Send In The Squirmies: Worms W.M.D. Released

2016 being a year which ends with a number, Team17 have released a new Worms game. But wait! Worms W.M.D. [official site] looks more interesting than many of its squillion squirming predecessors. Possibly. Maybe. So The Internet says, anyway. And I’ll believe anything the Internet tells me. Did you know that you get proper super-high by tucking a hearty dip of Marmite in the inside of your lower lip? True story.

So! Worms remains a 2D turn-based artillery game, with wee wormies squirming across landscapes and calculating trajectories and wind forces to blow the dickens out of each other with guns, bombs, grenades, sheep, dodgy phone batteries, and so very much more. W.M.D.’s big-name new features are inside spaces, which conceal the movements of worms inside, vehicles like tanks and helicopter gunships, and in-round crafting to upgrade weapons with new powers. Also, the new art style is pretty swish.

Yes yes, but what’s that about W.M.D. perhaps being worth a go? Cast your eyes over the first wave of Steam player reviews and you’ll find a fair few folks saying it’s perhaps the best Worms since Armageddon or World Party – which are a good fifteen years old. Did you know that undercover cops are duty-bound to tell the truth when you ask if they have sweeties? True story.

Worms W.M.D. is out for Windows, Mac, and Linux, costing £19.99/29,99€/$29.99 on Steam and GOG. Here’s the launch trailer:

Did you know that YouTube uses your webcam to record your reactions and automatically create ‘YouTube viewers react to…’ videos? True story. Go search for ‘YouTube viewers react to Worms W.M.D Launch Trailer’ and see for yourself.


  1. Mokinokaro says:

    It really is the best one they’ve put out in over a decade.

    No 3D silliness that leads to wonky physics, proper random map generation, a nice weapon selection. Even the crafting feature works pretty well (and gives you something to do during opponents turns)

    Also the devs seem really committed to adding features the community requests (a current real popular one on the Steam forums is allowing a mix of bots and players online, right now you can only do that on local MP.)

    My only real complaint is the tank vehicle might be a little overpowered and the campaign feels shorter than some of the recent ones at only 30 missions (plus another 30 training levels that are basically shooting galleries with different weapons.)

    • The First Door says:

      As you’ve played it, I’m curious: Are you finding some strange bugs in it? I was playing it couch co-op yesterday using a controller and it’s a bit weird in places. Things like we couldn’t work out how to allow different players to play on different controllers (it forced everyone onto player 1’s controller), and at one point we took a break, the controller turned off and the game refused to listen to it when it turned back on.

      It’s a shame really because it was pretty good fun, but seemed a bit broken for couch play which is more or less the best way to play Worms in my opinion!

  2. Kefren says:

    I still play the original. I didn’t enjoy the shift to cartoony graphics in Worms 2, Worms WP etc. I think it’s also the simplicity of the original that I love. Move choose a weapon or tool, use it. Adding more and more weapons (and stuff like crafting) just weakens the primary appeal for me.

    • Skabooga says:

      I too am admittedly an electronic old man and prefer the original Worms above all. It’s just the one that I know best.

    • Shazbut says:

      I find the original looks more and more refreshing for every cartoony sequel that gets released. They even look like worms, and all of a sudden the idea of one having a bazooka seems funny again.

      • Czrly says:

        I sorely miss the old look of the worms from the early games. They were abstract and simple while these ones are designed to look “cartoony”. These worms have no charm and, without charm, what’s left?

        My other concern is the crafting. Why? Isn’t worms meant to be played in hot-seat mode? Do you now have to stand and wait while your opponent “crafts” (ugh!) before taking your turn or is hot-seat mode just gone?

    • Cederic says:

      Totally with you on the simplicity front.

      Don’t even mind the new features, just give us a ‘classic’ mode that involves barely mobile highly squishy incompetent worms using grotesquely destructive but joyfully inaccurate weaponry on fully deformable terrain.

      Stop there. No further. You’ve got it right. Keep it.

  3. Telkir says:

    I absolutely agree that WMD is the best Worms game of the modern era, and T17 deserve at least that much praise for trying to get back on the right road instead of mucking about with 2.5D nonsense. Both of the WMD additions – buildings and vehicles – are well done, but if you prefer to keep it classic, they can both be disabled through scheme settings.

    However, you probably guessed there was going to be a “but”, and in this case, it’s that GOG purchasers seem to have been moderately screwed over because of the lack of cross-platform play. I’ll reserve judgement at least until the end of this coming weekend, but it was extremely hard to find an online match last night (the launch night!) – multiplayer seemed dead on arrival. I got to play one ranked match, and technically it worked very smoothly – netcode seems great – but consistently 10+ minute queue times suck. Seemingly, this wasn’t a problem for Steamers.

    Hopefully, if T17 are as committed as they say they are, they’ll prioritise cross-platform play between GOG and Steam once they finish with any post-launch bugfixing (can’t say I’ve found anything so far, so that much is good).

    • Arexis says:

      Unfortunately, GoG releases are developing a trend of being sub-par compared to Steam releases. A shame as I like the platform. While they have been promoting cross-play on GoG Galaxy, the devs themselves have to implement it.
      My biggest disappointment in this regard is Armello. Fantastic game, but multiplayer options on the GoG release are awful.

      • mukuste says:

        Also, Spelunky not having the daily challenge in the GOG release was a big disappointment for me :(

  4. Catchcart says:

    Can anybody comment on the AI? I gave up on Worms Reloaded as the only AI level options were blithering idiots and superwizards able to calculate the most ridiculous bouncing parabolas with perfect precision.

    • The First Door says:

      So far for me the AI has been… well pretty standard for Worms games. We’ve been playing against them on what I think is the standard level and sometimes they do brilliant shots where they bounce a grenade off a wall and get you, but a couple of times they’ve just moved and then waited out their timer. Basically they feel like the same AI as I remember in most Worms games, certainly playable against, but nothing compared to playing real people.

      • Catchcart says:

        Thanks. I guess that’s what I feared because that either-or approach just isn’t very much fun to my way of thinking – way too much wild variation and neither extreme feels ‘fair’. When the AI does nothing it feels like you’re cheating. When the AI destroys you with super ballistics, it feels like it’s cheating. How is this so hard, Team 17?

  5. DelrueOfDetroit says:

    Step 1: Film butt.

    Step 2: Upload as “YouTube viewers react to Worms W.M.D Launch Trailer”