What Are We All Playing This Weekend?

Hello again, chums! Just to let you know, we’ll be a bit quiet on Monday as it’s a bank holiday in most of the UK. For non-United Kingdomeers, I’ll explain: we have eight holidays each year dedicated to those lovely, lovely bankers who do so much for us all. Children parade giant papier mâché pound coins through the streets, adults gather to sing banking songs, and the Queen spends an entire day queuing outside the Bank of England carrying her penny jar. Oh, we’ll be right bankers this weekend! But we’ll still make time for video games – mostly Deus Ex. How about yourself?

Adam: I’ll probably play some Deus Ex because, heck, it’s stealth and cyber-stabbing. I’m tempted to shrug off the whole “non-lethal no-kill playthrough” approach and just straight up murder everything between me and the end of the game. Might make a nice change of pace.

Mostly, I’ll be playing The Curious Expedition though. The 1.0 release is just around the corner and my latest group of explorers found something that looks very much like The Lament Configuration. This is a very good game. Between the dinosaurs and the [REDACTED], there’s plenty of fun to be had simply watching the world collapse or burn as you pilfer idols.

Alec: I am going to continue trying to play Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, and hope that I find a point where I don’t keep quitting in frustration every 45 minutes, irritated by the janky controls and bored by the listeless dialogue and nobody protagonist. I didn’t as… no, let’s not go there, eh? If I still can’t crack that nut, I might go back to Witcher 3: a world-weary gruffman with soul, as opposed to one with complete disinterest in everything.
Alice: Well, shoot. Last weekend I managed to topple my one Steam Friend above me on the Devil Daggers leaderboard (I got heavily into it again after the RPS Summer Games). And then he beat me. And then I beat him. And then… jesus, he’s got a stonker of a time. But we’ve both finally broken into gold tier, so that’s grand. It’s nice to have friendly competition. This run is my current best – 283 seconds – and I’m still embarrassed that my highest times tend to start so sloppily. Skip the first 50 seconds, okay?
Brendan: I’m going to stab some people in Deus Ex: Heavy-Handed Segregation. But only the ones who deserve it. I’ve seen some friends completing pacifist runs, having murdered not one pawn of the illuminati. But I hate Batmanism, so my Jensen is going to kill a few people. I’ve already offed one fraudster who I decided Jensen didn’t like. So let’s see who else qualifies. Other than that I will probably appear in the middle of your Overwatch match, wander around pointlessly as Mei, and accidentally wall you into our own spawn point. Sorry.
Graham: I started Hyper Light Drifter this week and even after just 15 minutes I’m already entranced. I previously played the ‘heck’ out of a preview build of the game, but the release of the final thing came while I was on paternity leave, meaning I’m only getting to it now. I love its world, its music, its movement, its combat. I just hope John is wrong about the difficulty spikes.
John: This weekend I hope to be playing… oh this gets more demoralising every week. I don’t get to play games at the weekend any more, unless it’s a big review, okay? I’ve a toddler to entertain, and there’s only so much watching daddy play a game he can take before he needs to “press buttons” finding the unique combination that causes my PC to erase all data from all hard drives and most of the internet.

Although I hope to sneak in a fair bit of Deus Ex Go as and when, on my phone. Sadly this is the lovely and smart puzzle game, rather than going around with my phone camera out trying to identify augmented humans in the street.

Philippa: This weekend I will be playing the game of trying to find space in a pub garden so I can enjoy a lager shandy in the sunshine. Should that fail I will trudge home and boot up some game or other. Possibly No Man’s Sky, although the pull of that has been waning pretty quickly. Maybe I’ll go back to Stephen’s Sausage Roll and chip away at some more of those puzzles. Or maybe this Bank Holiday weekend is finally going to see me start Bound By Flame.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?


  1. cockpisspartridge says:

    I’ll be playing ARMA3 and FSX with my nice new custom build track IR headset. 2 hours, £13, and lots of cardboard. Gaming on a budget. I can’t see me playing a flightsim without it again.

    • A Gentleman and a Taffer says:

      How’s the home made IR? I tried the ridiculously named facetracknoir (face track no IR, see?) which just uses a Webcam to track your face. It works to a point, needs a well lit gaming area which detracts somewhat when you’re pretending to be in the depths of Elite space.

      • cockpisspartridge says:

        It was facetracknoir that led me building the IR LED job. I found that facetrack was bad in low light and used way too much CPU, impacting on the games, plus the FPS for the tracking was also low. Using pointtracker (through facetracknoir) actually makes it easy and fun to use, dropping the CPU impact by >50% and making it feel nice and fluid. Best £13 I ever spent. haha. you can acually buy premade units on ebay for ca. £20 but you’ll also be wanting to buy a modified PS3 camera (or modifiy it yourself, which was easy enough). There’s no looking back now, or rather there is…..

        • A Gentleman and a Taffer says:

          Hmm, interesting. I do have a PS3 camera… something to look in to. I’m not sure I play enough trackable games to warrant the investment, but good to know there’s a cheap alternative to track ir.

