Steam Game Charts: Gut Feeling

I am ill today. It’s my guts, you see. My Goddamned guts. Despite my imminent death by a thousand craps, I am duty-bound to bring you the regular round-up of what sold best on Steam last week. Think of me, won’t you, as you wonder how many humans who don’t yet own Counter-Strike: Global Offensive there can possibly be in the world, and lament the total absence this week of anything we might traditionally deem to be ‘indie.’

1. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Routine observation/pun: Square Enix executives asked for this. Truth be told, I wasn’t entirely convinced DXMD was a foregone conclusion for the top spot, as publicity/hype didn’t seem to shift into top gear until very late in the day, plus the game below this one still seemed to be chewing up the internet’s attention. It’s always nice to see a Deus Ex do well though, even if I think a returning Adam Jensen wasn’t the most effective approach. I’ve been enjoying myself more by steadfastedly avoiding too many situations in which the old bore speaks, such as a four-hour bank robbery. Almost everyone in that bank is now unconscious. I’m extremely curious as to how this will be handled in the event that, as seems likely, I shall need to return to the scene of my extensive crime for a storyline mission.

2. No Man’s Sky

Everyone continues to have a great many OPINIONS about No Man’s Sky. I do not, at least no publicly, because disclosure I did some writing for it etc.

3. Grand Theft Auto V

Our Father in heaven,
hallowed be your name,
your kingdom come,
your will be done,
on earth as in heaven.
Give us today a reprevie from including GTA V here every week.
Forgive us our sins
as we forgive those who continue to purchase Grand Theft Auto V.
Lead us not into Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
but deliver us from Dead By Daylight.
For the kingdom, the pre-orders,
and the downloadable content are yours
now and for ever.

5. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Back once again for the old horndog, and once again it’s because of a sale. The base game was down to $25 last week, ahead of the just-released $50 GOTY version. FYI it’s now up to $40, which is frankly a fairly tiny saving on the DLC-augmented GOTY package.


It’s a cracker without a doubt, but it’s here because it spent last week with its price slashed by a third to 40 bucks rather than because the world got over-excited about the upcoming DLC.

6. Dead by Daylight

Sorry can’t write anything about this, have to run to the toilet because my guts. Phew!

7. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


8. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt + Expansion Pass Launch

Oh look I’m back now, what a coinky-dink. As far as I can tell/guess, this is now withdrawn from sale, in favour of the slightly more content-tastic GOTY edition. Again, it was on sale last week, hence barging back into the charts.

9.Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – Season Pass

I would have words with those people who buy season passes before they’ve had a chance to meaningfully play the base game. Even when it’s Deus Ex. Yes, I know the idea of missing out is terrible, but honestly, this stuff will still be there later. Check you really, truly like the game before you commit yourself to paying for even more of it.

10. Attack on Titan / A.O.T. Wings of Freedom

For some reason I thought Attack on Titan was a Wachoswkis project. It’s something I’ve only ever heard of in RSS feed headlines and never looked into further, so I must have conflated with something else. Anyway, it’s a manga-then-anime fighty-game adaptation, and people seem to like it and… I’m sorry, I really am suffering here. Those were the charts. One day, if you’re really good, there will be more charts.


  1. mercyRPG says:

    Really good games are rare on Steam: a true gem is
    Wills and Wonders

    • Captain Narol says:

      Thanks for signaling it, it’s in Early Access but it looks to shape as a very promising tactical game with some RPG/city Building elements.

      Definitely added to my watch list !

    • Unclepauly says:

      Gotta say that’s the 1st time I’ve heard that good games are rare on steam. From my count alone there is at least 500 good games at 1st glance.

  2. ChainsawHands says:

    You’re probably confusing Attack on Titan with Jupiter Ascending.

  3. MiniMatt says:

    I recall you’ve mentioned perceived lack of publicity for Deus Ex before but it’s been prominently sponsoring the late night cartoons slot (yes, I’m a grown up, honest) on Fox (UK) for months.

    Murdoch/Illuminati jokes at the ready.

    • Karyogon says:

      What’s a “Fox (UK) for months”?

      Seriously though that seems a terrible waste of money, but then SE probably knows more about game sales than I do. Quite having fun with the game so far, it seems a fair bit more interesting than HR in some ways, niggles about hard to avoid third-person stuff aside (first-person leaning mod never).

      Please tell me I’m not the only person who went to lengths to sell each and every dropped SMG and shotgun to the shady merchant first chance I got.

  4. aircool says:

    I’m about to rob the bank a second time… that being night time…

  5. welverin says:

    I am one of those people who doesn’t own Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. I have no intentions of changing that however, seeing as how I don’t care for multiplayer games in general, and competitive one in particular.

    I don’t own GTA5 or Dead by Daylight either, nor do I plan on changing that. Do I fail at Steam?

    • DelrueOfDetroit says:

      You’ve been lucky so far but soon enough your name will be drawn and you’ll be mandated to purchase at least one or else.

    • A Gentleman and a Taffer says:

      There are two kinds of people, those that have bought CS:GO, and those that are going to buy CS:GO. You and I are category B, it seems.

      • April March says:

        From my personal experience, there are two kinds of people: those who will buy [any big game], and those who will one day check their game libraries to discover that, in a past moment they cannot recall, but apparently out of their own will, they bought [any big game].

