Biff! Mortal Kombat XL & X Update Coming In October

Mortal Kombat X [official site] sat bolt upright with a gasp last week, coughing up old pixels and bytes. After the spine-ripping fighting game had seemingly been abandoned in January, suddenly it had an open beta test of a big ole update. Quite how that would translated into updates or new releases was unclear, but now we know the plan. Come October, things will be better around here.

October 4th will bring Mortal Kombat XL, a bundle of the game plus all its DLC, to PC.

XL includes Kombat Pack 2, a DLC pack adding four new playable characters including Leatherface from The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and a Xenomorph from the world of Alium. I know! But that DLC’s nonarrival on PC seemed to be the beginning of the end for Mortal Kombat X, seemed like Warner Bros. were giving up on PC after that whole Batman mess too.

It looks like the Kombat Pack 2 will be sold separately too. It’d be weird if it wasn’t.

Also launching on October 4th will be a free MKX update with “all of the latest balance updates as well as the enhanced online experience”, as seen in the recent beta test. That includes shiny new netcode.

Walking away from MKX was a real dick move but I am glad they’ve come back.


  1. eqzitara says:

    I am not a MKX owner but come on…
    Either give they should really give the pack for free to all current owners.

    Tbh, I thought the Arkham Knight situation was overblown but this seems more ridiculous. Not to mention they are going to release Injustice 2 after this.
    People think they are skipping pc for injustice 2 but come on… why do you think they are doing this.

  2. Monggerel says:

    “Telefrag Yog-Shothoth” seems like a venerable life goal

  3. jpistola83 says:

    I too believe it should be free to all who own mkx for the disappointment at first news of mkxl. To me it was like a slap in the face after buying the game and every single dlc available for PC. Atleast release it at a $4.99 U.S.