk passengers are directly driven by the simulation, creating soldiers looking for transport to warzones and refugees wanting to leave, for example.

There are holidaymakers as well and they’ll often want to go to tourist spots, which are persistent location, with beacons that you can scan to learn about their historical importance or recognition as an area of natural beauty. Community members who recommend tourist spots, having discovered a beautiful sight in the game world, will have their names mentioned on the beacon.

Passengers need cabins, of course, and the Beluga is the only ship capable of hosting the top-end luxury cabins that some VIPs will demand. VIPs might be famous entertainers, billionaires or politicians, and they have a set of traits that you can study before accepting their contract. Some might attract the wrong kind of attention while others will come up with requests during transit, such as asking for a detour to a nearby warzone. Yes, some people get a kick out of touring around other peoples’ tragedies but, hey, lasers do look pretty flashing across the darkness of space.

Maybe I’ll never be able to afford a Beluga (Graham suggests that he’d rather work for someone else, Euro Truck Simulator style, being a bus driver for hire; I would love that to be possible) but I could have a space taxi, doing shorter trips with a passenger cabin crammed into a spare slot on whatever ship I CAN afford.

There are lots of other changes incoming, including lots of pleasant visual flourishes that bring the work of the simulation to the surface. Docks will now change in appearance, based on what is being produced in them. Tourist docks are a beautiful mosaic of blue and green, made up of artificial lakes and parks. An industrial port will be stacked with machinery and so on and so forth.

Finally – and perhaps most importantly, spacebuses aside – Elite is becoming friendlier. Ships can be retrieved from distant ports for a fee, potentially saving those who travel far and wide a fair bit of time, and the route planner now has filters, so you can search for certain kinds of location, including those that are either currently wartorn or peaceful. Similar to ship retrieval, there are contacts in low sec systems who can fetch bounties or pay off fines on your behalf, saving you the effort of doing all of the busywork manually.

All well and good, as are the hints of ALIEN INTELLIGENCE, but if you’re not planning to drive a spacebus for the rest of your Elite career, then I’m not sure we can be friends anymore. Team Beluga, for life.


  1. rroose says:

    Space buses! I can’t believe that’s actually going to be a thing! I love it!

    • elaintahra says:

      The problem, for me, with having “space bus” with different types of passengers is the fact that it leaves everything to imagination. You never see the passengers, it is just another line in the list of cargo. Might as well be anything else.

      Moving around ship – inside and outside (such as when docked) – would give so much more impression of owning a huge space ship. Currently whatever ship you sit in feels almost identical.

      I wish so much we could enjoy the ships interiors!

      • CidL says:

        It’s almost as though EVE’s ‘walking in stations’ debacle never happened.

      • Titler says:

        Definitely getting an Airbus A380 vibe from the Beluga… but with regards to your comment about meeting the passengers, they have added NPC profiles now, so you’ll see their face at least, and they do talk to you as you fly, using the mission update coding. During the Gamescon demo, one asked to see a warzone in an area they were passing through, and another demanded 3 tonnes of liquor to keep them happy…

        Ship interiors outside of the cockpit might come with Space Legs in the next expansion, so you might get to physically see passengers then, but you should be able to see the body of the pilots and friends in the cockpits when Multicrew comes in, possibly even in this one if NPC pilots can take control of systems in your ships.

  2. TheAngriestHobo says:

    For all the well-deserved crap E:D has gotten (yup, it’s grindy, yup, there were some broken promises, yup, I can see how some might find it boring) it’s still a really solid gaming experience for many of those of us who grew up on a steady diet of sci-fi. It hits a lot of the right notes in terms of atmosphere and scale, and it does a great job of making you feel like part of a living, breathing universe.

    I’ve never played another game where I played hide and seek against a massive gunship in an asteroid field, powering down all but my critical systems to reduce my heat signature while I cowered in the shadow of an immense block of stone. Nor have I ever found another game in which I could hold a spaceship race against my friends through a giant ravine, dropping mines as I went like some sort of supersonic Mario Kart.

    The game may be slow-paced a lot of the time, but it’s punctuated by moments of brilliantly cinematic excitement that are tough to find anywhere else. I imagine it’s only going to improve, particularly once 2.3 rolls around and we get multi-crew ships.

    • Anti-Skub says:

      I don’t regret buying Elite at all. Those first few hours with it are incredible. The look, sound and feel of it are superb. My problem is that it just does nothing with it. I had great fun with it, when I didn’t know what was actually possible in the game.