      • Erispedia says:

        Nope, I don’t play CS:GO and I never will. Because playing fast paced FPS game makes me wanna puke. No, not because the game is bad. I just can’t handle motion sickness when using first person view. lol. 3rd person view like GTA is okay though.

    • manio22 says:

      You have manage a blow below the belt at steam’s demographic so far. I am not on competitive multiplayer either but i have to admit the concept of Dead by Daylight is intriguing .

    • Someoldguy says:

      Nor do I, but I fear one of these days they’ll all be hidden away as part of some fantastic Humble Bundle. I’ll absolutely have to have the bundle for the good games in it, so they’ll end up in my steam account anyway.

  6. lglethal says:

    I don’t mind people buying a season pass if they like the content, but it always seems super duper STUPID to me for people to buy the Season Pass without knowing exactly what’s going to be in it!?!!

    A vague description of maybe a couple of story DLC’s is currently the Deus Ex Season pass description. Seems a bit short on information in order to base your purchasing on. Especially since each time a DLC is released, the Season pass will be put on sale (at the same price as before launch!).

    People should at least learn what you’re buying before you fork out the cash!

    Alternatively, for only €30, you can buy a “Shopping Season Pass” from me. I guarantee at some point in the future to buy you some groceries, of a quantity and quality which is still to be confirmed, for a set number of purchasing cycles (still TBD), and whose contents you may or may not like. No refunds.


    • Sandepande says:

      Sign me up. Does this include armed robbery as well? It doesn’t say but I’d be disappointed otherwise.

    • Chaoslord AJ says:

      If they turn out good you can always wait for a heavily discounted goty/extended revamped release like with Human Revolution.
      I’m pretty sure after finishing Fallout 4 however the released DLC would not have brought me back had I bought the season pass foolishly beforehand.

      • Malagate says:

        I’ve felt really good about waiting for GOTY editions, especially when you get all the DLC including stuff which was “exclusive” to certain retailers (I’m looking at you Dishonoured pre-order bonuses).

        So I kind of don’t understand why there’s even such a thing as a season pass, imagine shelling out more cash and getting 12 months of horse armour? I’d find that galling, especially if someone can toddle along a year or two later and get every last piece of content ever released for under a tenner.

        I suppose if you wish to be part of the gamer zeitgeist that badly then it’s worth the price, maybe?

  7. Premium User Badge

    Oakreef says:

    Fun fact: The world that’s translated as “daily” in the standard English version of the Lord’s Prayer is “epiousios” in the original writing which no one actually knows how to translate because it has never been found in any other piece of ancient writing other than the Synoptic Gospels. For all we know it actually did mean “a reprieve from including GTA V here every week”.

    • icarussc says:

      Ah, the ol’ hapax legomenoi. But, let’s be honest. It probably doesn’t actually mean anything about GTAV. Even Jerome’s wild ‘supersubstantialis’ is probably closer to the meaning.

  8. rustybroomhandle says:

    What a load of crap.

  9. jezcentral says:

    Ooh, Steam have a weekly chart? Where?

  10. Captain Narol says:

    Can’t believe NMS is still in rank 2 despise the hysterical smearing campaign against it…

    Rankings might be different if they soustract the refunds !

    • Czrly says:

      61% of 63166 reviews that are currently negative don’t sound like a campaign. More like mass protest than a campaign.

    • Poor People says:

      That was last week, riding on the hysteria from the week before. While it’s true that the free publicity led a surge in sales, the game has dropped off the top Steam bestsellers rank for a good week now.

  11. Chaoslord AJ says:

    Funny, it’s Prison Architect here discounted by 75% and also newly released God Eater 2 that make the charts.

  12. notalama says:

    If you did writing for No Man’s Sky, maybe you could convince them to hire someone to fix all the typos in their dialogue. Me, for preference, but anyone would do…

    • Jac says:

      Yeah. I have to rename all the planets cos they’re spelt wrong.

  13. vorador says:

    After spouting figurative crap on Adam Jensen being again the main character of Deus Ex: MD, now you’re spouting literal crap.

    You know, you asked for it.

    PS: get well soon.

  14. thegooseking says:

    honestly, this stuff will still be there later

    Deus Ex DLC will still be there later? Past experience has shown otherwise. Try buying Human Revolution’s Missing Link DLC on Steam now without having to repurchase the whole game in its “Director’s Cut” form. Can’t be done, because it’s not still there. One might say it’s – *sunglasses on a night operation* – missing.

    Although I don’t disagree with the idea that buying DLC before you’ve even played the game is very silly unless you’re buying the GOTY edition of a game like I just did with The Witcher 3.

    As for Attack on Titan, what the hell is up with its super-weird UK pricing? £50 is completely out of line with how it’s priced anywhere else in the world. A $60 game is a £40 game, regardless of what certain people did to the currency exchange value of the pound.

    • Malagate says:

      Actually current exchange rates put that at £45 ish pounds (at time of writing of course), the £5 difference from that could easily be put down to tax differences.

      Of course that doesn’t bother me in the slightest as the best Attack on Titan game already exists and is free ^_^ Curious that Alec knows nowt about it, I wonder is that AoT specific or whether that’s ignorance of all Japanese popular entertainment?

  15. Jediben says:

    I hope you realise that right now (22:00 Gmt on 31/08/2016), GTA5, CS:GO and NMS are not in the top 10 at all. Truly a sign of the impending apocalypse.