          • arkhanist says:

            Bear in mind the hack to the PS3 cam involved gouging out the IR filter, so it’s a one-way mod.

            Pretty simple to put together the LED clip with basic soldering and some wire (and a resistor); I chopped up a USB lead to power it since it was going on a wired headset and 3D printed (at work) a basic frame for it, though frankly some cardboard would work just as well. I use opentrack, as it seems to the one most actively developed. Worked a treat for elite dangerous, until I gave up on the grind…

          • Silvarin says:

            I use a modified ps3 cam together with opentrack, which works pretty smooth (better than facetracknoir imho). Also bought premade led unit on ebay and cant play flightsims without it. U can also use it in Dayz if you want (or the latest ArmA games, as mentioned) (if its still allowed by Battle Eye), but it takes a lot of time to get used to it.

    • Grizzly says:

      Oh yes, headtracking! I build meself one of those Edtrackers, which uses gravity rather then IR lights but since I got one, I can’t live without it. Have fun!

  2. A Gentleman and a Taffer says:

    The NMS addiction has finally worn off so I’m looking at my unfinished pile for something to get stuck into. Played a bit of DA: Inquisition last night, loved meeting the characters again but the bloody MMO gameplay has turned me off.

    The PC Gamer top 100 reminded me of a few others (I won’t spoil, but there’s no Thiefs. NO THIEF’S! WHAT’S WRONG WITH THESE WHIPPER SNAPPERS!?).

    MGS V or Witcher 3, or maybe the yet to play Her Story or Kentucky Route part 4. Agh, decisions!

    • Pravin Lal's Nuclear Arsenal says:

      Shush, you taffer! Professionals don’t need…publicity.

    • Andy_Panthro says:

      Damn, that PCG top 100 is lacking loads of games that I would put in there… tons of RPGs and adventure games in particular.

      Mind you, I don’t think I could ever decide on an actual 100, let alone put them in any sort of order.

    • McGuit says:

      Witcher 3 for me. About 10 hours into my first time through and I’m having a blast.

    • malkav11 says:

      Play Her Story first. It’s brilliant and it won’t take terribly long to knock it out, at which point you can then move on to one of your other options (all of which are lovely far as I can see).

      • A Gentleman and a Taffer says:

        Thanks for the tip, that’s exactly what I did and wow… that was amazing. I think I finished it? Think there’s a lot more revelations to be dug out, but yes what a cool game. Really well done.

        Bed time now. Witcher tomorrow.

        • vanhisa says:

          The source video is actually not encrypted, so after you finished, or satisfied enough and want to watch her story from star to finish, you could.

  3. Captain Narol says:

    No Man’s sky :

    41 hours in and still enjoying myself, just wandering around exploring and trying to find all the animal species on the planets that I’m visiting… The center of the universe will have to wait !

    Crusader Kings 2 :

    2067 hours in and still enjoying, and I must be something like 4 DLC backwards so the next play I’ll start what I have finished that one should be quite different…

    Football Manager (2014) :

    2987 hours in and still enjoying. Time to catch on the summer transferts to start a new season (I’m playing 7 teams in parallel in the same game to enjoy various leagues simultaneously)

    I wonder if I play NMS for as long as the 2 others, anyway it seems that I don’t get bored easily of the things I like !

    • welverin says:

      Wow, I’m pretty much the complete opposite of you. I very rarely will play anything more than once, and once I’ve done pretty much everything in a game move onto something new.

      Anyway, I shall try and finish up Doom (should be on the last level), and then I shall move onto Deus Ex Mankind Divided.

      I have the week off, so I’ll have plenty of time for that

      • LennyLeonardUK says:

        Where do you find the time to put over 2000 hours into a single game??. Serious question. I’m also very much the opposite, my average game time is probably something like 30 hours per game. Occasionally something like Skyrim will come along and I’ll knock out about 200 hours, but that is quite a rare occurrence. Basically what I’m saying is that I’d love to have your patience.

        On a related note. I’m currently 2 games deep into my quest to master Paradox strategy games (those 2 games being Europa Universalis IV and Stellaris). I’m kind of ready to take the plunge with Crusader Kings 2 I think. Any tips on how best to start??.

        Other than maybe doing that, I’ll be mostly playing Deus Ex, Overwatch, Total Warhammer and Dark Souls 3.

        Great times.

  4. AutonomyLost says:

    Hopefully finishing Blood and Wine, and some Deus Ex: MD as well.

    • Kamestos says:

      Loved the ending of Blood and Wine. It’s like Geralt briefly breaks the 4th wall and talks to the player directly. Very emotional.

    • Zenicetus says:

      I need to re-visit Blood and Wine and get a proper start. I tried it a few months ago, and it had been so long since I finished the main game that I lost my combat edge and completely forgot how all the spells and spell/potion interactions worked. Got myself trounced by some stupid knights on an early side quest. Very embarrassing. I’ll go back to it after finishing Deus Ex MD.