      The first time I saw a capital ship jump into a fight, the first time I took down an Anaconda assassination target, the first time I dropped into the rings of a planet and saw all the mining ships and pirates coming and going…all left me with a sense of awe that very few games manage to give me.

      The problem was when I realised that that capital ship always jumps into that fight, and that one assassination mission is always to kill that Anaconda, and the ships flying around those rings weren’t coming and going, it was an instance and they were spawning and despawning because I was there.

      It’s one of those games where once you see the mechanics of the gameplay behind the spectacular presentation, the veil falls away and all you can see are the clunk mechanics of it.

      I had a similar experience with DayZ way back when the mod first released with the feeling of scavenging. Searching the houses, not knowing what you’ll find or what would happen was great, until you figured out the spawning mechanics. Instead of going into a house and searching it looking in all the rooms to see what was there, you’d know before you went in what could spawn there and where it would spawn and what felt like a dynamic unpredictable world became a mundane, entirely predictable slog.

      That’s exactly the problem Elite has. It’s a game based on the wonder of exploration and the unknown, but once you understand it’s limitations it loses it’s capacity to surprise you and becomes tedious.

      • Rizlar says:

        I’ve also had a lot of fun with it (like, two hundred hours) but have some issues that supersede ‘grindiness’ or ‘repetitiveness’ or whatever. Basically it’s way too clunky, it shouldn’t take several seconds every time you want to call up a map. It shouldn’t take multiple seconds to load pretty much any menu, or stall in the middle of a jump because the servers can’t handle loading in another system.

        The flying is great but everything else is just slightly too awkward, making it hard to really settle in to the fun stuff.

      • Premium User Badge

        DuncUK says:

        The problem was when I realised that that capital ship always jumps into that fight, and that one assassination mission is always to kill that Anaconda, and the ships flying around those rings weren’t coming and going, it was an instance and they were spawning and despawning because I was there.</

        This, a million times this. If a game is going to rely so heavily on procedural generation, it absolutely must do everything it can to hide it. Why is every asteroid field more or less uninhabited when you arrive and teeming with miners, space pirates* and police by the time you leave? It’s so blatant I’m not part of a simulated galaxy so much as the Truman Show in space… its far too obvious that everything going on around me is entirely for my benefit and wouldn’t be happening if I weren’t there. I didn’t buy Horizons and have been away for at least a year, so I’ve no idea if this has improved, but I wanted to feel incidental to the universe, not pivotal. Is a resource gathering site getting a bit hot for you? Warp out and back in, you’ll only be gone for 30s or so but the site itself will completely reset

        I appreciate that spawning NPCs that actually persist for a time is difficult, especially in such an instance driven P2P game… but it’s badly needed to make the game seem less arbitrary and soulless. Reducing the number of NPCs might help for a start, for a game that likes to emphasise the vastness of the galaxy it does seem somewhat overpopulated.

        I’m not someone that thinks immersion is paramount above all else, but for a game where the immersion is a key part of the gameplay you have to pay attention to it.

        *and while I’m at it, why are pirates so prevalant, so bad at what they do and nearly always carrying bounties? When I last played it was virtually impossible to make piracy pay, so why are there so many NPC pirates? Bounty hunting on the other hand was a fast track to riches. It just doesn’t make any sense.

        • elaintahra says:

          “to feel incidental to the universe, not pivotal. Is a resource gathering site getting a bit hot for you? Warp out and back in, you’ll only be gone for 30s or so but the site itself will completely reset”

          This is so well put I might not even install this game ever again. I have exactly the same problem with this game

      • KastaRules says:

        Very well put Anti-Skub.

      • Chewbacca says:

        I see, how most of the wonder is gone, if you are several hours into the game (though there are still some things that amaze me 100+ hours into the game), for me, it’s still a solid space sim. I never had fun in taking simple transport missions (at least without the fun of at least 1 guy wanting my freight) but the space combat is what makes it for me. I grew up with X-Wing and I just love the fiddling with the energy controls, the difference that different speed makes, the switching between assisted flight and unassisted flight to drift around my enemy…

        That’s what Elite is for me and I’m still getting that.

    • milligna says:

      It’s an absolutely gorgeous game and a stunning albeit nerdy achievement. The VR is spot on and I’m looking forward to multicrew hijinks with friends on the bridge of the Beluga as we treat VIPs very badly indeed.

  3. geldonyetich says:

    Sounds like a fun update. I am really glad they’re still working on this game.

    I want my collectir drones to work on the 3D printed idea too. For two reasons:

    1. They tend to take headers into asteroids.

    2. Taking them out of my cargo hold will stop stupid NPC pirates from confusing me with carrying something worth enough credits to open fire on a Fer De Lance.

