Cities: Skylines Art Deco DLC Celebrates Player Content

There are tons of ways to modify your Cities: Skylines [official site] experience. With official DLC packs that incorporate anything from bustling nightlife to horrific apocalyptic scenarios, and a bustling modding community, the custom city-building experience you’ve dreamed of is right at your fingertips.

Paradox Interactive this week launched a new content pack to honor its talented player content creators. The first Cities: Skylines Content Creator Pack is titled Art Deco, and features the work of Matt ‘Shroomblaze’ Crux.

Art Deco is paid content, and Paradox is asking £3.99/4,99€/$4.99 for this set of 15 buildings. A share of the proceeds goes to Matt Crux. The new DLC honors the iconic architecture and design of the 1930s, letting you create cityscapes to rival the art deco heritage of Shanghai or New York.

The pack comes with a wide variety of buildings. You get your pick of high profile, unique buildings like The Majesty and Pinoa Street, but you’ll also find neighborhood favorites such as a charming, old fashioned ice cream parlor, a few hotel buildings, and “Chirpcinema”. Residential buildings are getting the art deco treatment, too. You’ll have your pick of stylized homes and apartment buildings.

This won’t be the only Content Creator Pack, either. Paradox has plans to continue highlighting impressive work within the Cities: Skylines community. That’s a pretty swell way to engage with your fans, if you ask me.

Cities: Skylines (along with a bunch of other Paradox Titles) is 75% off this weekend on Steam. Nab it for £5.74/7,49€/$7.49.


  1. Chillicothe says:

    Ah, now that’s worthy DLC.

  2. yankee101 says:

    I find it a little bit more demeaning to the unfeatured workshop builders, but hey, a sale is a sale.

  3. Mrlrl says:

    So they made Shroomblaze remove some workshop buildings which were free and packaged them up as a 5$ DLC that’s another starring achievement, good job devs, EA levels of greatness are not too far now. This is almost as nice as the DLC’s they’ve been slowly pushing out that don’t actually fix or change anything that people have been raging over for years. These devs were elevated to such a high status because of their initial kindness and attention but now they just skulk in the corners selling dru.. DLCs to unsuspecting victims and naive fanboys.

    • TheLordHimself says:

      I know I should ignore all this hyperbole, but just to correct at least some of it… these items have not been _removed_ from the workshop. Paradox (not CO actually) have commissioned Shroomblaze to build these new buildings for a DLC pack. He gets a cut. Whether it’s a good cut or whether the price is reasonable (probably not) is I guess up for discussion.

      When you consider the price of the game overall and that free mods still exist and are still being added in their 100s your comparison to EA is pretty ridiculous. Nobody is forcing anyone to buy this DLC. All it has done has given customers the _option_ to support Shroomblaze and the game itself it they wish.

  4. ButteringSundays says:

    Yes I’m really not sure of the appeal of this DLC, it’s awful expensive for what you get. I’m not against professionally made and polished content packs as DLC, but when you can download a thousand buildings for free from the workshop, £4 for 15 (!) buildings is an unappealing proposition.

    This seems like something that would work as a 69p download, that you’d pick up in a sale for 30p because ‘why not’. But £4?

    • Rizlar says:

      Think you pretty much covered everything – lots of people are likely to pick it up for 30p on sale, some people might splash out £4 for whatever reason, perhaps goodwill.

      And for anyone that doesn’t want to buy it there are loads of free building mods anyway.

  5. invitro says:

    ‘Shroomblaze’, lol. I think that’s the most juvenile username I’ve ever heard. (At least it’s not ‘Shroomblaze420’, I guess.)

  6. Neurotic says:

    Shroomblaze does incredible work, whether you agree with paying for it or not. Personally, I don’t mind, as this is an all-new 15-piece set.

    I also would love to see a Gula pack, despite the whining from unhappy players this will doubtless inspire. :p

  7. alms says:

    I’ve read through the post and comment section and not a mention of “paid mods”.

    If I say “Bethesda” aloud will I get the mouths foaming again?

    • Harlander says:

      You must’ve skipped Mrlrl’s post, which used the entirely measured and rational comparison of DLC sales to drug trafficking.

    • TheLordHimself says:

      It’s not really the same at all. Bethseda allows anyone to charge for any mod, which created a plethora of scam-like junk for sale. You cannot do this for C:S. This is quite simply a commissioned DLC pack that instead of being by a professional or CO staff member happens to be by a popular modder.