  5. Chaoslord AJ says:

    Still playing Enderal mod for Skyrim which does rathar well vs the competition of Mankind Divided which I play in small sessions.

  6. Michael Fogg says:

    I’m playing some Styx: Master of Shadow and find this self-proclaimed ‘hardcore stealth game’ quite an admirable effort. I particularily like the fact that your goblin character doesn’t have an effortless knockout move, which means if you want to chase the non-lethal award for each level you really need to put in effort. Another great idea is the ability to create clones that you can control and use for scouting, decoys and general troublemaking. A common issue in Thief and the like is that you really need to know what is around a corner but there is no way to find out without completely exposing yourself. Now with your remotely controled clone you can do it, but it’s not completely risk-free (like the spy drone aug in DX), as it can still be discovered and warn the enemies of your presence. As for criticism: instead of pocketing loot, which has monetary value and is used to purchase equipment, in Styx there is only a number of ‘tokens’ to find in each mission, there is no trading whatsoever and you only get the xp reward for finding ALL of them (no small task). So this actually discourages exploration, as you don’t desperately need to secure resources for the next mission. Also, melee enemies can lock you in combat and you have to make a few parries and counters to get rid of them – effectively a QTE – why not allow a player to just leg it, in a stealth game where the main character is a bloody goblin? But overall I recommend Styx if you’re looking for a pure stealth-focused game.

    • fish99 says:

      Thief does have a lean to let you look around corners, but honestly you’re supposed to rely on sound more than anything. You can also listen at doors by leaning into them.

    • jon_hill987 says:

      Thief II had a camera grenade thing you could toss around corners IIRC.

  7. zxcasdqwecat says:

    I’m playing Red Void, Death Road To Canada, Warsow, Hyper Light Drifter, Black Closet, Phenomeno, Life is Strange, Va11halla as usual.

  8. pistolhamster says:

    Dwarf Fortress 0.43.03 – I took a long look at RimWorld and decided I needed a fix of DF. Been 5 years since I gave it a try last time. Lots of fluff changed in those 5 years, but the core mechanics of Fortress Mode are the same plus minecarts. Still fun though.

  9. Wellzy4eva says:

    After putting a LOT of hours into Divinity: Original Sin and vanquishing it, I recently made the mistake of seeing what Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition’s Tactical mode was like and it’s sucked me back in.

  10. Dorga says:

    John is wrong Graham, I tell you, WRONG! Hyper Light Drifter is such a well paced game. Let us know Wot you think once you have had a bit more time with it please.

  11. Agnosticus says:

    Playing the game “Can’t decide which monitor to get”:

    – TN or IPS, fast or better looks?
    – 1440p or UW 1080p?
    – 8bit or 10bit colors?
    – 144Hz or 75Hz or 60Hz?
    – How important is ULMB?
    – BenQ XL2730Z, 27″ or ASUS MG279Q, 27″ or a newer model or wait?

    Difficult game I tell ya!

    • Arona Daal says:

      1 IPS,always
      2 1440p If you have a Graphics card that can stem it.Fps is better than Resolution.
      3 8 or 10 bit ???, will you see the Difference?
      4 144 mhz ,Reason see point 2.
      5 ULMB , dunno.
      6 Order both,plug them parralel into the same graphics card, compare side by side,send back the inferior one.

      Little Tip:
      Some Monitors regulate Brightness by flickering the backlight ultrafast.Lower brightness means more flickering.
      You can see that by moving an object/hand in front of the monitor at low-medium brightness,compared to high brightness settings where the movement appears smooth.
      This can give you *serious* eyestrain and headaches after prolonged exposure.
      Avoid these Monitors or run them always on maximum Brightness.

      • Agnosticus says:

        Wow, thanks for the tips!

        Ordering both would be a good idea, but most monitors seem to be way cheaper in the UK and I don’t think that I can return them without paying the shipping costs (central europe)

    • fish99 says:

      I had 60Hz IPS and 120Hz TN sat next to each other for the longest time, but the higher refresh rate won out in the end. In my experience a high refresh rate, as well as being super smooth, solves all the problems with tearing and framerate drops from v-sync, and for that reason I won’t be using a 60Hz PC monitor again.

      • Christo4 says:

        Found an easy way to make the game not tear on 60 fps screens and i think it works with and without vsync. Use Nvidia inspector to put the game at 55 fps.

        For some reason it really works in highly-demanding games. Usually the only game where it’s really noticeable for me is witcher 3, it gets some bad screen tear at the bottom, but once i put it to 55 fps (you won’t know the difference between it and 60), then all the problems go away.

        Also, in regards to a monitor, i got a VN monitor from Samsung, curved. Though only 1080p and 60hz. For some reason i think the curve really works well in games, since it compensates for the bit of fisheye effect that our vision has (and perhaps a bit accentuated by glasses). Makes the image a bit more focused on your eyes, with it being almost flat instead of ever so slightly away from you. Maybe it’s a minor detail, but going from a 27″ screen to a curved 23″ it was really noticeable. And well with a gtx 980 i thought to get a 1080p so that i’ll be able to play a lot in the coming years, instead of going for something higher and having to upgrade sooner.