    • iainl says:

      They seem to be implying that you’ll need resources to build the fighter ships, so while you can manufacture a replacement if the first one gets blown up, you wouldn’t be able to do that indefinitely.

      At which point, it’s working like drones do anyway.

  4. GenialityOfEvil says:

    Pretty sure you need to buy the Horizons season pass to get this stuff. Which would be fine if it wasn’t a complete ripoff. It’s the price of a full game and they’ve released next to nothing in a year. There was the planetary landing, not much more than Mass Effect 1 planets, and adjustments to the missions UI. That’s it.

    • Danorz says:

      you seem to have slept through the entire engineers patch

      • CartonofMilk says:

        I slept thought it too. In the sense that it put me to sleep. Engineers was rubbish. They tweaked it a bit now but it’s still mainly a whole lot of nothing much at all. This is gonna be a little more interesting.

        • Danorz says:

          might well be boring but it’s disingenuous to act like it doesn’t exist at all

        • milligna says:

          pfft. That patch added a slew of great stuff, the game is so much more polished and enjoyable since launch. Love the fleshed out mission and outfitting, the USS changes, the better AI. I haven’t even gotten to the damn engineers yet.

    • Mansfield says:

      It’s been on sale for more than once and 16.75 euros for the Horizons season pass is far from “full priced game”

      • GenialityOfEvil says:

        a) It’s €25, not €17
        b) You might want to look at the price of the base game.

        • teedle says:

          A) He said on sale
          B) You mean that 2 year old game that has had its price reduced?

  5. Sp4rkR4t says:

    As soon as I’d watched the livestreams I re-downloaded the game. Having fun starting from scratch and building my moneys up so I can buy myself a giant whale taxi when they come out.

    Actually having as much fun as I did when I first bought into it, it’s quite well polished these days.

  6. CartonofMilk says:

    i’ve seen them use the term single seater fighter ships but it’s not like there wasnt any in the game already. The two Eagles. The viper. The Courier. I mean i get that those ships will be 100% dedicated fighters but if you tried to do anything else with the eagles and viper, you were wasting your time.

    Also there was already a bus, the Orca. Well i mean you couldnt do tourism missions but you’ll be able to do the same missions with the orca as the beluga as far as i know. Just with less space and less jump range likely. Glad i spent some money in the past month adding a orca to my fleet anyway. I don’t think i could afford the beluga for a while. But i have a parked Orca ready to go.

  7. TillEulenspiegel says:

    Should be a little shorter than the typical English “oo”, but yes this is correct for either Italian-ish Church Latin or reconstructed classical Latin.

    • TillEulenspiegel says:

      Uh, wrong thread. I’d blame a bug, but it’s probably just me being stupid.

  8. Synesthesia says:

    Is getting credits still an unfathomable grind? I don’t have the kind of time this game was asking for me last time I uninstalled it.

    • Toadsmash says:

      If you’re not interested in trading, kind of.

      Combat is a lot more profitable than it used to be, but it’s still a ways short of trading done right. Exploration is the same unprofitable grind it’s always been, even though you would have thought Horizons gave them the best opportunity they have or ever will have to rejuvenate it with the implementation of planetary landings.

      Yes, I am EXTREMELY BITTER about the exploration thing, why do you ask?

  9. Lanfranc says:

    I assume this means the poor Federal Dropship will finally have something to do as well?

    (hashtag team federal dropship 4 evah)

  10. Rizlar says:

    Wanna go see a warzone? Yer I can sort you out, hop inna back of me converted Type-6. Don’t mind them onionhead containers. And awaaaay we go!

  11. TehK says:

    This image here will give you an overview over all announced improvements/changes/additions: link to i.imgur.com

    I have to say, I’m especially looking forward to the “more science” changes like a bit of volcanism on the planets and the synchrotronic radiation coming from neutron stars (with actual game effects). Also, the planets will be fully rendered in the system map showing exact details and form of the planet.

    Ahem… so yes… I’m currently really enjoying the game and very much looking forward to the patch.

    (…and to the scavenging hunt event that came out of binary coded messages hidden in the gamescom videos and that’ll probably lead to 2.2. and maybe Thargoids…)


    • hippy says:

      > This image here will give you an overview over all announced
      > improvements/changes/additions: link to i.imgur.com

      Free updates, it says.

      Truth: you’ll have to buy Horizons to get ALL those big features.

      You’ve got a neat line in false advertising, there. Work for Frontier, do you??

      • Asurmen says:

        Except it isn’t false, as some of those features are coming into 1.7.

