Colonize An Asteroid In Offworld Trading Company’s Latest DLC

Soren Johnson’s ace outer space economy sim, Offworld Trading Company [official site], has some new DLC this week. Titled The Ceres Initiative, it adds a fresh location with some extra challenges. The DLC is set on a frozen asteroid, where a new colony is being developed. It’s a promising money making venture, if the colonists can survive the er…rocky conditions.

You’ll want to mine for Uranium, a resource only found on these unwelcoming asteroids that will both help your colonists build up the settlement and beef up your wallet. It also might be a smart idea to manipulate the market with your presumed monopoly on Uranium.

The Ceres Initiative gives you a few new tools to help you on your mission, in case you’re worried. There’s the Nuclear Power Plant, which can be built on any tile and provides enough energy from the asteroid’s bountiful Uranium to keep your little colonists nice and toasty in the wild reaches of space. Mohawk Games tossed in Liquid Batteries, too, which keep your Solar Condenser, a valuable tool that collects carbon, oxygen, and water, humming along regardless of the time of day.

Too easy, you say? Well what if I told you Ceres has diminishing resources? That sweet Uranium spot you found close to home isn’t going to last forever. You’ll need to scout the landscape for more veins of the stuff if you want to survive.

You can find The Ceres Initiative now on Steam for £3.99/4,99€/$4.99.


  1. Tycow says:

    I’ve been watching this for a while, and it kind of reminds me of K240 & Fragile Allegiance… They were two of my favourite games as a kid and I’m desperate to find a modern day equivalent.

    Anyone know if they’re similar?

    • Andy_Panthro says:

      I never played K240, but I would love a modern take on Fragile Allegiance. Such a good game, really underrated.

      This does look more like it’s trading & building based, and without the espionage and combat that made FA so interesting.

  2. trjp says:

    I sort-of decided I’d like this game – esp the shorter game length (I’ve never been one of those “play Civ for hours” people)

    Problem is, people keep telling me it’s not just a short game, it’s the same game EVERY time you play it.

    I’m not sure DLC is the solution to that – 2 different games every time you play them?

    • SuddenSight says:

      The “fun” of the game is economic minutiae.

      For example, paying down debt just because you can afford it is often the wrong move. If you have low interest, it only accrues at 5-10%, and there is one interest tick per two minutes or so. Over a typical 20 minute game (sometimes under 10!) you get ~10 debt ticks, so you debt will increase by between 1.5x to 2.5x. However, there are often investments that can pay off much faster and with higher returns.

      For example, iron can be turned into steel with a steel mill. If iron prices are about 10 (common) and steel is about 100 (also common) then a steel mill costs only ~$200 to build and will net you $40/second. That will exceed the value you could’ve gotten paying down $200 of debt in just 13 seconds.

      If that kind of logic sounds interesting to you, then you will enjoy this game.

  3. SuddenSight says:

    Just got the expansion and played with it a bit. It isn’t a massive change, but it does shake up some strategies. Most notable to me is the nuclear power plant because it consumes water. That makes water even more valuable (it was already pretty valuable).

    Also, I may have just gotten a lucky map or two, but monopolizing uranium doesn’t seem much easier than monopolizing any other resource in the game.

    Still, $5 for a second map type is fine by me and I’m glad Mohawk is still supporting the game.

  4. mtomto says:

    The game is shallow for a 40€ game. It’s on 50% sale on Steam at 20€, but that’s where I’d expect the original price to be for this. And now they got map DLC starting at 5€? Amazing…

    Compared to Civilization map packs that cost half that. Compare to Prison Architect that has no DLC and just works – 28€. Maybe I’m the wrong target group for this game, but I can go on forever about other games that are cheaper and better – and not just an animated spreadsheet game.

    This is the Apple of Games – You get a 20€ tax for Soren Johnson’s name.

    • trjp says:

      The problem with this logic is that the value of money (and time and fun) is different to everyone AND the price of everything goes down over time.

      I’m quite willing to wait for games to get cheaper BUT

      1 – I want to play online/Co-Op/PvP games whilst other people are still playing them/before everyone else becomes IMBA

      2 – sometimes, if you wait too-long you can lose interest entirely and might just miss a game you’d really enjoy

      So my golden rule applies – as ever

      “Buy a game if you’re going to play it RIGHT NOW”

      In nothing else, that means you’ll be inside the 2 week refund window if the first 2 hours don’t grab you ;0

      • mtomto says:

        Well, I agree, people are different :) I have never used Steam’s 2-hour refund. I am a bit more hesitant about buying games than I used to be. I got burned about a million times buying early-access or crowdfunding a game. There’s only one game that I can think of that has been succesful in this category – Prison Architect.

        With this game, Offworld Trading Company, I was put off by the price and I basicly lost interest – final nail in the coffin, for me, was the relatively expensive DLC. I get that some people don’t think it’s expensive.

        I read a post on Steam that people thought 60€ was expensive for Civilization 6, and I don’t get that at all :) I would pay 100€ for a really good civ game. So I can understand some people saying 40€ isn’t much for Offworld. I wouldn’t pay more than 10-15€ for the game+all DLC though. I dont see the gameplay that justifies 40€ +DLC.

  5. Alfy says:

    Loved what little I got to play of this game, but it turned out the performance on Mac is just atrocious. Of course, it only gets noticeable after more than 2 hours of play…