        • fish99 says:

          Even if that worked across all games, which I kinda doubt, it wouldn’t get you the delicious smoothness of 120+ Hz gaming.

    • geldonyetich says:

      Look into G-Sync (if you have a moderately up-to-date NVIDIA card) or Freesync (if you have instead AMD). The improvements to overall responsiveness and elimination of tearing practically multiply your effective FPS, even though it doesn’t.

    • Geebs says:

      Honestly? Go for a 4K monitor (makes text look much nicer) and then play your games in 1080p. Unless you have a seriously impressive graphics card (better than GTX 970), even 1440p can be a bit of a stretch for some of this year’s games.

      • Christo4 says:

        Hmm don’t the games look blurry if you downscale it to 1080p? I remember some time ago on my 1080p laptop, sometimes i had to put the games in 720p and it looked very blurry and annoying.

        Just wondering, because if it works, then that’s a really good idea!

        My tables has like 2560x1440p resolution on 10″ and it’s really great for text, would be wonderful if i could get something like that for a monitor and not have an impact on performance if i can switch it to 1080p with no problem.

        • Geebs says:

          4K resolution is 3840 x 2160, which is exactly double the resolution of 1080p at the same aspect ratio, so every “1080p pixel” is an exact square of 4 pixels on the screen and you get much less fuzziness than an inexact upscaling.

          Old desktop applications with low-res assets can look pretty bad upscaled on a 4k monitor, but text usually scales reasonably well and fonts are much smoother. To be honest, this looks best in either Windows 10 or in macOS, which have better scaling support than earlier Windows.

          Games have much less in the way of sudden colour gradients, so they generally look great with resolution set to 1080p.

  12. A Wanderer says:

    What happens when you have a lot of old unplayed games in your steam library and your good old laptopt with a crappy but faifthful gt540m ? You play some of them. So this weekend it’s :

    -Knights of the Old Republic 2. Right from the start, it screams eraly Bioware/Obsidian game : it’s ugly, runs like crap, buggy as hell, good atmosphere and awesome writing. The gameplay feels a bit off, though, like a strange mix between pen and paper RPG and Dragon Age, but I may just be tooo young to appreciate it. But the writing, again, might be the best I have ever seen for a Star Wars game (not very difficult, mind you) and actually for any Star Wars related thing, especially in the way it portrays the Sith and the Jedi : no black and white, but grey everywhere, in a story line that, interestingly, takes place AFTER The Big Epic War Between Good And Evil and deals with its consequences. Bonus points for allowing the player to play a “reasonnable Sith” (aka not a psychopath or an asshole). And it’s amazing how much of Mass Effect it’s possible to see, from the Ebon Hawk as a prototype of the future Normandy, both in its function but also in its feel, to the interface and crappy inventory.

    -In a completely different genre, the pc port of the (according to all Ace Combat Fans) Ace Assault : Combat Horizon. (What the hell is that subtitle anyway ?). Looks quite good. Runs quite good. 4 graphic options (that’s still better than Dark Souls’ port). Good mouse and keyboard controls, even though I play it with a strange mix of USB Numpad + Mouse. Awful story that is a completely unashamed ripoff of the Modern Warfare series (Evil Russian nationalists : check. ‘Murica everywhere : check. ‘Splosions : check. WMDs : check. Qtes : Check.) with the blandest characters possible. Seriously, you have : John American McCheeseburger (you), his funny black buddy (who wil be in danger at one point of course), the Russian Traitor Whose Name Ends With “ov” (capital letters mandatory) and the girl who pilots a bomber (potential love interest. Least annoying character but that’s because the three missions where you play as her are awesome). Some cinematic bullshit “dogfight mode” which effectiveky turns the game in a railshooter and is mandatory for bossfights.
    So what’s left in the end ? An extremely fun arcade game where you carry 999 missiles and do barrel rolls with helicopters. And plane porn. Lots of plane porn. (Now the B1 bomber has a seriously contender fo sexiest plane on earth in the form of the Mirage III). That things is ranking higher and higher in my list of guilty pleasures.

    • A Wanderer says:

      *early Bioware*
      *of the admittedly godawful*
      I need to learn how to write. But we also need an edit button.

    • malkav11 says:

      Have you played the first KOTOR? I doubt very much that Bioware took any cues from KOTOR II, since they didn’t make it, but Obsidian was pretty much just using the engine from the first one with perhaps a few tweaks. And yeah, the writing’s brilliant. This is why Obsidian are one of my absolute most favorite developers – they care about the writing (even in something like Dungeon Siege 3, which could easily have gotten away without it, like most ARPGs) and they’re good at it.

  13. cpy says:

    Minecraft! Maybe some Diablo 3 too.

  14. aircool says:

    Deus Ex for me. Whilst far from perfect, it’s absorbing in exactly the same way that NMS was addictive but tedious.

    Today I think I might rob a bank and drop some of those large refrigerators on people who are rude to me.