        • CartonofMilk says:

          Pffft….not really you STILL have to buy ED. Such bs.


      • TehK says:

        Truth: you’ll have to buy Horizons to get ALL those big features.

        You’ve got a neat line in false advertising, there. Work for Frontier, do you??

        1. The image is not by me – sorry, I should’ve said so. It’s from reddit.
        2. Yes, not everything’s free. No, it’s not all behind the Horizons expansion.
        3. To be honest, I think at this point (i.e. if they manage to put everything into the patch) the additional cost is justified.
        4. No, I don’t work for FDev. If they want to send me some money though, I wouldn’t say no.
        5. I’m very sorry that I provoked your anger by enjoying the game. I’ll be more cynical in the future.

    • ape_escape says:

      On the sciencey side of things, it looks like they’re adding in a bunch more landible objects to the Sol system, including our newly discovered 9th planet. It can be glimpsed on the new planetary map video.

  12. Smoky_the_Bear says:

    Would be cool if they had shady criminal style passengers that need transportation. Maybe they’d have fake IDs that could potentially fail a security check and leave you running from the authorities and then you’d be rerouted to a black market station without security forces where passenger would then obtain another fake ID so you could then finish the mission. Would be good Millenium Falcon style shenanigans going on if they did that.

    Going even further than that they could have the option to either run and leave your ship marked by the authorities until you did a black market re-registration of your ship/bought a new one or turn over said criminal for a reward. The downside being you get marked in his home system (potentially nearby systems too), and his goons would be readily attacking you if you go there again.

    To me this sort of risk/reward type stuff is what they need more of to make things a bit more dynamic.

    • Canadave says:

      Oh, wouldn’t it be brilliant if there were missions in and out of Imperial space to free slaves? I’ve always wanted there to be some more interesting mechanics around them, instead of them just being another type of cargo.

      • Smoky_the_Bear says:

        Yeah also a good idea.
        It needs more of a human element. The game just feels very sterile to me.
        A good example of this is being able to blow up NPCs with a tiny bounty on their head then simply collect a bounty no problem. I never liked the idea of it being fine, galaxy wide, for random people to murder others for something akin to a traffic violation and the authorities giving you a pat on the back and sticking a couple of £20s in your hand.

        • Canadave says:

          Yeah, the law in E:D tends to be a touch too black and white. We are talking about a universe where loitering merits a deadly response, after all.

    • PancakeWizard says:

      “Would be cool if they had shady criminal style passengers that need transportation.”

      Isn’t that explicitly stated to be the case? It was certainly the case back in Elite 2:Frontier

  13. Smoky_the_Bear says:

    NPC crew members is a needed addition imo. Hopefully it’s just the start of more to come. I want to be able to hire people to do all kinds of things for me, mining, running trade runs etc. That’s what I really want from the game, to be able to build a business empire, eventually build manufacturing facilities and stuff, start off with a small business in a single system and then gradually expand. Not just be a jack of all trades Han Solo type figure.
    I feel this sense of progression would really help the game rather than just doing the same things over and over with the only real goal being to buy a bigger ship.
    Not saying it has to be EVE style scope to it all either, but things along this line would be really good imo. Similar to what the X series does with the (in my opinion) far superior core gameplay that EVE has.

    • Smoky_the_Bear says:

      Dammit, superior gameplay that Elite has*

    • TheAngriestHobo says:

      I don’t know how fun that would be, honestly.

      It works in the X series because that’s a single-player game. It’s fine, in that setting, for the player to be a special snowflake who calls all the shots and can buy and sell whole star systems because all the worker bees are automated. But when you take thousands of players and make each and every one the head of their own corp, you eliminate a lot of the need for cooperation that E:D is built around. No one would have a cause beyond their own profits, whereas the current systems support a political game that encourages players to band together.

      But then, based on what you said, it sounds like you may be essentially playing the game solo. If that’s the case, I strongly advise that you join up with one of the player groups… they bring a lot of additional depth to the game.

      • Smoky_the_Bear says:

        Maybe that’s my issue. You are right I have never really played it with anything more than a couple of other people.

        I guess I’m thinking of something similar to Black Desert Online where you can use trade skills, craft things and then trade that to either NPC stations based on demand, or even to other players. I feel this would add a lot more depth to the whole trading system compared to just buying item A from station X, transporting it to station y, selling it then buying item B and trucking that somewhere else.

        Even if other player trading wasn’t involved, I think it would add to the game if you could either trade raw materials, or had the option to buy/rent a room on a station and turn it into different manufacturing plants and turn those raw materials into a finished product which you could then transport and sell. You would of course then have to keep said factory supplied with raw materials.
        It doesn’t have to go as far as owning the whole galaxy like you can in the X games.

