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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is a beautiful game, but it doesn’t deal in sweeping vistas and natural beauty. Its visual currency is instead invested in ornamental stag heads, tree statuery, fluorescent lighting, swooping electrical cables and complicated ceilings and stairwells. I took 18,000 screenshots while playing the game and I’ve collected the best inside. Beware: here lie spoilers for environments, locations and, probably, with some plot details embedded within.

(10,000 were because I accidentally left it taking one shot every five seconds of the menu while I slept, but the other 8,000 were of very nice architecture.)

In case you missed the warning above, the following gallery contains spoilers. Obviously that’s spoilers for locations visited, but environmental storytelling means there’s bound to be some plot spoilers within.

I’ll add some thoughts beneath some or all images, explaining the context of the scene and picking at what details I particularly like. For example: the image above is from the introductory/tutorial mission and is a room which features an ancient pillar suspended by cables above a plexiglass floor beneath whcih is a polygonal, golden surface. Gaudy.

You can navigate the the gallery using the arrows above or below the images, or by using the arrow keys on your very own keyboard. You can also click each of the images to make them bigger. Onwards!


  1. Regibo666 says:

    My games wishlist is almost as big as my games backlog. I want to buy (and play) this game so bad. I’m determined to wait though…..must play the games I have 1st…..

    • heretic says:

      Same here… although I wasn’t exactly that excited about the reviews, the environments look so worth it to push me over the edge and snap this up. I have bought games for art alone before (Remember Me) so it might happen again :)

      Dishonoured 2 might be a day one for me though – better finish everything else before then!

    • TheRealHankHill says:

      I am that way too, but this is the first game I have bought full price the day it released. No regrets. Buy it.

      • suibhne says:

        Even if you really want to have the game loaded on the first day, you rarely need pay full price. GreenManGaming had DX:MD for about 25% off, and that’s true for just about every big new title purchased via them (including Dishonored 2).

  2. KaGrief says:

    8,000 screenshots. Wow.

    I’m an architect and I have to say, the environmental design in this game is utterly staggering. Whilst playing it (currently about 40% through), I am constantly disturbing my girlfriend (who is also and architect) to show her design details and buildings. The team who were involved in the art design of this game are masterful at their craft. Due to this I’d say it’s one of the most mesmerizing experiences i’ve had while playing a game.

    I look forward to looking through this collection once i’ve finished it, thanks Graham.

  3. Beefsurgeon says:

    These are very cool! I really wish RPS had a better gallery viewer though.

  4. gorgonaut says:

    It’s weird. I can’t even see the gallery- not in Chrome, nor Firefox, nor Vivaldi. I’ve by default disabled all adblockers on RPS, but no. I can see it on Chrom for Android, but they’re, of course, tiny. Is it flash based, or something?

  5. Zenicetus says:

    The environment design and architecture is cool, yes. I think my only complaint is that the upscale corporate and home interiors are just too clean. Not a speck of dirt anywhere, all gloss and shiny like they’ve invented nanobot vacuum cleaners. Throw some token smudges on all that chrome, next time.

    Also, gotta say it… I wish they had spent this much effort on the character animations and faces. The faces look like a 10-year-old game, compared to the effort spent on level design. I know it’s a game you play more for the levels than anything else, but still. They could have tried harder with the characterizations, considering how many cut scenes you have to sit through.

    • brucethemoose says:

      “10 year old game”

      You mean Oblivion?

      That’s about as high as facial animation insults go… It isn’t THAT bad, is it?

      • Zenicetus says:

        There is more texture detail on the faces but they’re about that wooden, yeah. The lip sync is worse than Oblivion. It doesn’t look like they’re even speaking English. Body and hand gestures during cut scenes are stiff too.

        It’s not game-breaking because it’s not a heavy RPG where facial expression is that important. Just an annoying detail, like they couldn’t be bothered to improve that part of the game.

        • phroZac says:

          I think you’re being a little harsh. The lip sync is generally a little off, but there are times where it’s spot on, like they hired a really good animator late into project, haha. Have you actually played the game? There are some great looking faces here. Chikane off the top of my head. I think the character models are on par with those found in The Witcher 3.

          • phroZac says:

            Although I find the hard edged noses on many of the characters to be really distracting. Not all characters have this though. It’s as if it’s either an intentional design choice to represent Deus Ex nose jobs, or there’s an artist who overdoes the planarized forms which makes up the nose.

    • TheRealHankHill says:

      Are we playing the same game? Most of the apt I’ve been in were dilapidated.

      • Zenicetus says:

        Poor wording on my part, maybe. The “upscale corporate and home interiors” was meant as upscale home interiors also, not the ghetto cubicles. Even the mid-range apartments like Jensen’s are pretty spiffy in an area of Prague that’s supposed to be the seedy part of town.

  6. liquidsoap89 says:

    As a note, Graham. There are plenty of options in the menu to turn off individual parts of the hud; with the option of permanently disabling them, or having them disappear after a few seconds. I just play with the minimap and aug bar visible, and that works really well for me.

  7. dahools says:

    The design, architecture, theme etc looks fantastic as said above but the graphics and scenes look horrific or is it just me, there just seems to be no shadows anywhere where you think there would be pic 7 looks alright but would still like to see something from the wires too.
    Everything looks too light and some of the textures used are bland as hell if its not a detailed specific object:
    is it posts or railings down the side in pic 6 for example!

    It may be there are better settings than you have selected on your machine or some of the detail has been lost in the photos, compression etc… i dunno? but every surface looks far too light/bright for me, it doesn’t look that great.

    That said some of the colours used in pic’s 7, 26, 27 and 39 do make for some interesting looking environments.

    • phroZac says:

      It’s just you man. It’s a beautiful game. The opening level isn’t anything special, but it gets better. Golem City is one of the best looking game environments I’ve ever played.

  8. Mhorhe says:

    Screenshot no8 is actually an easter egg for Dan Simmons’ Hyperion-Endymion space opera.

    It’s a universe that’s fairly invested in cyberpunk tropes.. AIs, VR, cyberpunk hackers and security measures, and an interesting concept of grown human bodies inhabited by AI sentiences.

    Er, spoilers? :)

    The latter 2 novels (Endymion and Rise of Endymion) follow a messianic figure called Aenea, who suffers a very Christ like death in the ending, both as method and a redemptiony sacrifice for the human race – the crucified figure in the pic.

    And the Void Which Binds is the novels’ medium for teleportation and faster than light travel..and is revealed at the end to be love. Yeah, I know :))

    Excellent novels though, especially Hyperion-Fall of Hyperion.

  9. Rizlar says:


  10. emotionengine says:

    Having not really advanced much in the main story, I saw the header image and thought that must have been from a later stage. I was surprised to learn that was from the very first mission – I must have managed to completely miss this space!

    The environments are so lovingly crafted in this game that I spent one evening taking not playing, but taking painstaking panorama shots of Koller’s lab and stitching them together and tweaking them, trying to find the perspective that worked. Here’s a couple of shameless links to the fruits of my labour: link to and here: link to

    I want to return to other locations and take more panoramas, the sights are simply gorgeous.

  11. sfury says:

    I love the gallery posts recently, my only problem is there is no gallery plugin in RPS – you know something that would expand them as bigger pictures and have navigation. Images are really small the way they are now, and opening them bigger opens only the pic in ew tab – not really useful UI-wise.

  12. GWOP says:

    I love the staircase on page 13 as much as the illuminated staircase in the SR-1 Normandy.

  13. gpown says:

    I’m Polish, and Cech is basically what a made-up language of Polish cartoon characters would be. So ovoce is fruit (plural), and zelenina is vegetables.