    • aircool says:

      Oh, and I might get round to installing a Megadrive emulator on my Nvidia Shield so I can play Alien 3; one of my favourite all time games.

  15. Lars Westergren says:

    During the week, I was going to download Deus Ex but my harddrive was full, so I decided to give Doom one more chance before deleting it. I have made some snarky comments about it being a bad game before, but now it actually clicked for me, once I reached the Foundry level. More open spaces to run around in so it feels less corridor-shooter like, lots of secrets to find, some real challenging fights, plus runnning out of ammo on my faviourite gun if I used it all the time requiring learning how to use all of them and switching strategically. I ended up playing through all of the game. Played on insane difficulty until right after leaving hell, then switched down to “hurt me plenty”. I still don’t think it’s a great game but definitely ok. I don’t think it’s bad any more.

    Except the writing. First woman character in a Doom game to my knowledge, she is a weak willed traitor to humanity who was quickly seduced by the promises of the enemy (head pre-shaven). The rage driven man of action on the other hand who purifies this world by stomping everything into a red paste and is saluted by knights, that’s what this world needs.

    Her Story was next, that was really good.

    • DelrueOfDetroit says:

      Yeah I hated the story in Doom. The whole thing basically boils down to “Don’t be a pussy.”

  16. Arona Daal says:

    RTS:Third Age Mod
    MP:New Patch of Awesomenauts,mainly voltar,gnaw & skree
    Coffeebreak:Shoot First
    Backlog:C&C 3 or Terraria

  17. kregg says:

    I’ll be playing N++ – I didn’t think I’d be hooked but it really is a solid platformer with decent balanced difficulty.

    Part of me wishes there was a GOG version since I find Steam to be bothersome to me, but it’s not the end of the world.

  18. godunow says:

    Crusader Kings 2 as Charlemagne

    Mortal Kombat XL Beta as Total Noob

  19. stringerdell says:

    Overwatch, N++, Nuclear Throne, maybe some NMS and Rimworld.

  20. Herzog says:

    Dungeons of Dredmor. Nearing level 8 with my dual polearm berserk build. Looking good so far, but I have read killing Lord Dredmor with a melee build is almost impossible. Let’s find out! Or maybe some giant monster zoo will stop my adventure earlier.

    • malkav11 says:

      The strategy I’ve read for defeating Dredmor with a melee build is to store up the top end throwables and just chuck them at him while retreating. Cheesy, but whatcha gonna do?

  21. seroto9 says:

    Something Big is meant to be happening in Elite Dangerous tomorrow, so I’ll probably be hanging out in the forums waiting for it to be reported.

    • TheAngriestHobo says:

      Really? Crap, I better get my ass back to the bubble then. I’m off wandering the Wregoe sector right now.

      • modzero says:

        You think getting back from the bubble is hard? I’d have to bring my HOTAS setup from the top of my closet. I really need to figure out how to make it less annoying while it’s not in use.

  22. cpt_freakout says:

    Finally getting around to play Vermintide with a friend and his brother. We used to run with another guy as a L4D team so this will sure bring back some memories, I think!

    Also, Overwatch. Maybe some FEAR (first time playing it – so good). And I got a Blood Bowl match for the RPS league on Monday which I’m looking forward to…

  23. Barberetti says:

    With my anti-nag device (piece of card) attached to the bottom right of my monitor, I’m continuing my quest to reach the edge of the galaxy in No Man’s Sky.

  24. Premium User Badge

    zinzan says:

    6 Combat Mission PBeM turns as always,
    Half-Life Two (due to some youngster having a 20th birthday),
    GTA V solo campaign (Is it worrying that I’m starting to think Trevor is the most “interesting” character?),
    The trying to be a sociable person at a friends wedding game (Tiresome game, but gain bonus family points for success)

    • CarthAnne says:

      Gosh, do that many weddings take place in August? Dreadful month. Hats off to you for even trying to play the wedding social game. I generally just hang out near the bar and drink as much free Moscato as I feel I can without looking like an alcoholic.

      • Premium User Badge

        zinzan says:

        Well it all went well (at wedding) except wife & Family left early so i could get really drunk :) This was fine until I got hpome early AM and had “Brillliant” idea to run some Combat Mission turns. Yesterday morning through fog of hangover was mainly “Noooooooo!! WHY???? Frigggin Idiot!!! Etc. :)

        • CarthAnne says:

          Oi! Lesson for next time one supposes. (Yeah right!)

          *Also reading back my old comment, I realize I probably didn’t make it clear that I also attended a wedding recently, in fact as recently as Friday.

  25. Premium User Badge

    particlese says:

    Well, I now know I’ll be playing Devil Daggers, trying to replicate Alice’s sorcery of nonchalantly standing there and shooting the super-centipedes as they avoid each other and themselves. Or I’ll just do the usual: get excited that I lived that long, then panic and run around doing infinite k-turns in an attempt not to die.

    Also, I’m slightly jealous she has a friend running neck and neck. It’s really good competitive fun, and a sound plays as you approach your friend which is structured like some sort of inside-out Devil Daggery TXH Deep Note. Used to give me the willies!