    • Det. Bullock says:

      The core gameplay in X is a strategy/management game, I don’t even know why it bothers to be a spacesim, being inside a spaceship is only an obstacle to the management part which is also tediously slow even with SETA at 1000%.

      Most of the time you use autopilot and SETA, and getting anywhere even with 1000% SETA is tedious, to the point that I abused the jumpdrive when I finally got it.

      Terran Conflict had a bit less fluff but it devolved in the same management game with some fun bits here and there, I had fun blowing up the Kah’ak sectors with my Boreas but it felt more like a clunky RTS at that point and after that the missions were mostly either resource gathering or required the use of clunky and/or luck-based mechanics like making pilots bail out of their ship.

      I’ve had much more fun with the first Privateer and now with Elite, than with X2, X3 and TC put toghether.

      • CartonofMilk says:

        Yeah i could nver get into X because i expected a good space sim. I found it had zero immersion factor. Never put more than a dozen hours in any of them. It’s not for me. And i don’t care to own or run a fleet. Whatever X is, it’s not anything i care to play. And i’ve played them all, Privateer, Frontier, Freelancer, Evochron. X comes dead last behind all those.

  14. Christo4 says:

    Anyone else wish you could let someone else pilot the ship, while you go and either talk to whoever is on board or maybe get some friends and just look around together?

    It sounds silly buy dunno, i think it would be fun XD.

    Having such a large space but not being able to move around is a bit weird to me.

  15. temujin33 says:

    Ya got it all wrong. Space-trucking is where its at. Except without the grinding.

  16. Creeping Death says:

    With all the talk around NMS recently I’ve really developed an urge to ump back into my Cobra and return to E:D. I really dread learning to fly again. I expect many crashes will be in my near future…

    Does RPS have any kind of organized gaming group for it?

  17. urbanraccoon says:

    I can’t think of anything more Elite or Dangerous than a space bus driver.

    In the darkness of space, every bus is a night bus….

  18. Det. Bullock says:

    “Look at this beautiful bastard. Look at that bridge, where I’ll be able to invite VIP passengers and show them how awesome the life of a space captain is.”

    And then crash the beatiful bastard because while you were showing off you didn’t notice it was flying too close to something.

  19. CloneWarrior85 says:

    ED has had space “buses” since alpha, like the Orca, yet they were useless because the devs just have no idea what they’re doing.

    It’s a bit sad that only now they’re giving a job for a ship they had since pre-release.

    Yeah, congrats on finally adding something that should had been in-game since day one, sounds cool and all… But… No… It doesn’t sound good enough to go back to ED, not yet at least.

    • Asurmen says:

      Dems don’t have infinite amount of time. Priorities exist, and tourism wasn’t it.

      • BobbyDylan says:

        To be fair, FD’s priorities were wierd in season 1. Wings was the only update worth while, CQC is a wasteland and Power-play is a joke that everyone seems keen to forget. I agree that passenger missions (as shown) should have been in the game since day1, since it’s just another cargo type with specific requirements.

        IMHO, Season 2 is already shaping up better than season 1. The updates are further apart, but they’re choc-full of worth-while additions.

        • ape_escape says:

          Tourism wouldn’t have made much sense without the NPC characters in place, IMO. Pretty sure it also builds on the ongoing work to the missions framework. So I agree w Asurmen, it’s a matter of priorities and incremental layering rather than “having no idea what they’re doing”.

          Although it is fair that people are rightly PO’s with the bare bones state Elite released in. I don’t think it was messaged clearly enough that it’d be such a long-haul development going in.

  20. CidL says:

    Now all we need is a crew member who’ll take one of the fighter ships when you’re 20,000LY from populated space and go back and sell the data for you.

  21. Regibo666 says:

    Going to give Elite another try now I have Vive. Hopefully in VR I’ll find it more fun.

  22. Otterley says:

    R.Batty: “I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter…”

    Tourist: “Close to the Tannhäuser Gate, right? Yeah, absolutely amazing. Ryan AirlinesSmith Spacelines really knows where the best action is.”

    R.Batty: “No, no, I mean I was on…”

    Tourist: “Don’t tell me! You were on the bridge, weren’t you? You lucky bastard ;) I’ve heard the Captain likes to invite his best customers up for a Newcastle Brown Ale. Although VIP prices way over the top, if you ask me. And you miss the buffet. You know, they play smooth jazz and dim the lights. Really let’s them C-Beams glitter.”

    R.Batty: “Time to die.”