Hell’s Bells! World Of Warcraft: Legion Launches

Demons? Again? Already? I swear, it’s not even a decade since neon green last swept The World of World of Warcraft. Fashion moves at such a pace there! No wonder everyone’s always grinding for new pauldrons: they’re trying to keep up in a world of violent fashionistas. Anyway, point is: World of Warcraft: Legion [official site], the sixth expansion to Blizzard’s fantasy MMORPG, is now live. Try pairing a dark top with chaosfire-green leggings and, in honour of the expansion’s new Demon Hunter class, finish the look off with a ratty blindfold. There! Ooh you’ll be the talk of the Broken Isles.

Here’s the setup: that dastardly Burning Legion is back again, flooding into The World of World of Warcraft. Once again The World of World of Warcraft is thrown into war, and already alliances have been forged and torn and a few major characters have snuffed it. Here, this trailer hints at some of that:

But what’s new-new to Legion? It introduces a new continent, the Broken Isles, where all this demonic naughtiness is focused. This expansion’s new class is the Demon Hunter, the pals of Illidan Stormrage, who have neat unique movement abilities like gliding and can transform into hellbeasts – do read Cobbo’s old preview for more on that mob. Other new things include a level cap of 110, Artifact Weapons which grow in power and can change their look and abilities, special Class Halls for classes to hang out together, and of course new quests, dungeons, raids, and all that.

Check Legion’s site for more info on shiny newness.

World of Warcraft: Legion is £34.99/$49.99 on Battle.net but is also available in some sort of coffin called a ‘box’. Naturally you’ll also need the base game if you don’t already have it, which now includes all previous expansions for only £9.99.

I’m told we’ll have a World of Warcrafter in to tell y’all about Legion at some point.


  1. Meldreth says:

    Just a clarification: This is actually the sixth expansion.

  2. Bremze says:

    After the let down of WoD, this expansion might actually be …good? Having something to look forward to no matter which slice of the huge WoW pie you fancy at the time is great if Blizzard can back that up with solid content updates.

    • TehTee says:

      WoD started on a very high for me, the quests were great, the pacing was good and the garrison was entertaining for the first few weeks.
      and then that was it, I pretty much only logged in to do garrison stuff and the odd dungeon.

      • Xerophyte says:

        The questing is at least good in this one, provided you like MMO questing to begin with. If you’re one of those people who hate “themepark” games, well, it’s still a themepark. Also, every game is enhanced by adding in a grappling hook. Every game.

        From the previews and early content it look like Blizzard have learned from the garrison debacle and are trying to add more stuff to do out in the world at the end of the game that isn’t either organized raiding or getting massively wealthy through concentrated farmville. I’m a little skeptical about the game toning down random groups in favor of the built in group organizer though; LFD was such a huge boon when it came and I think that players of different levels should be encouraged to mix in some way. We’ll see how it goes.

      • Premium User Badge

        Serrit says:

        I loved the questlines in the opening zones for Horde and Alliance. Gan’ar and the canyon… Velen and Yrel… emotions were had!

    • -Spooky- says:

      When u loved BC, this is for you. ;)

  3. Hilloh says:

    The pre-patch for the expansion added Fashionista achievements and title, so there actually are very many fashionistas running around in the game.

    • manio22 says:

      Fashionistas. Hmmm, the word reminds me something but i can’t recall from where.

  4. DiaperDawg says:

    Thrall’s Balls!

  5. Veles says:

    Expansions seem to be very formulaic (on the surface at least) . Another 10 levels on the cap. Another set of epic gear to grind for in the end game raids. Part of me wonders of they would have much succes ignoring end game and concentrating on rebooting and rebalancing all the rest of the existing content. I guess cataclysm did that to some extent. The inclusion of free level boosts they’ve had with the last few packs goes to show that blizzard are basically saying to ignore 90% of the content on your hard drive, only the latest expansion is worth playing

    • Moraven says:

      They have been updating classic dungeons, as a way to bring back some old content back.

      It would be fun to see the Legion item and level scaling to all zones.

      Oh and Karazhan is being revamped as a 5 player dungeon.

      Which is fun. Do I really want to see all of Outlands updated? Not really. Been there done that. Stuff like Karazhan and other smaller pieces of content are great when they are updated.

      We have had Heirloom +XP items for awhile, which made you skip a lot of content anyway as you out leveled it.

      • Chillicothe says:

        Their 8-year strategy of speeding up subscribers headed back out the door from ennui is so kind of them.

    • malkav11 says:

      You’re putting the effect before the cause. Many WoW players have this weird, frustrating notion that the endgame is all that matters, so Blizzard gives them ways to get there faster. Personally, I find the journey a lot more interesting than the destination, and tend to get bored and leave after I’ve been at endgame for a couple months.

  6. Gryz says:

    9 Comments today on the new expansion. A sure sign that WoW is dead.

    • Rackam says:

      Or the opposite? Everyone who would normally comment talking about how “done” they are with WoW are busy playing it again?

    • malkav11 says:

      RPS has never struck me as a community of committed WoW enthusiasts, considering how the staff seem either completely uninterested or at best lapsed enthusiasts (for the most part) and the negativity in WoW-related articles has often tended to vastly outnumber those of us who still enjoy the game. But also, yeah, why post about it when you could be playing?

      I would be myself but they’re starting to get hammered by DDoS attacks and the lag is insurmountable. Went pretty well the first few hours, though. My Death Knight wields the blade Apocalypse and is the personal emissary of the Lich King and Dreadlord of the Ebon Blade. …and now is merrily doing kill X and loot X quests for every random person with an ! above their heads. But oh well. Such is the MMO life.

  7. Scrofa says:

    So far I’m much less bugged by this expansion than I was by WoD. There is no lengthy starting quest-chain before getting to the hub, new class halls don’t contain a half as much disgusting facebooky shit as garrisons did (they actually make you to go do shit in the world instead of grounding you to your phased confinement), the plot is coherent and enjoyable (because it’s relevant to the Warcraft series for a change), the humor is more self-aware. It’s a special delight to look at the new zones, as always they’ve raised the bar quite a bit. Dunno how it plays at the level cap, though. There are all the chances that it’ll become very boring in a month like WoD did.