    Primarily, though, I’ll be playing live-action Höme Improvisåtion.

    • Premium User Badge

      particlese says:

      Oh, I also played a bit of Quake last night to see if all the Devil Daggering has helped, and I got through episode 1 on normal without issue, which is new. I’m thinking I might play some of the other episodes this weekend, which I don’t know nearly as well.

  26. Jakkar says:

    Continue Operation: Make Nervous Friend Play Shadow of Mordor.

    Try to beat the slight fatigue of finally playing a heavily hardcore-modded Fallout: New Vegas. Continue to be unable to play the DLC since Old World Blues completely demolished any semblance of an immersive atmosphere.

    Continue to glare angrily at Men of War: Assault Squad, because no-one will play with me. It has been two years or so now. I miss it.

  27. Bowak says:

    I’ve been back to Elite since the article the other day. It feels a lot closer to being a finished game and I hadn’t realised that there’d be a free Viper Mk IV sat waiting for me at Barnard’s Star. So right now, I’m re-learning the combat and doing the odd Ross 154 – Barnard’s Star – Sol trade route as a reminder of the Frontier days.

    I’m also tempted to have a big push towards finishing Mass Effect 3 on the 360. I got so very bored of the combat, so I’m blasting through in narrative mode.

  28. milan.jirkovsky says:

    Well, it’s not easy to choose actually, I thought No Man’s Sky will be a certainty, but:
    – Crusader Kings II DLC came out
    – Master of Orion came out
    – and most importantly N++ came out
    so, who knows.

  29. Pravin Lal's Nuclear Arsenal says:

    Still Brigador, still an amazing game, still a shame it didn’t sell well, still an incredibly daft control system for anti grav vehicles. I had no problem adapting to the tank controls for mechs and tanks (I played Renegade Ops that way), but skimmers are a pain in the arse to drive.

    But, let’s be honest, the real game I’ll be playing this weekend is “Spot the pee”. It runs on my two months old pup and I signed in to beta test and debug the dog, you see.

    • DelrueOfDetroit says:

      Brigador just released an update yesterday with an optional control scheme similar to a twin stick shooter. The devs still insist to play it the vanilla way.

      • Pravin Lal's Nuclear Arsenal says:

        Yup! I noticed it when I started the game, but thanks for the info anyway.

        It’s great that you can pick and choose where to use the alternative control scheme: just agravs, in my case, and it’s been an amazing leap from “Look, just…give up. Your brain is tiny and stupid and you can’t control these things, stick to ground vehicles” to “HOLY SHIT DID YOU SEE THAT?!”

        As for the devs making clear their position…yeeeah, that was to be expected. They’ve always been very confident in their “hard to learn but rewarding” choice. Arguably, confident to a fault? I mean, I have great respect for a dev that will stick to their guns and won’t bend to the pressure, but they admit that the negative feedback was pretty big. There’s a line in the patch notes that makes me think: “To anyone who refunded the game or gave up based on difficulty with the controls, we hope you come back and try out this new scheme.”
        Leaving aside how visible the patch is to people who refunded the game, I do wonder if a tiny bit of hubris was amongst the factors contributing to bad sales. Which is a shame, because the game is incredible, it has a ton of depth even with simplified controls (the amount of detail in the projectile simulation alone is mind blowing) and it’s not like adding the option earlier would have taken anything away from the players who agree with the devs.

        Oh well, c’est la vie.

  30. Grizzly says:

    I was on holiday last week so I entertained myself with the lovely 80 Days and Sorcery! by Inkle on my phone. I might just continue, or I will dive into the newly released Automobilista or Assetto Corsa and facilitate my addiction for driving cars on empty roads rather then in traffic jams.

    • Vacuity729 says:

      I’ll have to play 80 Days for an hour or so for work (I’m an English teacher) so I have discussion material for the next class, but that’s generally quite enjoyable to do. I also got my students to try Sorcery Part 1 in class and they really enjoyed it.

      For my own pleasure, I’ll probably gallivant around the Euclid galaxy in No Man’s Sky a bit more. I didn’t pay much attention to the hype or pre-release material, so don’t feel disappointed or indignant with the game I got. It’s certainly flawed, but it’s also rather enjoyable, like many other games.

  31. shocked says:

    Rimworld. And then some more Rimworld, because I stopped playing everything else.

    • Premium User Badge

      Iamblichos says:

      Yes, this. I am a longtime player of DF, and Rimworld has hit all the right buttons. I haven’t monkeyed around much with the 1.5 mechanics that dropped last night, but this game has my attention firmly by the ‘nads.

  32. pcgamergirl says:

    I’m gonna be finishing up The Witcher 2 hopefully! And then taking a dip into Agatha Christie: The ABC Murders, with some spats of The Sims 4 in there too. Gonna be a hell of a weekend!

  33. yogibbear says:

    DOTA 2, Rocket League, and hopefully some more Rise of the Tomb Raider.

  34. kelmorg says:

    another dip into NMS, possibly for the last time. One thing NMS has done for me is re awakened my interest in the space sim genre so i might buy Elite:Dangerous. And a bit more Reigns.

  35. Creeping Death says:

    I’m plugging away at AC: Syndicate at the minute. It has actually been a little while since I last played an AC game (Black Flag on its release) and the 3 year break has actually made what was becoming a chore of an experience fun again!

  36. Freud says:

    I read that Ubisoft will be closing down The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot later this year.

    That’s the downside of this games as a service trend. Not enough players and like that, poof. It’s gone

    • DelrueOfDetroit says:

      Have you considered the possibility that Might Quest For Loot might be Kaiser Soze?

  37. jimjim19681968 says:

    Deus Ex HR. I bought the new one, but I never completed HR (I think got to just before the end last time). So I went back to it and am really loving it. Also watched The Matrix for the first time in a decade. Love all this Philip K Dick stuff!

    • Vandelay says:

      I’m playing Deus Ex: HR too. Have to say, age has not been too kind on it. Graphically, I’m shocked out how piss poor many of the models are and the rather repetitive animation. Couple that with the mediocre voice acting, it really feels like a game from another era.

      In the actual game, the Detroit hub feels very claustrophobic and artificial. It reminds me a bit of Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodline’s opening area, in that it is basically just a couple of streets, but it doesn’t even feel as real as that 2004 game, with your main route between the streets being a vent (guess that is following Deus Ex tradition.)

      I guess the slightly bitter taste in my mouth from it is that I just finished the first boss fight. It is truly abysmal and was not helped by a bug that meant I was unable to move in the first 2 or so seconds of the fight, just enough time for him to wind up his machine gun, so I was always lucky to reach cover with half my health intact.

      It is still enjoyable and there are the odd sparks of an interesting story being told. I am normally left thinking I would rather be playing Dishono(u)red though. From the sounds of things, MD hasn’t learned a huge amount from the 5 years since HR though, which makes me not want to rush out and buy it.

      • Zenicetus says:

        “Graphically, I’m shocked out how piss poor many of the models are and the rather repetitive animation. Couple that with the mediocre voice acting, it really feels like a game from another era.”

        The bad news is that they didn’t make much progress in those areas with the new Mankind Divided game. The first thing I noticed was the poor body and face animation, and terrible lip sync. On the other hand, the environments are much more open and don’t have that claustrophobic feel in the new MD game. Very shiny too.

        For a game that depends so much on level design, they did a good job making the new areas feel more realistic. Still nowhere near as large as an Assassin’s Creed city game, but much better.

        Also no boss fights so far, and I’m probably a little over halfway through the game. Based on some telegraphed game events, I feel there may be one big one at the end, but I dunno. We’ll see (or you can read spoilers).

  38. Captain Narol says:

    Seems that noone on RPS is playing Stellaris anyone, I wonder why…

    I’ll probably give it a new try when I’ll need a break from NMS.

    • Zenicetus says:

      The devs took a long vacation in July, leaving the game in what still feels like an early access state (IMO). Since they came back, there have been a few hotfix patches, but no progress on a lot of things that need addressing.

      So I think a lot of us are waiting for the next major “Heinlein” patch slated for October. I hope we’ll see a beta or two for that patch soon, and that will get me back in the game.

    • malkav11 says:

      For one thing, it’s pretty rare for people in games journalism to have the time to keep playing games for months on end when they’ve got new ones coming out that need coverage.

    • modzero says:

      While I disagree with the “feels like EA game”, the promised features in the update make it feel like a waste of time to play the game right now. Really, right now I fear it’s going to have the KSP syndrome: two weeks after an update the plans for the next one arrive, and the game seems unexciting compared to The Future.

    • pistachio says:

      Stellaris’ galaxies are too homogenous for my taste, one bunch of planets is pretty much the same as any other. I’ll come back to it if and when exploration becomes interesting. I never felt bumping into some treasure or even resource starved area.

      For now I am just too disappointed how bland and monotonous the game is when they have the whole universe as their palette.

  39. Bobtree says:

    I picked up Ashes of the Singularity in this week’s sale and played most of the campaign last night. The tutorial, scripting, UI, plot, and voiceovers all suck. There’s still a likeable spam game there though, and I’ll try to finish the campaign and get in some skirmish.

    Dota 2 has a new Underlord that I want to play as in a match.

  40. shevtsov200 says:

    Don’t tell Alec that Adventure Communist has been released on steam!

  41. Monggerel says:

    I’ve recently decided that single-player games are bad for me and have consequently uninstalled all of them. All I have available right now are Overwatch, League of Legends and Counter-Strike GO. Which are still single-player unless I play with friends. Hmph.

    I do have some movies I want to watch though. It’s kind of stupid how unfamiliar I am with some of the most well-known cornerstones of pop-culture.

  42. Darth Gangrel says:

    I was gonna gonna say Project: Snowblind, which kinda fits into the Deus Ex theme this weekend, since it was supposed to be a sequel to Deus Ex: Invisible War.

    However, the sudden crashes, unfair/sparse save point system and other stupid stuff has forced me to repeat several areas, which is no fun. In fact, it’s practically a dealbreaker or at the very least a rage quit inducer.

    Now, I’m instead gonna play some more Victor Vran, a game I stopped playing, because other games seemed more fun and interesting. Perhaps unfair, because it’s really great in many ways and certainly plays a lot smoother than Project: Snowblind.

  43. fish99 says:

    With all the Deus Ex hype around I started Human Revolution. Played the first 4 hours, did the first real mission, and it already started to feel a bit repetitive, like the whole game would be sneaking up behind a guy, choking him out and hiding the body, at least if I persisted with stealth. It also seems to be split into small areas with disguised load zones.

    In comparison, Dishonored played the same but it had a more interesting world, and Thief had a deeper stealth system, and big open levels. Or you could compare with System Shock 2, which had all the gadgets and play style options, but was still a shooter. I dunno, I’ll persist and see if the gameplay opens up as new skills are unlocked.

    I also bought a cardboard VR since I’ve got phone with a gyro now. It’s cool, but not amazingly better than the nvidia 3D Vision system I have. I’d love to try a Vive or Rift, but screw those prices

  44. Zenicetus says:

    Deus Ex MD mostly, despite reservations about playing as Mr. Dour McGruffyface, and basically no likeable NPC’s. Also crappy face animation.

    I’m playing it for the level design, basically. It’s a good stealth game, although like most of them it’s prone to relying on implausible “find the scripted routes” design. It always feels like Jensen consulted with the architects before each structure was built, so those routes would be there. The stealth in a game like Dishonoured feels more organic, not as forced.

    I’m not trying for a total no-kill game and I screw up occasionally, but so far I’m running about 90% stun/knockouts. This won’t be my game of the year, but I’m having fun.

  45. xalcupa says:

    Husbands off on travel so I have the whooole weekend for myself and my computer games. Started the day with a few hours of road biking so that I can “deserve” computer time rest of the day. Bought a fancy bottle of wine, started the pulled pork, fired up Enderal (skyrim mod) which I find delightful. The level of detail, ambition and voice acting impresses me. Smooth experiende for me sofar. This is really an achievement by Sure AI and the team. I assume Enderal will keep me busy the rest of the weekend.

    • tayete says:

      I’d love to play videogames with my wife (or paint) but she only likes Candy Crush :-(

  46. Chorltonwheelie says:

    Spec Ops. The Line.

    It’s well sandy.

  47. Baranor says:

    Mostly KSP. Last time I played was in 0.24, so there is lots to enjoy. Science mode for one, and sandbox for another.

  48. geldonyetich says:

    In Elite: Dangerous, I just fitted my Fer De Lance with a class-4 plasma accelerator. So I’ll probably play a little more of that.

    I am working on Mankind Divided. Other than the fact it’s a rather demanding piece of software, I generally have not had any issues with it. It’s how AAA is supposed to work… well, except for the microtransactions, but I have resolved that problem by simply never doing any.

  49. noodlecake says:

    @Graham John isn’t wrong about the difficulty spikes. Some of the bosses took up maybe 25 attempts to beat while huge swathes of the game I didn’t die at all. It’s still a very good game though. The boss battles are kind of like a separate game in a way. Like 2d dark souls bosses, despite the rest of the game not being like that. I enjoyed trying to beat them despite not enjoying Dark Souls at all.

  50. malkav11 says:

    My primary weekend project is intended to be Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, which I am enjoying quite a lot and cannot agree with the grumpy gusses on staff here about really much at all. (Though the unskippable logo videos are annoying, to be sure, and the consumable DLC is dumb, so there’s that.) I had intended to be ultra-stabby kill-everything man but it turns out that if you violently murder people in the middle of Prague everybody freaks out and the heavily armed police try to kill you, even if they were bad men that deserved it! And it certainly isn’t very conducive to stealth even in spots where you can kill folks without plunging the city into chaos. So unless I someday find a silencer and/or a way to silence blade-stabbiness, it’s tapping them on the shoulder and uppercuts for me. At least while out and about. Sheesh, I can’t even shoot them in the head afterwards the way I did during the Dubai section if I accidentally knocked them out instead of going full blades, because gunshots produce a similar effect. But talk about a beautiful, hand-detailed world full of things to do and see and chock full of character and personality (admittedly unlike Jensen). This is the kind of exploration that makes my heart sing. Not moving across fifteen quintillion worlds all cut to the same cloth.

    I also want to at least poke at the pre-Legion events in WoW, which I have signally failed to do despite that being the point of resubbing ahead of Legion’s launch this coming Tuesday. I was turned off enough by the Tanaan Jungle grind that it’s been tough to motivate myself. And I have one more Brewmaster Buzzlebeard to farm and my free weekly draft to do in Hex. Might even work a little on the post-class-storyline content in SWTOR, having finally finished my Sith Sorcerer’s story and that being the character I want to take into the Fallen Empire stuff.